What Is the Jeep Badge of Honor Program?

What Is the Jeep Badge of Honor Program?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

The Jeep Badge of Honor Program is an app-based program that rewards Jeep drivers for conquering some of the best off-road trails in the US.

Anyone can register, check-in at trails, and rank up on the app. However, only registered Jeep owners can receive physical badges, which Jeep calls Hard Badges. You’ll have to enter your VIN number to confirm you own a Jeep vehicle.

Jeep Badges of Honor Designs

How Does the Jeep Badge of Honor App Work?

The Jeep Badge of Honor app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It has information about each trail, including the trail's website and live weather forecast. It also lets users earn points, post photos, and engage with the Jeep off-road community.

Check-In at Trails

Checking in is as simple as showing up at the designated trail and confirming your location in the app. This will get you your digital badge. You don’t technically have to drive the trail, but those in the enthusiast community might look upon that as stolen valor.

Jeep Badge of Honor for Rubicon Trail

What If I Don’t Have Cell Service?

Because so many of these trails are off the beaten path, there’s a good chance you won’t have any cell reception. Not to worry, you can still check-in on your phone offline. Once you have a signal again, the app will count your visit.

Earn Trail Points

You can also “level up” your off-road skill by earning trail points. Progressing through the ranks is a fun way to show off within the Jeep off-roading community. There are several ways to earn points within the Badge of Honor app:

  • Check-in at a trailhead (200 points)
  • Share a photo (20 points)
  • Comment on a trail page (10 points)

You’ll start off as a Newbie, but 100 points will get you to the Trail Rookie level. You can eventually work your way up to a Trail Explorer, Trail Commander, or Trail Expert.

Jeep Badge of Honor Rank Requirements

Jeep Badge of Honor Trail Points Ranks
RankPoints Required
Newbie 0 Points
Trail Rookie 100 Points
Trail Explorer 800 Points
Trail Commander 2,500 Points
Trail Pro 4,000 Points
Trail Expert 6,500 Points

Social Engagement

You’ll be able to see the various interactions that other users have with the trails. You can check out the photos they submit or the comments they post to get a good idea of what the trail is like. This lets you figure out the terrain, any tips, and how tough enthusiasts thought it was. You’re also able to view the users who have recently checked into a trail. You might even make some new friends!

How Many Jeep Badges of Honor Are There?

There are currently 56 total trails that have Badges of Honor. Jeep added seven new ones to the list in 2020. They range from “rugged terrain to...steep climbs,” with difficulties from novice to expert. Either way, getting all the badges is a serious accomplishment. You might be hard-pressed to find space for them all!

Jeep Badge of Honor for Crawl Daddy

How Do You Get a Jeep Badge of Honor?

After visiting and checking in at a trail, Jeep owners can request that the company send them a physical Badge of Honor. It can take 6-8 weeks to deliver, but it is free! And hey, visiting these beautiful parts of the country is half the experience.

Jeep Badge of Honor Trails Map

Currently, the Badge of Honor trails are all in the United States (though a few will take you close to Canada and Mexico). The 56 trails are scattered throughout 21 U.S. states. Some states only have one badge to earn, while others have half a dozen or more.

Jeep Badge of Honor Map of Trails

Jeep Badge of Honor Trails List

Many trails are in clusters, which makes it easy to knock out a few in a day or two. Check individual trail and park websites to find hours and fees for each location. Also, be mindful of trail difficulty levels and only pick ones that match your abilities.

Here are the states where you can find Badge of Honor trails. Click on a state's name to jump to its trail list: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming.


There are three Badge of Honor trails in Alabama, all in Stony Lonesome OHV Park. They’re about 45 minutes north of Birmingham. There’s some serious mud here, and the Switchback to Who’s Your Daddy and Gut Buster trails will really test your mettle.

