What is the Mustang Summer Edition?

What is the Mustang Summer Edition?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

#1 Hit of the Summer

Also known as the “Feature Car”, “Limited Edition”, or “Summer Special”, the Summer Edition was the special edition Mustang trim for the 1992 model year. It’s also known as a 1992 ½ due to its mid-year release.

This car was essentially a follow-up to the 7-Up Mustang from two years prior. It included the same white leather interior with black contrast stitching and white power convertible top.

1992 Ford Mustang Summer Special Vibrant Red
The pearlescent white wheels and white top, along with the Vibrant Red paint, make the Summer Edition really stand out.

For the Summer Edition, however, all examples were convertibles and the trunk’s exterior luggage rack was replaced with a unique decklid spoiler. It also got some 16-inch Opal Pearlescent white wheels that really stand out.

The Summer Edition also featured body-colored components including the side mirrors, door and window trim, rear quarter panel molding, and windshield trim.

1992 Ford Mustang Limited Edition Interior
Though the white leather interior must be tough to keep clean, many gorgeous examples are still available today.

Technically referred to as the 1992 Vibrant Red Mustang LX 5.0 Limited Edition Convertible, the Summer Edition featured the 302 H.O. V8 engine with 225 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. Drivers could select either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

It’s said that only between 2,019 and 3,333 (2,193 being the most common attributed production run) of these models were produced, making them a fairly sought-after trim for Fox Body enthusiasts. This is especially true for models that have a manual transmission, with just 787 being made.

A Whole Den of Special Edition Foxes

In the last few years before the Fox Body style was sunsetted in 1994, Ford pushed out four total different special edition Mustangs. They were designed to boost sales and drum up a bit of excitement to bring consumers into showrooms, especially as the U.S. economy dipped into recession.

With the 7-Up Edition serving as a happy accident in 1990, the Summer Edition in 1992 seemed like a next logical step. The next year’s follow-up, the 1993 Limited Edition Mustang, never really got a cool nickname. It was completely identical except that the exterior color was changed from red to either Oxford White or Canary Yellow. The white paint option, combined with the white top and white interior, led to the unofficial nickname “The Triple White Fox” (the wheels remained white as well). For the yellow car, the wheels were chrome. There were 1,500 white cars and 1,503 yellow cars produced.

1992 Ford Mustang Limited Edition Fox Body Convertible
With a unique rear spoiler instead of a trunk-top luggage rack, the Summer Edition sported a sleek profile that first emerged with the 7-Up Edition.

Though these special packages weren’t especially well-received at a time when the Fox Body platform was getting long in the tooth, they’re well-liked and sought-after today on both casual and collector marketplaces.

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