What Is the Track Pack Mustang?

What Is the Track Pack Mustang?

Last Updated July 21, 2021 | Andrew Boyle

In 2010, Ford unveiled a completely redesigned Mustang that featured a plethora of new exterior and interior parts and upgrades. In an effort to improve the overall performance of the vehicle, Ford also gave Mustang buyers the option to add “Track Pack.” This special factory-installed package, which cost just under $1,500, was available for Mustang GT models equipped with manual transmissions.

Track Pack Highlights

Track Pack Mustang

Track Pack offered a number of features that enhanced the Mustang’s performance and resulted in a smoother, more stable ride. These included a 3.73 axle that made the vehicle more responsive, along with carbon-fiber clutch plates that allowed for harder driving.

Front and rear stabilizer bars were also added, along with completely retuned shocks and struts. The package also included high-performing Pirelli Summer tires that enhanced the vehicle’s handling and control. And with the inclusion of specially recalibrated traction control, anti-lock brakes and performance front and rear brake pads, Track Pack increased the stopping power of the vehicle.

The Track Pack Mustang Proved to Be a Success

Buyers responded positively to the Track Pack Mustang, and Ford has continued to offer a version of the package in ensuing years. The 2014 Mustang Track Pack included features such as a Brembo brake package with high-performance Brembo brake pads, unique front corner modules, tire mobility kit, upgraded front and rear brakes, Torsen helical differential, and more.

The Track Pack option wasn't available on the sixth-generation Mustangs but Ford decided to offer up the option to add a Performance Package which had more upgrades than the Track Pack.

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What Is the Track Pack Mustang?

The Track Pack was an optional package Ford offered Mustang GT buyers starting in the 2010 year. This optional upgrade consisted of features that enhanced performance such as 3.73 axle, front and rear stabilizer bars, and retuned shocks and struts.

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