Is the Ford FX4 Off-Road Package Worth It?

Is the Ford FX4 Off-Road Package Worth It?

Last Updated May 16, 2024 | Andrew Boyle

Sometimes, instead of a 4X4 decal stuck to the bed of a Ford F-150, you will spot a minor difference: An F in place of the first 4. No, this isn’t a typo, it’s designating Ford's FX4 off-road package for their trucks.

Prior to 2002, the FX4 package was merely referred to as the off-road package, but Ford changed the name to keep up with the branding of Chevy and GMC trucks. Their off-road package was given the distinction of the Z71 package, complete with a flashy and aggressive looking decal to show off how capable the truck was.

The FX4 package is available on both the F-Series and Ranger Ford trucks. While there are minor differences between the package on each specific model of truck, they are all intended to make your truck more off-road capable.

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What Does The FX4 Package Include On F-150s?

What's included in the FX4 package? For one, any FX4 equipped truck is given a lift and off-road-tuned Rancho shocks. Additionally, there is an electronically locking rear axle, skid plates on the fuel tank, transfer case, front differential, a tough tray-style floor liner, a shift on the fly 4X4 transfer case (which allows 4wd to be engaged while the truck is in motion), and Hill Descent Control. Finally, FX4 equipped Ford trucks come with a custom decal on the bed.

Burgundy colored Super Duty FX4

The FX4 package isn't equivalent on every vehicle. The Super Duty's FX4 package is much simpler and cheaper when compared to the Ranger's. In fact, the Ranger FX4 trucks have quite a lot of unique components, like the terrain control system, a trail control system (cruise control for trails) and a robust off-road data cluster on the dashboard to help you keep track of your truck’s pitch and roll, among other variables.

Is the FX4 Package Worth It?

FX4 F-150 On Trail

As opposed to the F-150 Raptor, the FX4 package isn't intended to make your Ford truck into a dedicated off-roading vehicle, at least not without further upgrades. Instead, this package is more designed to make your truck more capable off-road, allowing you to haul and tow with greater freedom. Some of the upgrades really do pull a lot of weight in this regard, like the locking rear axle and the array of skid plates. These can help get your truck unstuck from plenty of sticky situations, as well as ensure that your F-150 doesn't get injured on the trails. While it can't conquer incredibly tricky trails, it opens up many more opportunities for your truck.

All in all, the FX4 package is great for those who need to traverse rough terrain, but isn't as perfect for dedicated off-roaders. If off-roading is your number one priority with your truck, then the Raptor is the best choice. The FX4 is a happy medium between the two, and for that reason, it is a popular option.

FX4 Features and Price

Here is a list of the features included with the 2023 F-150 FX4 package. These features may change slightly from year to year, but the core features will mostly remain the same.

F-150 FX4 Features

  • Off-Road Tuned Front Shock Absorbers
  • Monotube Rear Shocks
  • Fuel Tank
  • Transfer Case and Front Differential Skid Plates
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Rock/Crawl Drive Mode
  • FX4 Decal
  • 3.31 Electronic Locking Axle (with 5.0L V8 or 3.5L V6)
  • 3.55 Electronic Locking Axle (with 2.7L V6 EcoBoost)

Price: $1,095

Add Off-road Capability to Your Ford F-150

If you’re looking to improve your F-150’s performance off-road, the FX4 package is just the beginning. The F-150 is compatible with a massive selection of aftermarket upgrades that can take your off-roading experience to the next level. From new suspension components, to transmission parts, or off-road wheels and tires, check out our selection below to upgrade your F-150’s off-road capabilities.

Source: 2019 F-150 Brochure, Ford

Image Credit: Ford

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