What Is the Mustang SSP?

What Is the Mustang SSP?

Last Updated July 21, 2021 | Andrew Boyle

In 1982, Ford unveiled the Special Services Package, a specially designed Mustang that offered a lighter, faster and more nimble vehicle than most police forces were using at the time. The Mustang SSP was developed after the California Highway Patrol asked Ford to produce a lightweight alternative to complement the bulky sedans and under-performing muscle cars that comprised its fleet. It’s believed more than 15,000 units were produced for law enforcement agencies all across the United States. Not all SSP models served law enforcement; some were modified for use in drag racing.

SSP Mustang

Mustang SSP Features

The SSP featured a Ford Fox platform and a robust 5.0 engine that provided an excellent combination of power, speed, and maneuverability. Other special features included a certified calibrated speedometer, two-piece VASCAR speedometer cable, relocated rear deck release, and non-operational courtesy lights. Certain police departments requested the addition of specific features such as roll cages and power windows. Most Mustang SSP models were equipped with automatic transmissions so police officers would be able to keep their hands free to perform various duties while operating their vehicles.

Many Mustang SSP Models Still Exist

Although production of the Mustang SSP ceased in 1993, many of the original models are still in existence. Some are used as display pieces, while others are used by law enforcement agencies as part of their DARE programs, an ongoing effort to combat drug use and gang violence in local communities throughout the United States. In recent years there has been a growing interest in Mustang SSP restoration, which has created a demand for Mustang SSP replacement parts.

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What Is the Mustang SSP?

In 1982, Ford addressed the needs of the law enforcement community by offering a lighter, faster and more nimble vehicle than the one's police were using called the Special Services Package. The SSP Mustang featured a Foxbody platform with a 5.0 engine and automatic transmission.