What Is the Mustang Heat Edition?

What Is the Mustang Heat Edition?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Released to the public as a 2007 model, the Mustang Heat edition boasts the participation of legendary automotive customizer, Roush. Although the upgrades are entirely cosmetic, the Heat package gives the standard base model Mustang an aggressive modded look. In addition to the retro-inspired styling of the fifth generation, the Heat edition offers a unique take that is sure to turn heads on the street. Partly because of its rarity — less than 300 were ever produced — the Mustang Heat has not garnered the attention that other Mustang special editions of the time have.

Heat Mustang


The Mustang Heat edition took the 2007’s V6 Premium Coupe as its base, which boasted a 210 horsepower 4.0L V6 and either a five-speed manual or optional five-speed automatic transmission. On its own, the premium package included a Shaker 500 audio system with six speakers, a power-adjustable driver’s seat and special 16” spinner wheels. The Heat edition — a $1,250 upgrade — added a distinctive black stripe, hood scoop, and rear wing, as well as special interior and exterior badging.

Sales Figures and Availability

Initially Ford had planned to build 1,000 Mustangs with the Heat edition package. Of these, however, only an estimated 279 were produced before the program was canceled. Sales of the Heat edition seem to have been limited to the southeast, with Florida, in particular, being one of the areas where it sold best. At the same time, Ford was offering a similar Outlaw package in Texas and a Pony package elsewhere in the country.

Despite their limited numbers, it is still possible to find Heat edition Mustangs available for sale today — prices are usually in line with similarly equipped V6 coupes.

The Heat Edition and Regional Sales Promotions

Contrary to popular belief, the Heat edition was an official Ford-sanctioned Mustang and not a dealer upgrade. Ford has a long history of offering special editions of their Mustangs and other popular sellers to appeal to regional markets. As early as 1966, a High Country Special Edition Mustang was available only in Colorado. The most famous of these initiatives was the 1968 California Special, which has gone on to be one of the most sought-after rare Mustangs in the world.

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