Fixing a Windshield Seal

Fixing a Windshield Seal

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

Whether you've been tasked with installing a new windshield or you're dealing with a leak on your existing one, at some point it's likely you'll need to know how to reseal the areas around your car's windows.

Water is one of the most damaging substances for the inside of a car, so it's best to fix a leak before it gets out of hand. Sealing your windshield as soon as you detect water is an easy way to preserve your car and keep it looking great. It also just makes it easier to drive on rainy days.

The best thing about windshield sealing is that you'll have most of the tools that you'll need already, besides the window sealant, and just about anyone can seal windows as long as they're patient.


  • Windshield Sealant
  • Standard Caulking Gun
  • Painters Tape
  • Cleaning Solution
  1. Warm up your windshield sealant. This can be accomplished simply by leaving it in an open window or under a warm lamp.Setting out windshield sealant
  2. Protect vehicle with painters tape.Covering car in painters tape
  3. Snip the end of the sealant tube at an angle, so that you have an opening 1/8 inch wide. You can reinforce the nozzle for better control.Modified sealant tube beside standard
  4. Push the tip of the tube into the space between the windshield glass and rubber weatherstripping.Inserting sealant into inner seal
  5. Apply sealer to both inner and outer edges and around molding clips.Applying sealant to outer seal
  6. Allow the sealant to sit for several hours and then reapply in light spots.Reapplying sealant in light spaces
  7. Clean off excess sealer with cleaning Solution
    Tech Tip: Always check cleaner's paint-safety by applying on a small easy to hide area first.Clean Windshield
  8. Water test your seal. With one person inside checking for leaks, have another person hold a hose over the seal in order to test if it’s waterproofed.Holding hose over seal to test it
  9. Reinstall moldings if they were removed.reinstalling moldings

Thankfully, if you're feeling a little hesitant about resealing your windows or windshield, this video from CJ Pony Parts will walk you through the process.

While you're restoring the seal on your windshield, it's also a great opportunity to further improve the look of your dash by installing a new cowl.

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