Why Pay More For Used Mustang Parts?

Used Mustang Parts

When you're working on a restoration or project car, getting your hands on authentic used Mustang parts is always a challenge. Your local salvage yard may be able to help, but often you'll end up paying too much for a part requiring substantial work to be usable. Searching eBay, Craigslist and other online forums is an option, though, of course, buying something online always carries with it some degree of risk - and in the end, you'll still have the same issues as you would buying from a junkyard.

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with used Mustang parts that are pitted, chipped, rusted, dented or otherwise tarnished by buying new. While Ford no longer manufactures most parts for older Mustangs - body panels, in particular, are nearly impossible to come by - several third parties have stepped up to fill the gap.

Used Mustang Parts

At CJ Pony Parts, we carry aftermarket parts by leading manufacturers including Dynacorn and Scott Drake that are built to the exact factory specifications and perfectly replicate the look and feel of the original parts.

Particularly for older cars, quality used Mustang parts are not only hard to come by, but they can also be expensive, too. By shopping at CJ Pony Parts, you'll save yourself money while avoiding the hassle of refurbishing a used part. Mustang owners who shop at our store can effectively turn back the clock on their vehicle by shopping our wide selection of quality reproduction parts.

First Generation Mustang Parts

Many people restoring or working on a classic Mustang automatically assume buying used parts is their only option. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a serious restorer to purchase an additional donor car to strip for parts for their restoration. While it’s understandable — particularly for a show car — that fidelity to the look of the original is a primary concern, many hobbyists simply don’t have the resources, or the patience, to exclusively purchase used Mustang parts. Time can also age some items irreparably, and when buying used, contending with faded vinyl, dull chrome and other cosmetic defects is an unfortunate fact of life.

For your next project car, go aftermarket instead. Modern reproduction parts, like those available at CJ Pony Parts, can be found on show cars at some of the most prestigious Mustang events in the country. All items in our online store have been tested to meet our high standards for fit and finish, so not only will you save money, but you’ll get a part that is of superior quality and requires no additional cleanup time.

To browse our selection of first-generation Mustang parts, use the drop-down menu to narrow your selection by part type, manufacturer or model year. If you know the specific line number of the item you’re looking for, use our quick order feature to proceed directly to the checkout.

Late Model Mustang Parts

Shopping for used Mustang parts for a late model vehicle is somewhat easier than for an old classic, though, in many situations, the aftermarket is still the way to go. While it may seem attractive to purchase a complete LQK assembly rather than buying items individually, buying used carries substantial financial risk. Without knowing the service history of the donor car, you could potentially be buying a part that’s been driven into the ground already. Buying aftermarket, on the other hand, is an economical way to complete a repair or rebuild with all new parts that deliver the performance and power you expect of a late model Mustang. When you purchase aftermarket sheet metal, you know the product hasn’t been driven in winter, exposed to salty, wet roads or previously patched up with body filler. While there are many compelling arguments for buying used Mustang parts, drivers who want the best know to shop the wide selection of new items at the CJ Pony Parts website.

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