Top Ford Fiesta ST Mods

Top Ford Fiesta ST Mods

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

When you purchase a Fiesta ST, you know exactly what you’re getting into. Sport-tuned suspension and a turbocharged engine provide this little machine with go-kart-like handling and tons of power for its size. Sure, it’s not as quick as a Mustang or a supercharged German sports car, but it feels fast due to its minuscule size, and it can corner like there’s no tomorrow. When you see someone in a Fiesta ST, you automatically know that they just enjoy the pure fun of driving. Is there another car that will pop a wheel and take a turn on three tires right from the factory? From 2014-2019, the Fiesta ST offered American drivers tons of fun in a wholly unique package. Sadly, you'll soon have to nab one on the used market or move abroad to get the newly redesigned model (which is even quicker).

Check out our list of top Fiesta ST mods to find exactly what you're looking for or just get some inspiration for where to start. From simple, affordable changes to performance kits that will turn your small car into a track-ready rocket, there's something for just about every driver.

Shift Knob

Ford Performance ST Shift Knob

If you’re just starting out, this is a super-easy mod that adds style to your cabin as well as an improved driving experience. The feel in your hand plus the added weight can lead to more enjoyment and better shifts. With a huge variety of colors and styles available ranging from subtle to vibrant, you can find just the right knob to match your tastes. Many aftermarket options will require an adapter to go with your new shift knob, so don’t forget to grab one of those as well. Either way, this is a very simple installation that will take only a few minutes to complete but will have a major impact on your interior.

Blow-Off Valve

Turbosmart Fiesta ST BOV

Somehow, the added audio theatrics of a blow-off valve just seem to fit the Fiesta ST’s personality perfectly. There’s not a big engine under the hood, so the added whoosh and hiss of air being released is a fun way to add some more character to your ride, even if there isn’t a performance benefit. Plus, the factory bypass valve is not particularly robust, so this is a great upgrade for longevity if you’ll be running a tune that has a lot of boost.

Rear Motor Mount

Fiesta ST Cobb Rear Motor Mount

As with the Focus ST, the rear motor mount (RMM) that Ford included in the Fiesta ST is designed more for ride comfort than for performance. If you want a more aggressive set-up that can provide improved handling and better shift feel, an aftermarket rear motor mount might be just what you’re looking for. Though you will compromise a bit of smoothness, enthusiasts tout this upgrade as the cornerstone of their mods, and truly necessary for spirited driving and track use.

Flash Tune

Fiesta ST Cobb Flash Tune

The potential for power and the ease of installation make an electronic flash tune immensely popular within the enthusiast community, and with good reason. It doesn’t take hours of labor and thousands of dollars spent on parts to get spectacular performance benefits (although that is also a very fun way to do it for those that like getting their hands dirty). With tons of flexibility, there’s something for every driver, so unleash the performance you’re looking for with a simple plug-n-play tune.

Cold Air Intake

Fiesta ST Injen Cold Air Intake

With a tune, depending on how aggressive it is, a cold air intake is a great piece of hardware to help fully maximize your new software. Getting cold, fresh air into your engine, especially one that’s turbocharged, is an integral part of increasing performance. The superior throttle response and potential for power are prime reasons to consider a cold air intake, but the enhanced jet turbine-like sound of additional airflow is also a nice benefit. Relatively affordable, these are a great complement to aftermarket exhaust systems as well.

Other Fiesta ST Mods to Consider

In addition to these top mods, it's worth mentioning a few other upgrades that can really help bring your Fiesta ST to the next level.

For even more performance-oriented add-ons, we recommend taking a look at a new set of springs. In a car as small as the Fiesta, a relatively minor and cost-effective change to your suspension set-up can go a long way in terms of improved handling.

Another popular option for improved sound and performance is an aftermarket exhaust system. With a range of options to fit the sound profile you want and the budget you have, you can really open things up and add a lot more character to your vehicle's sonic output.

Some mud flaps can have a subtle but powerful effect on exterior looks, especially on a car this small. Plus, the added protection to your car (and those driving behind you) is a great advantage as well.

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