How to Soundproof Your Jeep Wrangler

How to Soundproof Your Jeep Wrangler

Last Updated October 18, 2021 | C.J. Tragakis

The Jeep Wrangler is not known as the quietest vehicle. Complaints about the Wrangler’s wind noise, especially on the highway, are common. In fact, its noisy on-road ride is one of the reasons many don’t want one as a daily driver.

Because of their design, boxy vehicles will always have more wind noise. And due to its modular nature, the Wrangler doesn’t have a ton of insulation. As a result, road noise also comes through the sides and top of the vehicle.

Fortunately, there are ways to soundproof your Jeep Wrangler for a more enjoyable driving experience. We’ll cover most of them in this guide. While the majority of sound-proofing methods are pretty simple, some can be time-consuming.

Jeep Wrangler Noise Reduction Tips

Below are some basic noise reduction measures to take for your Wrangler. There’s more detail on each step below.

Adding soundproof insulation will result in the biggest reduction in road and wind noise. Other tips, like switching to all-season tires and taking off gear, might not be as palatable to enthusiasts. For those that use their Jeep for business or daily driving, these measures could be very helpful.

Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Noise Reduction

The easiest way to reduce overall noise on a hardtop Jeep is to add headliners to the inside of the roof panels. This will reduce wind noise, especially at highway speeds. Better acoustics mean you’ll also have a more enjoyable experience listening to music while driving.

Jeep Wrangler Hardtop with Headliners

In addition to reducing noise, these panels help insulate your Jeep from outside temps. This means it’s easier to keep the interior warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Aftermarket kits give you the opportunity to choose your own style. There are different colors, materials, and leather-appearance options for a luxurious touch. You can even match the factory options if you go with a Mopar headliner kit.

Installation is simple and the products are affordable, making this an appealing mod for any owner. None of these products require you to cut any material. Simply use the adhesive to stick each headliner piece into place.

Wrangler JK Headliners

Owners of the older JK Wrangler report that it’s louder than the JL models. But that just means there’s more to gain from adding some sound deadening to the roof. It’s most helpful for those using their Wrangler as a daily driver, especially for long highway commutes.

Check out the video of a JK Wrangler headliner installation to see just how easy it is. The process is essentially identical for the JL. As you’ll see, it’s as simple as removing your roof and applying the liners.

Wrangler JL Headliners

While the current JL Wrangler generation has come a long way from its predecessors in terms of sophistication, it still isn’t quite to the level of other vehicles. Even other Jeeps like the Cherokee offer way more refinement and a quieter ride. Thankfully, the hardtop is an easy place to adhere a new headliner.

Wrangler JK and JL Window Soundproofing

For more sound-proofing and wind noise reduction, adding insulation around the side windows is another worthwhile upgrade. It will also improve the acoustics, making it more enjoyable to listen to your sound system. These install just as easily as headliners, with adhesive backing. They’re pre-cut to directly fit around your windows.

With reductions in sound of up to 3-4 decibels, you’ll notice the difference. Because decibels are logarithmic, that means it can be twice as quiet in the cabin. Just like headliners, window liners will add insulation against outside temperatures.

Wrangler Floor Insulation

Headliners and window seals will address a lot of the Wrangler’s wind noise issues. They’ll also help with general road noise. To tackle underbody road noise though, you’ll need to insulate the floor. You can add custom sheets of sound insulation from companies like Dynamat or Flatline Barriers for an all-out defense against underbody noise.

It will take much more labor and time to install floor insulation than headliners. You’ll need to completely remove your seats, take out the upholstery, and cut the insulation to fit. Then, everything will have to be put back in place. It’s time-consuming, but floor insulation is the most effective way to reduce road noise from tires.

Other Wrangler Sound-Proofing Methods

If you’ve already added hardtop and window insulation, there are some additional steps you can take for even more sound-proofing.

Switch to Street-Focused Tires

While large, knobby off-road tires are great for the trail, they’ll produce much more road noise than regular tires. If you’re spending a lot of time on the highway, swap out your all-terrain tires for regular ones. You’ll probably see an improvement in fuel economy, too.

Keep Factory Doors & Mirrors On

The factory side mirrors are designed to be fairly aerodynamic. Switching to broad, flat aftermarket mirrors can disrupt airflow and lead to more wind noise. It may seem obvious, but if you want the quietest ride possible, you should also keep your doors on!

Remove Gear and Equipment

Remove any rooftop gear or other equipment that might be attached to your Wrangler. While outfitting your Jeep with jerry cans, high-lift jacks, and other gear is great for the trail, it will cause more wind noise when you’re at speed. Try to keep gear stored inside your Jeep or in your garage until the next time you hit the trails.

Upgrade Your Wrangler For More On-Road Comfort

The aftermarket makes it easy to add sound insulation to your Wrangler. No matter how you use your Jeep, soundproofing it can make the driving experience more enjoyable.

Check out other interior upgrades for your Wrangler as well, like floor mats, storage, and seat covers. For deals on Jeep products and more content from our resource center, sign up for our newsletter.

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How to Soundproof Your Jeep Wrangler

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