5 Cheap Fox Body Mods Anyone Can Do

5 Cheap Fox Body Mods Anyone Can Do

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

It’s no secret that Fox Body Mustangs are perfect project cars. Many are still in drivable condition, and you can (usually) pick one up at a reasonable price.

The only problem with Fox Bodys is that they definitely show their age. These five modifications can help revamp your Mustang, and they’re all inexpensive without looking cheap. As an added bonus most can be completed in a weekend or less with just the tools in your garage.

1. Ashtray Door

The Fox Body has a few known weaknesses. One of the most irritating? The ashtray door. It tends to break for no reason. After a couple of decades, odds are yours has either broken or is going to break.

While you might have no interest in using the ashtray in your Mustang (the smell is a major turnoff for many), it’s still a good place to store a phone or loose change. Besides, having a broken plastic door makes your interior look like it’s in much worse shape than it is.

Fixing this broken part is easy and instantly makes your Fox’s interior a nicer place to be. You can get just the ashtray door or a full rebuild kit that includes all of the hardware you could need as well. Either option is going to be inexpensive. The ashtray door is one of several plastic pieces that tend to break, and replacing them is an easy way to upgrade your interior. You can also opt for a full door hinge pin replacement if your door is sagging.

2. Console Top Plate

Fixing the broken ashtray door is the minimum you should do. But totally replacing the console plate is an even better idea. It does cost a little more, but it’s an easy way to add some modern amenities to your Fox while still preserving its vintage looks.

Cup holders. USB ports. Phone storage. These are just a few of the things you can gain by replacing the Fox Body’s console plate with a modern alternative. And, of course, it will also address that pesky ashtray door.

Many modern console alternatives have the factory original colors. Black, gray, and red options are available. While console plates have power window capabilities, if you don’t have power mirrors you just need to get the optional delete cover.

Installation is, in some ways, even easier than just fixing the ashtray door. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about flimsy plastic pieces breaking again.

3. Weatherstripping

When weatherstripping’s in good condition it keeps the elements outside where they belong. But when it gets torn up (and it always does), rain, snow, and mud can start creeping into your Fox Body’s interior.

Moisture and dirt can contribute to smell issues. It also makes your interior look run down. But even worse than smell or looks, they can contribute to rust.

Repairing rust isn’t cheap or easy. But replacing weatherstripping is! An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure in this instance. By replacing the weatherstripping you’ll be creating a cozier interior and preventing future issues.

You can opt to replace just the weatherstripping you’ve noticed tearing, or go for a full kit. Weatherstripping can last for years, so it’s worth making this investment before there’s a serious problem. Keep in mind, if you have a sunroof, that also requires weatherstripping. And a leaky sunroof can ruin a lot more than your next drive.

4. Carpet

Carpet takes up a huge chunk of your interior. That’s why replacing it makes such a huge impact. This is especially true if the previous owner smoked, let mold fester in the footwells, or otherwise created a bit of a stinkfest in your Mustang.

New carpet gives you a fresh smell and look. Replace it with the factory color, or get creative and start crafting an interior look that’s specific to you. You can also opt to get either the original factory backing or mass-back carpeting.

Mass-back adds a thick layer of rubber to the bottom of the carpet. This creates added sound deadening, so you’ll keep the road noise outside. Mass-back’s additional structure also makes installation easier.

Whether you decide to get mass-back or original backing, installation is doable regardless of experience. Installing new carpet takes time, but there’s nothing tricky about it. If you’re willing to put in the work, carpet is an easy upgrade you’ll appreciate.

5. Headlights

Over time headlights can get yellow, faded, and cracked. This is obviously dangerous. But it’s also unsightly. Nothing dates a Fox Body Mustang faster than a set of yellowy cracked headlights.

Some people try to restore their headlights, and that can buy you a couple of years. But actually replacing the lighting can add style and safety. New lights are going to be brighter, which is important for nighttime visibility. Modern options like LEDs offer even more potential.

Most modern headlights are LED. The reasons why are pretty straightforward. They’re brighter, they require less energy to run, and they last longer. But they also can be used to add style to your Fox Body. Halo lights are a great way to personalize your exterior. And they’re often available in plug-and-play style kits for an easy installation.

Even replacing your headlights with new factory-style options will give you added brightness and style. Complete kits still come in well under budget.

What’s Next?

Modifying your Fox Body is a great way to turn it into the car of your dreams. Whether you want to build a drift-ready Fox Body or throw a Coyote engine under the hood, we’ve got resources to help you plan out your next project.

Check out our YouTube channel for helpful installations or read up on the best Fox Body mods for more inspiration.

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