What Is the Tussy Mustang?

What Is the Tussy Mustang?

Last Updated July 21, 2021 | Andrew Boyle

Tussy Mustang

Who wouldn’t be excited about the chance to win a sparkling new Mustang? In the 1960s, Ford gave people all across the USA the opportunity to do just that by entering one of many national sweepstakes. One of the best known of these events, the Tussy Cosmetics Sweepstakes, occurred in 1966-67. Lucky participants could win a Mustang in a color that was sure to turn heads — and lips — as they drove down the street!

Mustangs in Three Different Shades of Pink

Tussy Cosmetics decided to join forces with the Ford Motor Company in an effort to promote its three new shades of pink lipstick, with the Mustang literally serving as the promotional “vehicle.” The three “revved-up fashion shades,” Racy Pink, Racy Pink Frosted and Defroster, all had an obvious automotive connection.

Individuals could participate in the sweepstakes by filling out an entry form that was available at the cosmetics counter of various department and drug stores across the U.S. where Tussy products were sold. An extensive print advertising campaign was created to promote the sweepstakes, and the ads included memorable slogans such as “Wear a Mustang to match your lipstick!” The winners were awarded a brand-new Tussy Mustang in a pink color that was an exact match of one of the three new Tussy shades.

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What Is the Tussy Mustang?

Tussy Cosmetics teamed up with Ford to promote its three new shades of pink lipstick, Racy Pink, Racy Pink Frosted, and Defroster, where the Mustang would serve as the promotional vehicle. You would enter the sweepstakes to win the Tussy Mustang with the tagline being "Wear a Mustang to match your lipstick!"