SN95 and New Edge Mustang Holiday Gift Guide

SN95 and New Edge Mustang Holiday Gift Guide

Last Updated April 10, 2024 | Kevin Brent

The 1994-2004 SN95 Mustang is an affordable muscle cars that offers a ton of performance and fun for the price point. The SN95 can be amplified with some aftermarket upgrades. If you're shopping for a gift for family, friends, or even yourself, check out this guide to find a great present that's within your budget.

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SN95 Mustang Accessories Under $50

Check out these affordable SN95 Mustang accessories under $50. These budget-friendly options are the perfect way to enhance the performance and style of an SN95 Mustang. Get something they'll love while keeping your wallet happy.

SN95 Mustang Gifts Under $100

These gifts under $100 are sure to improve any SN95 Mustang. Choose from a variety of smaller, more affordable upgrades that are perfect for every occasion and enthusiast. With these great gifts under $100, they're sure to think of you the next time they go for a cruise.

SN95 Mustang Interior Gifts

The interior is an important part of any SN95 Mustang. Help spruce up their interior with these affordable upgrades that are sure to add functionality and style to their ride. Check out the items below and find something that fits the enthusiast in your life.

SN95 Mustang Exterior Gifts

The SN95 Mustang already has an impressive looking exterior that always turns heads. However, there are ways to improve the look of the SN95 without taking away from its gorgeous styling. Get the enthusiasts in your life something that's sure to make them stand out at their next car show.

SN95 Mustang Apparel Gifts

Sometimes, SN95 fans don't need a new grille or steering wheel because their build is already perfect. If that sounds like them, SN95 Mustang-inspired apparel is the perfect gift. Help them show off their love of their ride anytime, anywhere.

If you still want to keep shopping for even more great SN95 gifts, check out our SN95 Mustang page to view the full range. With hundreds of options to suit any taste.

For the SN95 Mustang Enthusiast That's Difficult to Buy For

If you're still feeling stuck, then a gift card is a great present that lets the SN95 Mustang owner in your life pick out exactly the right part that they need. You can always volunteer to help them install whatever part they choose. Check out the link below to grab a gift card!

CJ Pony Parts Gift Card

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