How to Modify Your New Ford Focus RS

How to Modify Your New Ford Focus RS

Last Updated August 4, 2019

The 2016 Ford Focus has gotten quite the buzz building around it ever since the concept was introduced. To say that it’s gotten positive reviews would be an understatement. Here are a few things people have been saying:

“This is it, the car that Ford fans have been waiting for.” – Edmunds

“Developed with input from Ken Block, we judge the RS to be better than the Subaru WRX, WRX STI, and VW Golf R. 5 Stars.” – Car and Driver

“This would be the perfect all-around car… Why can’t all cars be like this?” - Autoweek

“Bottom line: this is the best enthusiast deal available.” – Road and Track

It’s pretty clear that the new Focus RS is a great car. But what do we want to do the moment we get a new car? We want to try and make it even better.

We took a close look at the new Ford Focus RS and made a video about the things you should modify, and what parts are so good that they don’t need to be changed. Check it out:

Here’s what we came up with for what to modify and what to leave as is:

MODIFY: Exhaust

Any car guy will tell you, one of the most fun things to modify is the exhaust so you can give it that roar that you’re looking for.

MODIFY: COBB Accessport

Add a Cobb Accessport to help fine tune your performance.

LEAVE AS IS: Intercooler

The RS’s intercooler was operating so well that Ford had to install a blanking plate to reduce its efficiency.

MODIFY: Springs

Upgrade to sport lowering springs to create a lower center of gravity and give you better handling. 

LEAVE AS IS: Brake Calipers

It doesn’t get much better than the Brembo calipers that come standard with the 2016 RS.

MODIFY: Brake Rotors and Pads

Upgrade to performance rotors for improved cooling and performance pads for better grip and less dust.


The RS currently has Michelin Pilot Super Sports wrap light alloy 19 inch wheels, with 18-inch winter tires as an option. Modify the wheels to get the custom look you desire.

MODIFY: Sway Bar

These are all stiffer than the ST and can be modified or upgraded to give it the feel you desire.  


The base Recaro seats are the same as the ST, which look great but lack passenger height adjustment. An upgraded package adds heated adjustable seats and heated steering wheel. 

MODIFY: Carbon Fiber Parts

The RS doesn’t come with any carbon fiber parts, but you can add plenty of your own to reduce weight or just for looks, including spoilers, oil caps, interior trim, and more.

MODIFY: Intakes

The first thing all car guys will do is replace the factory air intake. Replacing them gives you more power and opens up the engine bay.

There you have it! Whether you heavily modify it or keep it stock, the new Focus RS is an amazing car. 

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How to Modify Your New Ford Focus RS

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