1966 Mustang Parts

1966 Ford Mustang Parts & Accessories

Get Your 1966 Mustang Running Better than Ever with High-Quality Parts

1966 Mustang Parts

1966 Ford Mustang Parts & Accessories

Get Your 1966 Mustang Running Better than Ever with High-Quality Parts

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Expert Customer Service Team!
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Do-It-Yourself Install Videos & Guides!
    • Body & Sheet Metal

    • Revamp your classic 1966 Mustang's exterior with everything you need to return it to like-new condition.
    1966 Mustang Body and Sheet Metal
    • Interior

    • Replace aging components and revitalize fading plastics, carpets, and trim on your classic ride.
    1966 Mustang Interior
    • Transmission

    • Replace your classic's transmission components for more confident shifts on the track or backroad.
     1966 Mustang Transmission
    • Engine

    • Squeeze more horsepower and torque out of your motor, or get all of the parts you need for repairs and fixes.
    1966 Mustang Engine
    • Wheels & Tires

    • Find the perfect set to compliment your classic ride from various designs and styles.
    1966 Mustang Wheels and Tires
    • Exhaust

    • Replace your restrictive stock system for better performance and an aggressive sound.
    1966 Mustang Exhaust
    • Convertible Top

    • Customize your 1966 Mustang's convertible top with aftermarket replacements.
    1966 Mustang Convertible Top
    • Lights

    • Replace dim or burnt-out bulbs and broken headlights and taillights to enhance visibility.
    1966 Mustang Lights
    • Underhood Dress-Up

    • Transform your engine bay with a wide variety of cosmetic modifications to make your ride look as good as it drives.
    1966 Mustang Underhood Dress-Up
    • Suspension

    • Experience better handling, increased stability, and improved control by replacing outdated components.
    1966 Mustang Suspension
    • Heating & Cooling

    • Prevent engine and cabin overheating with various replacements and upgrades for essential components.
    1966 Mustang Heating and Cooling
    • Steering

    • You can add contemporary technology to your classic Mustang for vastly improved handling.
    1966 Mustang Steering
    • Weatherstrip

    • Jumpstart your restoration project today and protect your interior from the harsh elements.
    1966 Mustang Weatherstrip
    • Brakes

    • Add modern safety and performance to your vintage pony to improve handling and stopping distance.
    1966 Mustang Brakes
    • Electrical & Wiring

    • Replace the damaged, corroded, frayed, or otherwise damaged wiring on your next restoration.
    1966 Mustang Wiring
    • Exterior Trim

    • Achieve an authentic factory look with custom exterior trim for your 1966 Mustang.
    1966 Mustang Exterior Trim
    • Rear Axle

    • Properly transfer power from your engine to the rear wheels and take your driving experience to the next level.
    1966 Mustang Rear Axle
    • Stripes & Decals

    • Make a bold statement and compliment your ride's timeless design with a variety of cosmetic additions.
    1966 Mustang Decals
    • Books & Manuals

    • Learn more about your 1966 Mustang with period-accurate restoration guides and manuals.
    1966 Mustang Books
    • Tools & Supplies

    • Get the job done right with quality tools and supplies for your 1966 Mustang.
    1966 Mustang Tools and Supplies
    • Accessories

    • Add a finishing touch and custom style to your 1966 Mustang with aftermarket accessories.
    1966 Mustang Accessories
    • Restomod

    • Create the perfect blend of modern performance and vintage style.
    1966 Mustang Restomod

1966 Ford Mustang Parts

It's impossible to deny the appeal of a 1966 Mustang. Decades later, it's still the bestselling year ever. Whether you have a '66 that's been lovingly maintained or one that's seen better days, we've got the parts you'll need to get your Mustang road-worthy or show-ready.

Keeping your Mustang true to its factory specs requires dedication and regular maintenance. It's a lot easier with the right replacement parts though. As fellow classic Mustang enthusiasts, we've worked hard to make sure we have parts that look, fit, and function just like your originals. Since these parts are made to spec, they're a direct swap-in for the original part.

For 1966 Mustangs that are going to be driven frequently, it's worthwhile to consider going modern in some key areas. Modern brakes and lighting are two areas where you'll notice a major improvement with newer parts. Restomod parts make it possible to enjoy these modern amenities while preserving the look and feel of your Mustang.

Whether you're looking to replace a single part or trying to do a total overhaul, we offer options to help you get your 1966 back up and running so you can spend more time behind the wheel.