3dCarbon Ground Effects Kit 4-Piece Carbon Fiber Premium Model Performance Package GT 2015-2017

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3dCarbon Carbon Fiber 4-Piece Ground Effects Kit for all Premium Model 2015, 2016 and 2017 Mustangs with the GT Performance Package and the 1,964 Limited Edition 50th Anniversary GTs.

Turn even more heads in your Premium Model 2015-2017 GT Performance Pack Mustang with a new 4-piece Carbon Fiber Ground Effects Kit from 3dCarbon. 3dCarbon's 2015 Mustang debuted at SEMA 2014 and immediately demanded attention. With an all new and aggressive high-gloss carbon fiber front splitter that is set off with the included pair of carbon fiber side splitters and a unique carbon fiber rear lower diffuser, your new Mustang will instantly go from mild to beyond wild!

Please Note: This kit WILL require minor modifications to existing body panels and some holes WILL need to be drilled in the new components for proper installation using existing hardware.

Features and Benefits:
- High-Gloss Carbon Fiber Construction
- Extremely Lightweight
- More Durable than Factory ABS Plastic
- Utilizes Most Factory Mounting Locations

4-Piece Kit Includes:
- Front Splitter
- Driver and Passenger Side Splitters
- Rear Lower Diffuser

*Does NOT fit V6, EcoBoost Performance Package or the 50th Anniversary optional upgrade on GTs and Ecoboost Mustangs.
*Will NOT work with Base Model Performance Pack 1-piece Rear Bumper. 

For many Mustang owners, making their new Mustang unique is almost as important as making it the most powerful car on the road. If you're a 2015 Mustang owner looking for styling ideas, the parts and kits from 3dCarbon are likely the most stylish on the market, and CJ Pony Parts offers 2015-2017 Mustang owners the option to choose from several exterior components to help style their Mustangs.

Order the 3dCarbon Carbon Fiber 4-Piece Ground Effects Kit for your Premium Model 2015, 2016 or 2017 Mustang with the GT Performance Package or your 1,964 Limited Edition 50th Anniversary GT from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Carbon fiber has been huge in the racing industry for years due to its ultra-light weight and its high strength. Ford even recently announced the new 16 GT 350R is going to have full carbon fiber wheels.

While carbon fiber is designed to be used in racing for the most part, it also is great looking which makes it a real popular aesthetic upgrade. If you have a 2015 Mustang and love the look of carbon fiber, 3dCarbon offers this killer four piece ground effects kit and true carbon fiber that's a direct bolt-on for your 2015 Mustang. Today we're going to show you how to install it using our eco-boost project car.

The 3dCarbon ground effects kit is made of real carbon fiber. It's not hydro-graphics or wrap or anything like that. It is true, high quality carbon fiber. It's designed to fit your performance packed car. It includes the side splitter the rear splitter and the front splitter.

For this installation you need a lift or jack and jack stands, 1/4 inch ratchet, 7mm socket, 7mm wrench, Phillips head screwdriver, small flat blade screwdriver, T20 Torx bit, plastic pry bar, pick, needle nosed pliers, drill, 1/8 inch pilot bit, 15/64 bit, 21/64 bit, marker, rivet gun, cutting pliers and safety glasses.

We're going to start with the back of the car by replacing our ABS plastic bumper piece here with the carbon fiber. You want to make sure your car does have the two piece unit. Some of the base models have a one piece rear bumper. This will not work. It has to be a premium or a car with a two piece which is the performance pack, 50th, pretty much everything but the base model.

To remove this we'll start with some clips in here. There's a bunch of bolts and a few more clips in the center. We're going to start in the wheel well with these little push clips here. You actually can remove the whole bumper cover if you want to, but it is more work and it really isn't necessary.

Pull the center piece out and just pop out the clip. There's two more of these push clips per side located right here. The last of these push style clips is located right here and repeat the process on the other side.

Now there's eight bolts we have to remove, two in the center and then three on each side. The other three screws are a little bit harder to see, but they're behind the wheel well. One is located right here, one is further back in the middle and the third one is all the way back here.

Once everything moves, you want to slowly pull down on the back bumper cover. The top two bolts that hold the reverse light in are actually screwed into the ABS trim cover we're removing, so do remove those two bolts so you can get it off.

Now we can start removing it. There's two clips that it's held in with now. They're all press-in clips. We have a bunch on the outside edge here and as we get toward the middle, there's going to be some on the inside as well.

What we do is just slowly pull away from the car. Once you get here, you see it gets a little bit tight. We have the clips up here but now we also have clips in this bottom piece here. To get these out there's two ways you can do it.

The easiest way is kind of reach behind and push the clip through while you're pulling on the plastic. This will take a little bit of a push, just the right move to get it just right.

Removing the J clips and the reflectors off the original part, so we're going to remove this little retaining nut here, push these clips together and that will release the reflector. To get the J clips off, grab a small flat blade screwdriver, put it from the outside, push up on the clip and slide it off.

Before we can begin the installation of our new carbon fiber pieces, there's a few pieces here to transfer over from your initial valance. Two of them being the reflectors, then a couple clips that go on the end.

For the reflectors you have to drill holes in the carbon fiber to install them. What we'll do is get a drill it about the same diameter as the stud and we're going to use that as our pilot hole, then we'll open this one up with a Dremel to fit the factory clip.

If you look closely you'll actually see a little indentation in the carbon fiber. That's where we're going to drill. This is more of a rectangle so we're actually going to drill two holes in here and then use the Dremel to open it up.

