How to Sell Your Mustang Online

How to Sell Your Mustang Online

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

Whether you're selling your Mustang to make more room for the kids, upgrade to a newer model year, or just put some money in your savings account, selling a car can be stressful. Being enthusiasts ourselves, we've learned a thing or two to help you through the process of selling your Mustang.

Check out our video to get some great tips from Bill; he's owned more than 50 Mustangs over the years and spends a lot of time shopping for them. He's got a lot of knowledge when it comes to writing a great sales ad for your Mustang, as well as pitfalls to avoid. Follow the rest of our tips below to sell your Mustang in no time!

Sell Your Mustang to an Online Or Local Dealer

If you're considering selling your Mustang today, your two best options are to sell it online or through a dealership.

Not too long ago, if you wanted to sell your car, the dealership would not have been an ideal option. However, with online dealerships like Vroom, Carvana, and CarMax - selling your Mustang online has become easier and more straightforward. Checking out these websites is absolutely one of the best options available.

Don't overlook your local dealers, though. A lot of them are low on inventory, so they might give you a lot more for your Mustang than you expect.

Pros of Selling Your Mustang to a Dealer

  • No Need to Advertise. Selling to a dealer eliminates the need for a lot of the things you do when you sell privately. You won't need to take tons of attractive pictures or write a catchy and thorough advertisement.
  • No Random Buyers. There's no need to deal with individual buyers if you sell your Mustang to a dealer. You won't have to worry about financing details, title transfers, or someone showing up to get the car.

Cons of Selling Your Mustang to a Dealer

  • Newer Models Only. A dealership is mostly going to be interested in 2015+ Mustangs, so they may not take your Classic, Fox Body, SN95, or S197 off your hands.
  • No Mods. Modifications can cause headaches for dealers and limit the market size, so they typically prefer stock cars that have broad appeal.
  • Quotes Expire. Quotes from online dealers usually expire within 24-48 hours and can be subject to change - so it's essential that you get the price locked down before agreeing! You'll probaby get more time from a local dealer, but their offer won't last forever either.

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Sell Your Mustang Privately

If the car dealership didn't work out for you, or your Mustang is modified or older, it's time to consider private sales. You can still sell your Mustang by parking it somewhere with a For Sale sign, but the days of taking out ads in the local newspaper are gone. The best way to sell a car privately is going to be online. Here are your best options:

  • Craigslist. Craigslist was the dominant option for many years, and it's still a viable choice when selling your Mustang. However, they do charge a fee for listing your car now.
  • Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace has a massive audience, so your advertisement will be viewed a lot. It's probably the most popular option today for selling your vehicle privately.

The only real negative to private online vehicle sales is that if your ad isn't good, it's not going to stand out. So you just have to make sure you have a solid description, great pictures, and fair pricing.

Write a Great Ad for Your Mustang

In today's used car market, you have the opportunity to get more for your car than you could just a few years ago. Having a great car ad is going to make it that much easier to get the value you want out of your Mustang.

Ford Mustang Mock Craigslist Ad
An example of what *not* to do in a Mustang advertisement.

Describe Your Mustang in Detail

Even if you're selling a base model Mustang with no aftermarket modifications, having a listing description that just says “good car, runs great” is not enough information for a buyer to make a purchase. There's no such thing as too much information, as long as it's relevant to the car. Here's what you need to include in your description:

  • Specifications. What's the trim level? What engine does it have? Is it a manual or automatic? What would you ask about if you were buying a Mustang?
  • Modifications. List any upgrades or modifications you've made to your Mustang.
  • Mileage. You're going to have to report this when you sell it, and people are going to ask, so you might as well list it now.
  • Maintenance. Say whether or not you've kept up with general maintenance.
  • Issues. Mention any mechanical or cosmetic flaws/issues, or any problems with the title. You'll weed out questions that would arise later while demonstrating your honesty and professionalism.

Even more important than providing lots of information is providing truthful information. Be honest. We know your Mustang has been driven fast (or at least quickly), and a car with slicks has most certainly been raced. Being upfront definitely helps attract good customers and justify your asking price.

Project Mustang Fox Body Rear View
If your Mustang needs work, that's ok! Just say so upfront.

Use Correct Grammar and Spelling

Use spell-check and re-read your entire posting before it goes live. Spell-check won't always catch grammar mistakes (like brakes vs breaks), so give it a read-through when you're done. Don't forget to double-check manufacturer and part names to make sure they're spelled and capitalized properly. Spell-check is also unlikely to catch those.

Don't use shorthand or slang, either. Expressions like “lol” or “wut” don't belong in an advertisement and will send the wrong message to prospective buyers.

Price Your Mustang Fairly

When it comes to pricing your Mustang, the most important thing is to have a price listed. Don't say “make an offer” or list it for $1 just because the platform requires you to input something. Decide on a realistic price you want for your Mustang and state it upfront.

The key word here is "realistic." Set your price to be competitive with comparable Mustangs on the market. You can start with a high price to maximize your upside with the understanding that people are going to want to negotiate down.

Use a price estimator like Kelley Blue Book to get a ballpark idea of where to start, and then use similar models on the market to fine-tune your exact asking price. Don't go crazy with trying to figure out if you have a sought-after color or rare group of options; it probably won't markedly affect the value.

Also, most mods don't add value to your car. Basic stuff like springs, an exhaust kit, or a shifter won't get you much. But superchargers, air ride suspension, or a set of high quality wheels can, so make sure you value them appropriately. You won't get everything you paid for them back, though.

Take Good Pictures and Video

The most basic smartphone can take pretty great pictures and video. There's no excuse for not having lots of high-quality pictures on your advertisement. Make sure your Mustang ad has pictures of at least the following:

  • Exterior shots: Front, rear, sides, front quarter angles, rear quarter angles
  • Exterior details: wheel close-ups (all 4), tire treads, dents and dings, flaws in the paint or trim
  • Interior shots: Front seats (individually), rear seats, gauge cluster/dash, steering wheel, shifter, audio/climate controls, trunk, damage or flaws
  • Underhood shot of the engine bay with closeup of engine
  • Other features, mods, or details you want to highlight

While you're at it, do a walk-around video of your Mustang, too. Fire up the engine so buyers can hear the engine and exhaust and see the gauge cluster light up. A great video will let the Mustang sell itself.

Orange Fury S550 Mustang Front Quarter View
High-quality photos that show your whole car give your ad credibility.

Related: Show your Mustang off in its best light by detailing it before your photo shoot. Check out our exterior detailing guide and interior detailing guide to get your Mustang looking brand-new.

Follow These Tips to Get Top-Dollar for Your Mustang

Selling your Mustang online is easier than ever. With the help of online dealerships, or Facebook Marketplace for private sales, you can make sure that you get the best price for your Mustang with minimal hassle.

By taking the time to make a great Mustang advertisement, you can make sure selling your Mustang online is a success. Be the seller you would want to transact with if you were in the buyer's shoes. And good luck!

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