Fox Body Mustang Gift Guide

Fox Body Mustang Gift Guide

Last Updated March 15, 2022 | Meghan Drummond
Fox Body Mustang Gifts

The Fox Body Mustang, those made between 1979 and 1993, is becoming a new classic. If someone in your life has recently fallen in love with these Mustangs, then the holidays are a great time to show them how cool you think their new interest actually is.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect under-the-hood present to go under-the-tree or just need a quick stocking stuffer that shows that you care, we’ve got the perfect presents for any Fox Body Mustang enthusiast available at any price point.

Even if your technical knowledge isn’t as keen as theirs, we can help you pick out a present that’s perfect.

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Fox Body Stocking Stuffers

Fox Body Mustang fans will be thrilled to see a shirt actually featuring their specific model of Mustang, which makes this tee-shirt a thoughtful present perfect for any Fox Body enthusiast. If they have a job where they have to dress up pretty often but still want to show off their Mustang pride, then these argyle and Mustang dress socks are perfect.

A shockproof iPhone case is a great choice of present for someone who needs a tough case but wants one that’s a little more personal. For an added bonus, this keychain has the same carbon fiber pattern making them a perfect pair for someone’s stocking.

The Chilton Repair Manual is a must-have for anyone who wants to work under the hood of their own Fox Body Mustang. It’s even a great present for someone who’s still looking for their perfect Mustang and wants to get an idea for what type of work is ahead of them.

Fox Body Gift Ideas Under $30

Blue and white modified fox body Mustang

If they’ve recently completed a Coyote swap and now have a 5.0L engine under their hood, a new fender emblem will let the whole world know that they’ve got a powerful engine. If their emblems have come unstuck over time, this is a great replacement as well.

There are a lot of ways to show off your Ford Mustang pride, but two of the easiest and most fun are a simple license plate frame and a tin Ford sign that would look perfect on a dorm room wall, hanging in a garage, or just about anywhere else.

Fender gripper covers are a good way to protect a Mustang’s paint while working under the hood, and even if they already have some serviceable ones, or are using makeshift ones, they’ll love these Mustang-covered fender covers.

A quik latch mini is one of the most universally useful parts, and every car owner is likely to find a use for them. They’ve been used as hood latches, or to put a front bumper back together. These are great tools to have around.

Fox Body Gift Ideas Under $50

Fox Body Mustangs are incredible, but they’re not exactly known for their generous legroom. Fortunately, there’s a fix. These seat track extenders can create an additional two inches of legroom.

If they’ve recently had their door locks stop working, door lock actuators are exactly what they need to fix the problem instead of ignoring it.

Reducing chassis flex and providing rigidity to a car’s body is one of the best ways to improve how it handles through corners. This is especially beneficial for Fox Body Mustangs which had a little more than average chassis flex. Subframe connectors are ideal for reducing chassis flex, and a transmission crossmember with space for double exhaust is another important upgrade for proper handling.

If they’ve encountered some grille damage through the years, a new insert will really upgrade the face of their Mustang. This one is a significant improvement from some of the grilles that came stock with Fox Body Mustangs, so even if it’s in perfect shape this may be a great fit for them.

Fox Body Gift Ideas Under $75

If they’ve talked at length about engine improvements or creating a serious drag racer, then a battery tray kit would be a great present. These allow the Mustang’s battery to be secured in the trunk, freeing up more engine bay space for whatever upgrades they’ve got in mind.

Replacing the sill plates on a Mustang is a must over time. They have an unfortunate tendency to get scuffed and ruined, and though cleaning them can keep them going, ultimately a replacement is almost always necessary. The 5.0 emblem is sure to be appreciated by anyone who has a V8 under their hood.

Another great upgrade for a Mustang enthusiast who loves their engine are improved hood struts that will give them a much better lift than the factory prop rod, and are sure to be appreciated every time they pop their hood.

Overtime, the LED lights in the interior gauges can start to give out, leaving drivers guessing about a lot of the important measurements of their Mustang. These LED gauge cluster lights are a better-than-factory replacement.

Fox Body Gift Ideas Under $150

Whether it’s a headlight switch that isn’t quite as responsive as it needs to be or a power window switch that’s coming apart from its door, interior upgrades and improvements are some of the most important and easiest to appreciate.

If everything in their Mustang is perfectly operational and beautifully restored, then these floor mats will help keep their carpet in like-new condition while providing an easy to vacuum surface that will catch crumbs as they fall. Likewise, a cupholder console gives them the perfect place to put their beverages and their belongings so that they don’t get scattered throughout.

Grilles get damaged over time, and repairing them can be incredibly time consuming, or even impossible. On the other hand, replacing a damaged cowl vent grille with this one is easy since it follows the original Ford blueprints exactly. Every screw is sure to line up when you have a high-quality reproduction.

Fox Body Gift Ideas Under $300

sideview of teal Fox Body Cobra

Doing a full center console replacement is an instant facelift for any Fox Body Mustang. Center consoles take some of the most abuse of any one individual car component, and at a certain point it’s easier to replace it than it would be to restore it.

For exterior restorations, doing a lighting restoration is not only a major appearance improvement, it’s also a safety upgrade. If you think that new and improved lighting would look out of place in the rest of their exterior that hasn’t been fixed up in a long time, than this basic exterior restoration kit may be the right fit for them. It replaces some of the parts that take the most external abuse in one convenient package.

One of the modifications that every Mustang enthusiast most wants to do is install a cold air intake. A cold air intake is one of the modifications that seems to see a major performance improvement regardless of which car its installed into. Why it works is pretty simple: Engines are at their best when they have a continuous supply of cool dense air and a cold air intake supplies that in spades.

Fox Body Gift Ideas Under $500

Upgrading to disc brakes is another modification that improves appearance as well as safety. This kit not only includes the rotors and calipers, but also all of the parts that are needed to install them and a new set of Hawk Performance Brake Pads as well.

The front bumpers of Fox Body Mustangs tend to get worn down over time. Between curbs, careless drivers, and even sun exposure, it’s hard to keep the front bumper looking the way it did when it was brand new. This kit not only comes with a replacement front bumper, but also the headlights and fog lights that are needed.

MSD Ignitions promise quick starts that have increased power as well as a crisp throttle response. They also have the added benefit of reducing spark plug fouling and have better fuel economy. This kit not only includes the ignition coil, but also includes the spark plug wire set that’s needed and the ignition box.

If the person you’re shopping for has been complaining about the shifts on their T-5 transmission not quite being as crisp as they once were, then this clutch is a huge upgrade from the stock one.

Cars from the ‘80s and ‘90s have an unfortunate habit of getting saggy door panels well before their time. Upgrading to a newer door panel not only gets rid of the sag, but also gives them a fresh start, free from any stains or tears.

Still Unsure?

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Fox Body Mustang Gift Guide

If you're looking for the perfect present for someone who has a Fox Body Mustang, then this list has something for every price point and experience level.