If you did it right it will just snap right into place. We'll re-install the self-tapping retaining nut on the back. You don't want to over tighten this. Just get it down that it's snug. Now we'll install the J clips. You may need to open these up just a little bit because the carbon fiber's a little thicker than the plastic panel we took off.

Now we're going to install it on the car. We're going to start in the middle and just line up the tabs. Now do the same with the bottom tabs. Now you're going to re-install all the hardware in the factory locations.

We'll re-install the hardware. Last screw goes in the wheel well. We can move onto the side skirts. We'll start with the side skirt install by removing this rear pushpin. You do want to have the wheels off the car. It makes it a lot easier to get to these.

Remove the two torx bits found underneath the rear of the side shield. Pull off the rear guard. Turn the wheel here to access the front. The entire bottom of the factory splitter is held in place by these little pushpins. All you have to do is get a right angled pick, put it underneath it, pull down a little bit to get it started and a pair of needle nosed pliers and pull it out.

On the front and back on both sides there are two rivets that need to be drilled out. The rear one is located right here behind the splash guard. You actually can pull the whole lower body clouding off, but a couple of the plastic clips are very easy to break, so what we're going to show you how to do is by leaving the cloud on the car and just drill the rivets out on the car.

The front actually separates a lot easier. Put your fingers in there and pull and then you can see the rivet in there we have to drill out as well. At this point the factory splitter is just held in place by clips. We'll start at the front, just pop it off and work your way back.

This would have been the location on the new splitter that we drilled the rivet out of the old original splitter, so we're not going to be using a rivet. Get one of the pry J clips, slide it over the hole front and back and we'll use a screw and that will hold it in place.

The splitters look pretty similar but they are side-specific. The back is going to be the heavier, thicker piece and then the front will be the thinner one with a little cut out on it. Slide it up and slide it into place. Now we'll install a screw in place of the rivet in the back here. We'll do the same in the front. Re-install the three front clips while we're here. Put the little supplied metal clips on the edges of the carbon fiber piece we just installed. Use a screwdriver to push them up into place.

Make sure they're seated properly. We want to start in the middle and do every other. The ends will be held in place by the screws. It comes with six of these because there's obviously not enough to do all of them. Just make sure every other one is attached.

The factory rear splash guard won't work with the new carbon fiber, so what I did is drilled a hole in the carbon fiber to line up with the factory clip hole, slide it up, put the clip through. We have a little more strength in the back.

Now we'll do the same thing with the front to support it. 3dCarbon actually includes some self-tapping screws. What we're going to do is we're going to drill a pilot hole and put this up in the place so it fits flush. We'll drill a pilot hole and then install one of the screws.

Once you have the side splitters mounted, there's two additional supports. What you want to do is you usually find these little cutouts here where they fit the best, put it up into place and drill a hole from the bottom.

Take one of the supplied self-tappers, into the carbon fiber just a little bit so you can see it and tighten it down. That will give you a little more strength on the side where you might bump it getting in and out of the car. Now you want to repeat the process on the other side. We'll move onto the front.

The front's going to require us to remove the splash or belly pan located here. We're going to start with all the 7mm screws along the outside edge and then we'll get the ones in the back.

Your normal car is going to have two more 7mm bolts here. In our case we added the stow and show bracket so there's some different hardware we have to remove. There's eight plastic clips. There's three on each side underneath and one in the wheel well.

Take the pan down. There's four more 7mm screws, one here and then one on the corner on each side. Now there's eight more clips to remove. You can actually get our front splitter off. Four on this side and then four identical on the other side.

Then just slide it back. There are several reasons you have to have a performance packed car to install this kit. One is the front splitter. Both the front splitter, the belly pan behind me and the front splash shield are all specific to performance packed car. You need the performance packed splitter so you have to actually drill these rivets out and remove this mounting panel and move it over to our new carbon fiber piece. If you do not have a performance packed car, you could buy the splitter, the belly pan, the wheel houses and make it work, but it's going to cost you a lot of money to get those factory Ford parts.

If for some reason you're unsure if you have a performance packed car, the easiest way to do it is to look underneath the factory front splitter. The performance packed ones are the only ones that have these rivets which we have to drill out to remove this mounting panel.

It's just held in by clips at this point. I'm going to pull carefully and remove all the clips and remove it. Now grab our new carbon fiber splitter and start by lining up the rivet holes. Slide everything into place. Make sure all the holes are lining up. We use the supplied rivets and we'll rivet it place.

What you want to do now is put the splitter up into place. Each of these plastic tabs goes over the bumper cover itself. We'll put a screw in each corner here to hold it in place. Now we'll install the other six factory screws to hold the splitter to the front bumper cover. Once the screws are done we can re-install the pushpins.

Now we've got to trim this. This will come all the way over and touch the body like it's supposed to. What you do is just take the corner off here to start. We'll trim it up and make sure it clears properly.

We'll make sure it fits tightly in here like it's supposed to, then we'll flip back on the other side so we can drill our hole. Now that the ends are done, we can put our splash pan back into place. Once you're done re-installing all your clips, your installation is finished.

3dCarbon's four piece carbon fiber ground effects kit looks absolutely killer on our eco-boost Mustang. The carbon fiber ties in perfectly with the stripe in the wheels that give us the look we were going for. While the rear valance pretty much mimics the factory one, the side splitter and the front splitter are definitely more aggressive which gives the car a lower look. Installation is pretty straight forward, taking between three and four hours. You'll be back on the road in no time.

For more installation videos for your 2015 Mustang, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for the best selection 2015 Mustang parts, check out CJPonyParts.com.

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