Roush vs Accelatec Axle-Back Exhaust for Mustang EcoBoost

Roush vs Accelatec Axle-Back Exhaust for Mustang EcoBoost

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

Finding the perfect exhaust sound for your EcoBoost Mustang can be a challenging task. Though the turbocharged four-cylinder Mustang offers terrific handling and performance right from the factory, many feel the exhaust note doesn’t match the pony car’s looks and power. While it will never sound like a V8, adding an axle-back exhaust kit to your Mustang is a cost-effective way to get the fantastic sound you want.

Axle-back exhaust systems cost less than a full cat-back exhaust system; though the straight-through design of an axle-back will give you a small bump in power, the focus is much more on sound than performance. Here, we’re looking at two high-quality choices: The Accelatec axle-back kit and Roush axle-back kit.

Both of these systems will also work with the 2015 Mustang V6; however, in terms of sound changes, we’ll be focusing on the effects to the EcoBoost. Each exhaust offers excellent attributes, so let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between the two.

Roush vs Accelatec Axle-Back: Materials and Looks

Many axle-back kits for the EcoBoost Mustang share the same basic properties. At their core, each kit removes the factory mufflers to enhance the overall exhaust note. Both kits here are designed for seamless fit with your existing factory pipes and are constructed of high-quality stainless steel.

Both exhaust systems feature polished tips, giving the tailpipes a classic chrome look. The Roush set features their logo subtly embossed on the top, a nice finishing touch. There’s also a slightly more aggressive rake to the Roush tips, which some might find just a little bit sportier-looking than the Accelatec’s more subtle design. Either set is a nice upgrade over the stock look.

Accelatec EcoBoost Axle-Back Exhaust Tip
The Accelatec exhaust tip has a clean, classic design.

Roush EcoBoost Axle-Back Exhaust Tip
The Roush exhaust tip features their logo and a more aggressive slant.

Pretty much all axle-back exhaust kits for the EcoBoost Mustang install in exactly the same way, so you won’t be dealing with anything novel no matter which option you choose. In terms of price, you’ll find the Accelatec axle-back here at CJ’s for an MSRP of $399.99. The Roush system will run you a bit more, with an MSRP of $625.99. Both are great options for the Mustang, so let’s take a look at how they compare in terms of exhaust note sound.

Accelatec Axle-Back EcoBoost Sound

The Accelatec axle-back kit gives you a deeper tone than stock, without being too much louder. It’s extremely livable, while still adding a more aggressive, race-inspired exhaust note.

Accelatec EcoBoost Axle-Back Exhaust Kit
The Accelatec EcoBoost Axle-Back Exhaust Kit

This is a great option for those who think the stock EcoBoost exhaust note is just a little too pedestrian, a little too smooth. It makes the tone richer and more aggressive, but isn’t something that will wake up your neighbors. Cruising on the highway, you’ll hardly notice the system at all. However, punch the throttle and you’ll really wake it up. The sound is fairly consistent through the RPM range, offering a sporty growl that never gets buzzy.

Roush Axle-Back EcoBoost Sound

The Roush exhaust gives the EcoBoost’s exhaust note a more exotic and aggressive tone, without being overbearing. The deep, rich tone sounds a little bit more like an Italian sports car; it’s even reminiscent of the well-loved Fiat 500 Abarth’s sound.

Roush EcoBoost Axle-Back Exhaust Kit
The Roush EcoBoost Axle-Back Exhaust Kit

There’s just enough turbo noise and also a few pops coming through, but it’s definitely not something that sounds gaudy. Compared to the Accelatec system, the Roush offers a lower tone and more of a rumbly growl. It’s slightly more aggressive and has some raspiness at low RPM, but definitely not the brashest system out there when you look at the overall spectrum.

EcoBoost Axle-Back Installation

Both axle-back options require you to cut some of your pipes, unfortunately. It’s not a tough task for seasoned wrenchers who own a reciprocating saw, but newcomers might prefer to take their Mustang to a reputable shop to have it done professionally. If you are ready to complete the install in your own garage, it’s a very straightforward job that should take about an hour or so to complete.

Which One to Pick: Roush vs Accelatec Axle-Back

It’s truly personal preference as to which of these two great axle-back kits is best for your EcoBoost Mustang. Those looking for a more subtle but still noticeable change to their exhaust note will probably want to opt for the Accelatec axle-back. If you want a more exotic sound and don’t mind the louder volume, the Roush is one of the best choices for that style.

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