Converting Glue-In Windows to Bolt-In

1969-1970 Mustangs


Parts needed for the conversion:

2 - Bolt-In Style Door Glass Available New or Used
2 - 1970 Window Regulators Part # WR6L and WR6R
4 - 1970 Window Plates Part # DGB
16 - Plastic Window Guides Part # HW999
8 - Plastic Window Bushings Part # HW947


1. Remove 4 - 7/16" bolts from the glass C channels on the window guides.
2. Remove the front window stop (1 - 7/16" bolt) and rear window stop (2 - 7/16" bolts).
3. Slide the glass out of the door.
4. Remove the window regulator (5 - 7/16" bolts).
5. Install 1970 window regulator with the old hardware.
6. If you are using 1969 C channels you will have to make rubber pads to cover the sides of the C channels. 1970 C channels have the rubber on them already.
7. Install the glass in the door and bolt the C channels to the glass. Do not over tighten!
8. Attach the window regulator to the front of the glass.
9. Install the rear upper stop and rear weatherstrip cap.
10. Align the glass and adjust the stops and guides.
11. Re-install the watershields and door panels.

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