What Is the Mustang Blazer Limited Edition?

What Is the Mustang Blazer Limited Edition?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

The Ford Mustang Blazer Limited Edition was one of many regional special editions introduced throughout the country in the late ‘60s. With the incredible initial success of the ‘64 Mustang, Ford was anxious to keep the momentum going and reach further into regional markets across the country. This strategy — that lead to the famous California Special — also produced the Blazer Limited Edition, which was available as a dealer-installed option for the 1967 model year.

Blazer Edition Mustang

About the Blazer Limited Edition

The 1967 Mustang Blazer Limited Edition was an entirely cosmetic upgrade available from Ford dealers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Available only in Lime Gold, the unique features of the Blazer Limited Edition included a black vinyl hardtop, personalized interior nameplate and special external badging. The Mustang Blazer was heavily advertised in local newspapers between November and December of 1966. Participating dealers included Gratton Ford of Cumberland, MD; Jim Beamer Ford Sales of Keysor, WV; and Null Ford Sales of Uniontown, PA.

A Female-Friendly Mustang

One of the unique things about the Blazer Limited Edition Mustang is that it appears to have been an attempt to bring more women to the Mustang brand. Today, of course, women are just as likely as men to own and drive Mustangs, but it is interesting to note that, in the late ‘60s, Ford seemed to go out of its way to court female buyers. Although it wasn’t explicitly marketed as a “female-friendly” sports car, the smiling, professional women leaning against their Mustangs in print advertising for the Blazer Limited Edition makes the implication clear.

The Blazer Limited Edition package was also available on the Galaxie 500 of the same year. Also sporting the distinctive Lime Gold body with a black hardtop, the Galaxie Blazer Limited Edition — referred to simply as the “Big Ford Blazer” — features the same personalized nameplate and badging available on the Mustang.

While the Blazer Limited Edition didn’t have the same impact on Mustang history as some of the other regional variants, it is an interesting relic from a bygone era and is illustrative of the role gender played in advertising at the time.

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