What Is a Hennessey HPE750 Mustang?

What Is a Hennessey HPE750 Mustang?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

207.9 MPH. That’s the speed that the Hennessey HPE750 Mustang reached at the Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas in July 2015. That’s insanely fast for a Mustang, especially with something as simple as a bolt-on supercharger and the proper supporting modifications. It’s a true testament to Ford’s engineering when it comes to the 5.0L Coyote V8 engine and its capabilities at such high horsepower levels. The HPE750 is reported to have a blistering 774 bhp and 648 lb-ft torque.

What Makes the HPE750 Mustang Awesome?

Everything. That goes for the subtle, yet defining visual modifications along with the powerhouse under the hood. The 5.0L V8 under the hood includes the addition of a 2.9L supercharger, carbon fiber high flow air induction, upgraded fuel injectors, an upgraded fuel pump system, HPE engine management calibration and more. And to make sure everything runs smoothly each vehicle is dyno tuned and road tested before delivering to the new customer.

In addition to the powerhouse under the hood, Hennessey adds some exterior styling cues that aren’t over the top, but definitely make the HPE750 stand out from an ordinary GT. Everything from custom Hennessey HPE750 badging, HPE750 embroidered headrests, HPE750 premium floor mats, serial-numbered dash & engine plaques all topped off with a 3 year/36,000 mile limited warranty. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Hennessey HPE750 Mustang Price

Just 500 models left Hennessey’s doorstep for the 2015 model year of the Mustang. At a price of $59,500 (including the base vehicle), that isn’t too bad of a deal for all of the car you’re getting. You can sign us up!

Image Credit: Hennesseyperformance.com

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