How to Turn Your Mustang GT into a GT350

How to Turn Your Mustang GT into a GT350

Last Updated June 12, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

The quest for more power and better handling is one that doesn’t seem to end for enthusiasts. If you have a Mustang GT, it can be easy to see the greener grass of something like the GT350 and get a little bit envious. You’ve probably already worked very hard to acquire your Mustang GT, and trading up your investment for a GT350 Mustang, even a used model, isn’t always practical or realistic for many drivers. That said, there are a lot of ways that you can turn your Mustang GT into a GT350, at least in terms of looks, handling, and power.

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While we’re never going to say that you can completely turn your GT into a GT350, we love the do-it-yourself spirit that Mustang enthusiasts have for making their cars more track-ready and performance-oriented. And with the right parts and modifications, you can get your Mustang GT pretty darn close.

That’s also not to say that the Mustang GT is miles behind the GT350 to begin with, in terms of performance. As many enthusiasts may already know, the Mustang GT Performance Package 2 already compares quite favorably to the GT350. However, it’ll take a little bit more to get a “regular” Mustang GT up to that level. This guide will supply some tips and ideas on how to modify and transform your Mustang GT to make it closer to being a GT350.

Ford Mustang GT Exterior Mods to Make It Look Like a GT350

A new GT350-inspired front bumper will add a lot of visual distinction to your front end, immediately differentiating it from a run-of-the-mill Mustang GT. The same goes for your rear valance, which will leave an impressive impression on the cars you leave in the dust.

A rear spoiler will be another distinctive visual element to make your GT look a lot more like the GT350. You can choose a spoiler that is more similar to the GT350 or the larger wing on the GT350R. Whether carbon fiber or painted, it’s hard to go wrong with the options here.

The 19-inch wheels on the GT350 and GT350R are quite distinctive, and even if you’re not getting the exact same ones as the Ford OEM set, there are plenty of aftermarket styles that closely mimic the real deal. If you’ve currently got a set of 18-inch wheels on your GT, upsizing can open up a whole new realm of tires as well. This adds handling benefits in addition to the more noticeable style.

Ford Mustang GT Interior Mods to Make It Look Like a GT350

One of the defining characteristics of the GT350’s cabin is the Recaro seats, which are a game-changing but expensive addition. Authentic ones are difficult to find, apart from the rare example on the used market. Other sports seats can come close to matching the OEM ones in terms of style and configuration, but also allow some flexibility when it comes to choosing your own design.

For more practical mods, we recommend taking a look at small details that can add up to make a big difference. Swapping out your shift knob couldn’t be easier and will give you an improved feel with every gear change. You can also swap out the GT’s push-to-start button for the distinctive and sporty red version that is used in the GT350. If you want some GT350 looks from bottom-to-top, a new set of floor mats with the Shelby snake logo can really do the trick.

Finally, a steering wheel inspired by the GT350’s will give you a completely new driving experience while really standing out at a car shows. The GT350R steering wheel from Ford Performance is a stunning, authentic OEM piece that will add a lot to your Mustang’s interior.

Performance Mods to Give Your Mustang GT the Power and Handling of a GT350

Crate-swapping a new GT350 motor into a new-model Mustang GT would be an immensely inefficient use of time and money, so we recommend sticking to some under the hood mods that will get your Coyote engine closer in power to the GT350’s flat plane crank 5.2-liter Voodoo motor. Unfortunately, you’ll never be able to replicate the sweet sound of that unique engine as it approaches its 8,250 RPM red line, but your Mustang GT will sound fantastic on its own.

Instead, take a look at the hundreds of ways to upgrade your existing 5.0-liter Coyote engine. The Power Pack Upgrade Stage 2 from Ford Performance is an excellent all-in-one kit that works well for any driver. Being affordable and easy-to-install, you’ll get a lot for your money in one box. The included GT350 cold air intake is a popular mod on its own, but it’s really bolstered by the addition of a tune and GT350 throttle body.

A lot of the handling and grip advantages that the GT350 possesses come simply from its tires, a set of the incredible Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. Adding grippier, stickier performance tires to your Mustang GT will go a long way in terms of overall handling capability. Just keep in mind that you’ll pay more, have a rougher ride over everyday roads, and go through tires more quickly.

To go with your new wheels and tires, a set of Brembo brakes from the GT350R are another must-have if you’re ramping up power or spending time on the track. This complete kit will give you superior stopping power and improved handling through turns.

For the next level in suspension upgrades, the Ford Performance Track Handling Suspension Package is an amazing all-in-one kit that will immensely improve your Mustang GT’s handling. With everything from lowering springs to a track rear sway bar, you’ll be able to give your car a much more track-focused set-up that will seriously improve overall handling.

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