The World's Fastest Roads

The World's Fastest Roads

Last Updated February 5, 2020

Need for Speed is a classic video-game-turned-film story of  a man’s revenge and redemption through cross-country racing. In true Need for Speed spirit, we wanted to find the world’s fastest roads and see just how fast people are driving around the globe.

We looked at the speed limits and accident statistics for the following high-speed roads:

  1. The Autobahn (Germany)
  2. Texas State Highway 130 (U.S.)
  3. The Autostrada (Poland)
  4. Stuart Highway (Australia)
  5. Arizona Route 79 (U.S.)
  6. Sheikh Zayed Highway (India)

We were so astounded at the high speeds we found that we created this infographic, "The World's Fastest Roads," to share our research.

[click the infographic below]

The Worlds Fastest Roads Infographic
The World's Fastest Roads

Have you ever been curious as to where the fastest roads are on the planet? Then look no further this infographic detailing six of the fastest roads in the world, one of which doesn't have a speed limit. CJs also takes a closer look at some of the accident stats for each of these roads to see how safe they really are.