What Are Window Louvers?

What Are Window Louvers?

Last Updated August 12, 2019 | Sam Padgett

Window louvers are essentially shades for your car. They are a series of slats placed either on the rear window or the quarter window intended to reduce glare and keep the interior of your car cool. Window louvers are one of the more iconic design elements of Mustangs, giving them a style that looks simultaneously fast and classy. Even though louvers are more associated with classic Mustangs, they continue to be a popular addition to late model Mustangs.

What Do Louvers Do?

Rear Window Louvers On Mustang

"Beyond reducing glare, the shade from the louvers helps keep the interior nice and cool."

While window louvers are mostly for appearances, they aren’t devoid of any purpose. Just like any set of blinds that you may find in your own home, window louvers are meant to block out the sun. Because of their arrangement, you can see out while the sun can’t get in. In fact, glare and excessive heat were such big issues for early Mustang owners because of their quite large and low angled rear window that window louvers were quite necessary. Without them, the inside of the cars would get excessively hot, making it both uncomfortable and potentially injurious to the interior (and driver). Beyond reducing glare, the shade from the louvers helps keep the interior nice and cool. Essentially, this means that window louvers serve the same function as those metallic sun shades that people affix to their windshields, except they look much cooler. With a rear window louver, there’s no more burning yourself on a sun-baked car seat!

Are Window Louvers Illegal?

"Window louvers are not illegal in any state or country."

In the case of rear window louvers, the issue of reduced visibility is often brought up. Louvers aren’t magically transparent to drivers. Of course, they do obstruct your view a by a little bit. However, just like wearing shutter shades (or Kanye West glasses for younger readers), enough is visible to get by. Even though some road-law pedant might try to convince you that they are illegal in some states, rest assured, rear and quarter window louvers are not illegal in any state or country. If you have functioning side mirrors, the only reason you should fear getting pulled over is for not watching your speed.

Types of Window Louvers

Mustang With Quarter Window Louvers

There are two types of window louvers that you are likely to find on a Mustang: Rear window and quarter window louvers. Rear window louvers completely cover the rear window of the Mustang while quarter window louvers only cover the portion of the window that extends behind the doors (the quarter window). Quarter window louvers are generally less noticeable since they are considerably smaller and blend into the body of the Mustang better. Additionally, the quarter window louvers serve more of an aesthetic purpose than rear window louvers, as they have considerably less space to block out any sun. If you’ve ever noticed any louvers before, odds are they were on the rear window.

If you decide to put louver’s on your Mustang, then we’ve got you covered. Regardless of which model Mustang you drive, we have the parts that you need to spruce up the look of your ‘Stang, and keep the interior from being scorchingly hot. Despite their hefty appearance, they can be easily and quickly installed within a matter of minutes, making them a cost-effective way to immediately personalize your Mustang.

What Are Window Louvers?

Window louvers are one of the more iconic traits of a Mustang. They can make your car look classy and powerful at the same time. While initially meant to protect the interior of Mustangs from the harsh rays of the sun, they have stuck on as a popular piece of visual flair for Mustangs of any generation.

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