Jeep Badge of Honor Alabama Trails Map

  • Trail #404 (3-5 moderate)
  • Switchback to Who’s Your Daddy #500 (7-9 demanding to very challenging)
  • Gut Buster #508 (7-9 demanding to very challenging)


Arizona has two Badge of Honor trails. There’s one about an hour’s drive into the mountains outside of Sedona. Located in Munds Park, the surrounding rugged terrain actually makes it a quicker drive from Flagstaff. It’s a scenic, historic wagon trail with spectacular views of the surrounding desert and red rock formations. The landscape will have you feeling like you’re in a Western.

About 40 minutes north of Phoenix is Table Mesa Road. It’s a very easy trail, one of the best for beginners in the whole program. Still, the views are fantastic. If you want to challenge yourself, there are a number of offshoots that are more technical.

Jeep Badge of Honor Arizona Trails Map

  • Schnebly Hill Trail (2-5 easy to moderate)
  • Table Mesa Road (1-4 easy to moderate)


There are three Badges of Honor located very close together, about an hour west of Little Rock, Arkansas. You’ll find them in the Hot Springs ORV Park, which offers a nice variety of trails in a forest with rolling hills.

Jeep Badge of Honor Arkansas Trails Map

  • Fun Run (5-7 moderate to demanding)
  • Snake (2-4 easy to moderate)
  • Rubicon Ridge (3-6 moderate to demanding)


There are quite a few trails here, with six total to explore. The first three are all in Big Bear, a couple hours east of Los Angeles. These are some seriously tough trails, with steep desert terrain and plenty of big boulders

Also in California are the Pinyon Mountain trail in Borrego Springs and the Dusy Ershim trail in Fresno. Finally, the famed Rubicon Trail itself also has a badge. As the official off-road proving grounds of Jeep, this off-roaders’ pilgrimage is a must-see in the Tahoe area. Use caution, however, as this is the only Badge of Honor trail that goes up to 10 in terms of difficulty.

Jeep Badge of Honor California Trails Map

  • Gold Mountain (6-9 demanding to very challenging)
  • John Bull (7-9 demanding to very challenging)
  • Holcomb Creek (6-8 demanding to very challenging)
  • Pinyon Mountain Trail (3-9 easy to very challenging)
  • Dusy-Ershim (7-9 demanding to very challenging)
  • Rubicon Trail (1-10 easy to most difficult)


Colorado also has six total trails to explore, but they are much closer together than California’s. The exception is Holy Cross, a former mining trail in Vail that will really test your abilities. It’s less than two hours west of Denver.

The other five are in the Telluride area in the Rocky Mountains, but none require expert-level skill. You’ll find some of the most majestic mountain views in the country here.

Jeep Badge of Honor Colorado Trails Map

  • Holy Cross (7-9 demanding to very challenging)
  • Imogene Pass (4-6 moderate to demanding)
  • Black Bear Pass (4-6 moderate to demanding)
  • Ophir Pass (3-4 moderate)
  • Poughkeepsie Gulch (5-7 moderate to demanding)
  • Engineer Pass (5-6 moderate to demanding)


Florida’s Badge of Honor Trail is called “Tread Lightly!” and can be found in Ocala National Forest. The park is just 1.5 hours north of Orlando. It’s one of the easier trails in the program, but the dense overgrowth and tight turns make things a bit interesting. If your Jeep is brand-new and you aren’t ready to give it some “trail stripes” yet, avoid this one until you’re ready for potential scratches.

There’s nothing very technical, just a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the diverse wildlife of the park. With over 80 miles of trail to explore, you can visit multiple times and still not see all of it.

Jeep Badge of Honor Florida Trails Map

  • Tread Lightly! Four Wheel Drive Way (1-4 easy to moderate)


There is one trail to hit in the northern part of Georgia. It will take you on some steep ascents and tough terrain through the Chattahoochee National Forest. This beautiful location is just a couple hours north of Atlanta.

