Mustang Hood Struts - Replacing Your Factory Prop Rod

Mustang Hood Struts - Replacing Your Factory Prop Rod

Last Updated August 12, 2019

Mustang with Hood Struts Coyote-Swapped SN95 Mustang With Hood Struts

What Are Hood Struts?

A hood strut aids in the opening of your hood and holds the hood open once unlatched. Hood struts are essentially a gas-filled shock for your hood.

There are many benefits to replacing the manual hood prop rod that lays across the top of your radiator cover with hood struts. It helps to clean up your underhood area and is more secure for when you’re working under the hood. A must for car shows, hood struts are more attractive and more functional. There’s also a wide selection of Mustang hood struts that you can pick out, allowing you to customize your car’s appearance.

Hood Strut Installation

On a difficulty scale from 1 to 5, installing hood struts is probably a 1 or 2. As long as you can use a tape measure, a drill, and a wrench, you’ll be able to comfortably ditch your factory prop rod for a nice set of struts.

As with all things, you should measure twice and drill once. Different hood struts and different models of Mustang will have precise measurement instructions and you should follow that exactly.

It can be a little unnerving to drill holes in your Mustang’s hood, but one tip that helps reduce damage significantly is to take a center punch and hold it up to the sharpie mark you made after measuring. Tap the screw with a hammer so that it makes a slight indentation. This will help to keep the drill bit in one location.

Once you’ve measured and created your indentations, you are ready to drill. Since you don’t want to drill up too far and create an unsightly hole in your hood, wrap a piece of tape or a rubber band on the drill bit where you’ll want it to stop. On most hood strut kits, this will be small, as little as a quarter of an inch, but pay close attention to the installation instructions.

You’ll likely need a rivet gun for installation, instructions will vary based on model, but once you’ve either finished screwing or riveting as the case may be, you’ll just need to use a socket wrench to screw the other end of the bracket into the fender. Then it’s as simple as attaching the hood strut to both sides of your bracket.

Obviously you’ll need to do this on both sides, but this is a great mod for beginning modders for a reason. It’s easy to do and easy to appreciate. Even when you show it to non-car people they’ll likely be impressed, and it makes many other mods easier by making it simple to open your hood and keeping your pathway clear and free of unsightly metal rods.

Your Next Mod: Hood Struts!

If you’re looking for a first modification, or you’ve just finished your build and want to take your car to some shows to show off your hard work, a pair of hood struts will enhance your enjoyment of your Mustang.

Mustang Hood Struts - Replacing Your Factory Prop Rod

There is absolutely no question that the manual prop rod holding up the hood of your late model Mustang is unsightly, outdated and downright ugly in some cases. Thankfully, there are easy to install aftermarket hood struts available from CJ Pony Parts.

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