What Is the Stinger Edition Mustang?

What Is the Stinger Edition Mustang?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Stinger Mustang

The Stinger Edition Mustang was designed for the car buyer who wanted a Mustang with a little extra “attitude.” Starting with a Mustang GT as a base, the 2008 Stinger came with a variety of factory-installed exterior extras, such as an aluminum front and rear end and aluminum side panels with side exhaust. Other distinctive exterior features included a Billet-type grille and wheels and a shaker hood scoop that added to the vehicle’s style — not to mention its performance!

All-Ostrich Leather Interior

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Stinger Edition Mustang was what was found on the inside. The interior consisted of ostrich leather, a relatively rare and exotic type of leather that is not often used in automobile manufacturing and usually found only in high-end luxury automobiles. The Stinger offered leather upholstery on the seats and even an ostrich print leather console.

Image Credit: Mustang Attitude

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