Jeep Badge of Honor Georgia Trails Map

  • Beasley Knob OHV (7-9 demanding to very challenging)


There are four Badge of Honor trails located in Indiana’s first state-owned off-road park, Redbird State Recreation Area (SRA). It’s just under two hours southwest of Indianapolis. There are a good range of trails here for all levels of drivers. The most demanding ones will take you up some seriously steep dirt hills.

Jeep Badge of Honor Indiana Trails Map

  • Trail #2x (8-9 very challenging)
  • Trail #3 (5-6 moderate to demanding)
  • Trail #3x (7-9 demanding to very challenging)
  • Trail #5 (4-5 moderate)


Up in the far north of Michigan, there’s a Badge of Honor trail called South Marble Head Loop. It’s a long drive to get there from Detroit, about six and a half hours. A stone’s throw from Canada, Drummond Island has over 117 miles of trails in a closed loop. The rocky terrain has beautiful views of the water as well.

For something closer to civilization, try the Holly Oaks ORV Park. It’s less than an hour northwest of Detroit. Though built on former and active sand and gravel mines, there’s mud aplenty.

Jeep Badge of Honor Michigan Trails Map

  • South Marble Head Loop (3-7 moderate to demanding)
  • Holly Oaks ORV Park (4-7 moderate to demanding)


With two adjacent trails, the Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch is about an hour east of Springfield, MO. You’ll do some serious mudding through the dense forest here, but nothing that requires expert-level technical ability.

Jeep Badge of Honor Missouri Trails Map

  • Missouri’s Guard Rail (5-6 moderate to demanding)
  • Pee Wee’s Crossing (3-5 moderate)


The Big Sky State has one trail, located in Flathead National Forest. It’s the northernmost and most isolated on the map, making it one of the rarest of the 56 trail badges. The craggy trail through the pine forest has some difficult technical sections that require rock-crawling experience. The park is less than two hours north of Missoula and about five and a half hours south of Calgary.

Jeep Badge of Honor Montana Trails Map

  • Black Tail Wild Bill Trail (5-9 moderate to very challenging)

New Hampshire

The Jericho Mountain 4x4 trail is about 2.5 hours from both Manchester, NH and Portland, ME. There are about 2.5 miles of rugged terrain taking around 4 hours to complete. Even the green trails here are tough, and it only gets more difficult from there. After trekking through the mud and rocks, there’s a nice lake to check out as well.

Jeep Badge of Honor New Hampshire Trails Map

  • Jericho Mountain 4x4 Trail (3-9 moderate to very challenging)

North Carolina

North Carolina has a Badge of Honor trail in the Uwharrie National Forest. The park is about an hour and a half east of Charlotte and an hour south of Greensboro. Don’t get distracted by the mountain and lake views, as this is a pretty tough trail.

Jeep Badge of Honor North Carolina Trails Map

  • Dickey Bell Trail #91 (6-8 demanding to very challenging)


Oregon has two trails, located just a few miles away from each other within Tillamook State Forest. It only takes about an hour to get there from Portland. Cedar Tree is moderate to difficult and has a famous large fallen tree as a landmark. Firebreak 5 is moderate to very challenging, with a long technical section.

Jeep Badge of Honor Oregon Trails Map

  • Cedar Tree #13 (4-7 moderate to demanding)
  • Firebreak 5 #14 (5-8 moderate to very challenging)


Pennsylvania is home to three Badge of Honor trails at Rausch Creek, about 45 minutes from Harrisburg. These include Crawl Daddy and Crawler Ridge, some very tough trails. Check out our video to see us putting our Hemi-swapped Wrangler through its paces in the park!

Jeep Badge of Honor Pennsylvania Trails Map

  • Crawl Daddy (5-9 moderate to very challenging)
  • Crawler Ridge (5-9 moderate to very challenging)
  • Trail #11 (2-4 easy to moderate)


The Volunteer State has three Badge of Honor Trails, all within about an hour of each other. Less than an hour west of Knoxville, you’ll find Windrock Park. This adventure area has a great mix of rocky and muddy terrain, with fantastic views of the surrounding mountains.

