How to Change Your S550 Mustang’s Cabin Air Filter

How to Change Your S550 Mustang’s Cabin Air Filter

Last Updated May 16, 2024 | Hamilton Schutt

A fresh cabin air filter will keep pollen, smoke, mold, and dust from polluting your S550’s interior. On average, you should replace the cabin filter every 10,000-20,000 miles to improve airflow, eliminate bad odors, and keep your windows from fogging up. This guide will walk you through how to replace a bad cabin air filter and give you some filter replacement options for your 2015-2023 Ford Mustang.

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2015-2023 Mustang Cabin Air Filter Replacement Process

Replacing your S550’s air filter only takes 10-20 minutes and can save you upwards of $40 over the dealership’s rates. This process is the same for all 2015-2023 Mustangs.


  • T20 Torx Driver
  • Flashlight (Recommended)

Step 1: Open Glove Box

Open your empty glove box to the extended position and push the track on the right side in, up, and out to release the glovebox from the dash.

Glovebox Track Arm Connector

Step 2: Remove Glove Box

Push the sides of the glovebox towards each other until the black rubber stoppers can clear the box housing. Then, let the box drop.

Glovebox Black Rubber Side Stoppers

Step 3: Lift Cloth Panel

Lift the small panel cut into the cloth interface behind the glovebox out of the way. If the access panel doesn’t give you enough room, you can easily pull the entire interface out of the way

Cloth Interface Access Panel Lifted

Step 4: Remove Airbox Cover

Locate the airbox cover and use the T20 Torx Driver to remove the single screw holding the cover in place. Take the airbox cover off and set it aside with the screw.

Airbox Screw Being Removed With A T20 Torx Driver

Pro Tip: It’s easier to access the screw from under the dash.

Step 5: Remove Old Cabin Air Filter

Locate the paper tab sticking out of the airbox and pull the old filter out. You can remove it easily by pulling it from under the dash.

Pulling Old Filter Out Of The Airbox

Pro Tip: Before you install the new filter, check your airbox for stuck leaves, twigs, or debris.

Step 6: Make Sure Filter Arrow Is Pointing Toward Dash

Locate the arrow on the new filter and make sure it’s pointing towards the dash before you slide it into the box.

Air Filter Flow Indicator Arrow

Step 7: Insert Cabin Air Filter Into Airbox

Push the new filter all the way into the box so that only the tab is sticking out.

Pushing The New Air Filter Into The Airbox

Step 8: Reinstall Airbox Cover

Fold the tab up and reinstall the airbox lid. Use your T20 Torx Driver to replace the screw.

Reinstalling The Airbox Lid Screw

Step 9: Put Cloth Panel Back In Place

Flip the access panel closed again, or put the medium back in place if you pulled it out of the way.

Closed Cloth Interface Access Panel

Step 10: Reinstall Glove Box

Push the sides of the glovebox in until the black rubber stoppers can clear the box housing. Then, pop the box back into place.

Pushing The Glove Box Sides In

Step 11: Reattach Glove Box Track

Connect the track arm to the larger hole near the top of the glove box. Push the arm in and slide it down to lock the glove box in place.

Reinstalling The Glovebox Track Arm

2015-2023 S550 Mustang Cabin Filter Replacements

When it comes to getting a new cabin air filter for your S550, you don’t have to stick with the stock filter. Check out our air filter guide to learn more about the different materials and options. Or, jump straight to the finish with one of the filters listed below.

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