How to Install Vertical Links on a 2015-2023 Mustang

How to Install Vertical Links on a 2015-2023 Mustang

Last Updated October 10, 2023 | Hamilton Schutt

Upgrading your S550 Mustang's rear vertical links is a simple process that offers many benefits. They can help reduce wheel hop, improve traction, and limit the flex that's common with OEM links. Learn how to install them on your own with our video and easy-to-follow steps.

Before You Begin

We used the BMR Rear Lower Control Arm Links with Delrin Bushings for our installation. But, the process should be the same regardless of which brand you choose.

Any aftermarket set will have upgraded bushings. Polyurethane and urethane bushings are better than the stock rubber, but Delrin bushings are the best.

Delrin bushings offer benefits like low deflection, high impact and tensile strength, chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and self-lubrication.¹ But, installing Delrin-equipped vertical links without also upgrading to Delrin bushings in the rear lower control arm and toe knuckle can increase NVH and put stress on the parts.

S550 Mustang Vertical Link Install

Most aftermarket vertical links will be direct-fit upgrades, so you can use the original hardware and factory locations. Use this guide and your manufacturer's instructions for a successful installation. If you're installing this BMR set, you'll find the installation instructions here.

Feel free to start with either the passenger or driver-side link. It doesn't matter which side you do first. This installation should take less than two hours to complete.

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Required Tools:

  • ⅜” Ratchet
  • 15 mm Socket
  • 18 mm Socket
  • Small Pry Bar
  • Torque Wrench

Step 1: Remove Lower Bolt

Remove the lower bolt on the rear vertical lower control arm with an 18 mm wrench. These bolts will be pretty tight from the factory so be ready to use some muscle. Set this bolt somewhere safe and within arms reach.

Loosening the lower bolt on an S550 Mustangs rear vertical link

Step 2: Remove Upper Bolt

Remove the upper bolt on the link with a 15 mm wrench and some force. This bolt has a flanged nut on the back that you'll need for the new links, so keep them both for later.

Loosening the upper bolt on an S550 Mustangs rear vertical link

Step 3: Pop Stock Link Out

Use a pry bar or screwdriver for leverage to pop the old vertical link out.

Popping rear vertical link out of place with a pry bar

Step 4: Set New Link in Place

Set the new vertical link in place. If the new link ends aren't fitting into the assembly, put a little synthetic grease on them.

Positioning rear vertical link in place on an S550 Mustang

Step 5: Install Upper Bolt

Thread the upper bolt through the top of the link and reattach the flanged nut. Don't tighten this nut down yet.

Vertical link top bolt installed on an S550 Mustang

Step 6: Install Lower Bolt

Feed the lower bolt through the bottom of the link. If you're having a tough time sliding the bolt in place, slightly lift the wheel hub. It's common for the hub to sag down a little when the link is removed.

Sliding the lower bolt on the rear vertical link into place

Step 7: Tighten Bolts

Hand-tighten the lower and upper bolts until they're snug.

Tightening the upper bolt on the rear vertical link

Step 8: Torque Bolts to Spec

Use your torque wrench to torque the top bolt to 81 foot-pounds and the lower bolt to 129 foot-pounds.

Torqueing the lower bolt on the vertical rear link

Step 9: Repeat Process on Other Side

Follow these exact steps on the other side. If you decide to use a jack to support the toe knuckle, make sure you do the same on the other side.

Successfully installed rear vertical link

Note: Since nothing was done to the camber arm or toe link, you should be good to hit the road without getting an alignment.

Other Mods to Reduce S550 Wheel Hop

Replacing the stock rear vertical links will give you some small handling benefits. But if reducing wheel hop is your main concern, there are mods that will make a bigger impact. Check out our guide to learn about other IRS upgrades that'll fix wheel hop on your S550.

Source: 1. Why You Need Delrin: The Gold Standard Of Suspension Bushings, RideTech

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