Jeep Badge of Honor Tennessee Trails Map

  • Panther Rock Trail #51 (3-5 moderate)
  • Trail #16 (7-8 demanding to very challenging)
  • Trail #26 (5 moderate)


The first Badge of Honor trail for Texas is in the rugged desert near the US-Mexico border. The Black Gap 4x4 Trail is located in Big Bend National Park, just a few miles from Mexico. This rock-filled trail will take you through some dusty, rough terrain far from civilization. The nearest big city, El Paso, is over five hours away.

For something a little more accessible, try the Northwest OHV Park in Bridgeport. About an hour and a half northwest of Dallas, this park has beginner and expert trails. Bring a map, as some of the trails are not very well-marked.

Jeep Badge of Honor Texas Trails Map

  • Black Gap 4x4 Trail (4-6 moderate to demanding)
  • Northwest OHV Park (3-8 moderate to very challenging)


Home of Moab, this is considered a must-go state for many Jeep enthusiasts. It has more Badge of Trails than any other state, with 10 total. Nine of the trails are in Moab itself, including the famed Top of the World, a tough trail with amazing views. Many of these badges will require expert off-roading ability to earn.

Outside of Moab, Hole in the Rock is a bit farther southwest, in Monticello. It will take you about six and a half hours to get there from Moab. No matter which ones you choose to conquer, you’re sure to enjoy the sights of the canyons and mountains.

Jeep Badge of Honor Utah Trails Map

  • Top of the World (6-8 demanding to very challenging)
  • Steel Bender (6 demanding)
  • Fins and Things (3-4 moderate)
  • Hell’s Revenge (3-6 moderate to demanding)
  • Pritchett Canyon (7-9 demanding to very challenging)
  • Cliff Hanger (6-7 demanding)
  • Poison Spider (4-6 moderate to demanding)
  • Metal Masher (5-9 moderate to very challenging)
  • Elephant Hill (5-7 moderate to demanding)
  • Hole in the Rock (4-6 moderate to demanding)


There’s one Badge of Honor trail in the commonwealth of Virginia. In the George Washington National Forest, you’ll find Peters Mill Run. It’s a good trail for novices that’s not far off Interstate 81. After traversing through the mud and water of the forest, there are plenty of other outdoor activities in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Jeep Badge of Honor Virginia Trails Map

  • Peters Mill Run (2-4 easy to moderate)

West Virginia

A little over an hour south of Charleston, West Virginia’s capital, you’ll find Bearwallow. Located near the town of Ethel, it’s one of the three original systems of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails. There's a wide range of trails here for every skill level. Use caution with the most difficult trails, as they’re some of the toughest you’ll find in the region.

Jeep Badge of Honor West Virginia Trails Map

  • Bearwallow (2-9 easy to very challenging)


Monument Ridge is located in Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest. This is tough terrain at high altitude. The surrounding mountains soar to over 10,000 feet in height, and snow is common. With wet air and precipitation, the trail is often very muddy and slick. Use extreme caution and try to go during a dry period if possible. Though easy at times, this trail has sections that should only be taken on by seasoned off-roaders. If your rig can handle it, the breathtaking views are worth it.

Jeep Badge of Honor Wyoming Trails Map

  • Monument Ridge (2-8 easy to very challenging)

Where Do You Put a Jeep Badge of Honor?

After earning your Jeep trail badges, you’ll need a place to put them. Most often, Badges of Honor are placed on the fender, near where the factory Trail-Rated badge is. You can also stick them on your doors or tailgate. It’s up to you! They attach easily with double-stick tape.

You could also collect your badges in a scrapbook to preserve your collection. The important thing is to enjoy the memories of each trail vanquished.

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