Ford Rear Spoiler GT350 Track Pack Black Painted Fastback 2015-2023

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  • Fits 15-23 Fastback Mustangs
  • Black Painted Finish
  • GT350 Track Pack
  • Easy Installation
MSRP $690.99
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Ford Black Painted GT350 Track Pack Rear Spoiler for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 Fastback Mustangs.

Are you looking for a way to upgrade the stance of your Fastback Mustang? Why not take a cue from the aggressive GT350 with Track Pack options, and order this Ford Black Painted GT350 Track Pack Rear Spoiler GR3Z-6344210-BC from CJ Pony Parts today!

This OEM factory-floor option on GT350's with Track Packs is now available for your standard 2015-2023 Fastback! Ford has released this rear spoiler that was first only original equipment for GT350's with the track pack so that you can now outfit your new Mustang to have that same style and presence. This rear spoiler will come to you painted in Ford's Absolute Black with a clear coat finish. Included is the necessary mounting hardware and the installation drill template if you don't wish to use the factory decklid holes. We highly recommend professional installation so that your new pony looks like it came right from the factory floor. Pick up yours today from CJ's to give your new Mustang a more aggressive stance!

The Ford Mustang consists of thousands of different parts. Throughout every generation of the car, the Ford Motor Company has made many of their Mustang parts internally, meaning if you're looking to replace a part on your Mustang, there's no better source than the OEM parts from Ford. CJ Pony Parts offers hundreds of parts from Ford for all years of Mustang, so you should have no problem finding exactly what you need!

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Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today, I'm going to fix, probably the only thing I don't like about my 2018 Mustang.

When I ordered my 2018 Mustang GT, the one option I checked off was a spoiler elite because I was never really a big fan of the factory performance back spoilers I saw on these cars. Now unfortunately, due to a mix up at Ford when my car was built, it came through with the spoiler. The good news is, this genuine Ford GT 350 track pack spoiler is going to be a direct replacement for the factory performance pack spoiler on your 2018 Mustang GT. This is gonna fit all 2015 through 2018 Mustang Fast Backs and if you do have a spoiler elite car, it includes a template for drilling. For this installation on a performance pack 2018 GT, you'll need a 1/4" ratchet, 10 millimeter deep socket, short extension, plastic pry bar, and a heat gun.

We begin the installation in the trunk area. There's factory hardware and tape to remove the factory spoiler. There's gonna be a nut under here, one under here, and then two more here in the middle. Let's start with these rubber plugs. Simple get a grip and squeeze and remove them. To remove the middle piece, we'll start by unscrewing both the bump stops. To remove this, you may need a plastic pry bar. But normally, you can just get a grip on it, pull it underneath, and pop it off.

Then to remove the cover, you can use a clip removal tool, but it's just as easy, honestly, to get your hand underneath and then pop them out from the back.

Then we'll go in here and remove these nuts on each side. It's easier to pull the trunk down once you get close so it comes straight out. You do not want to drop this down the trunk lid.

The other two are right here and right here.

All right, now here is the difficult part of the installation. It's not difficult, hard. It's difficult, time consuming and kind of annoying, to be honest with you. What you have to do now is basically to get the spoiler off the trunk lid. It's taped on. The best way I found to do this, get a heat gun or hairdryer, work it around the edge, kind of soften up the tape as best as you can. Go from underneath, anywhere you can around that circle. It'll soften up your tape and then use a small plastic pry bar or something that's not gonna scratch your paint, wrap it in cloth and just slowly start working it free. Make sure you don't want to get it too close. You don't want to damage the paint and be careful when you pry too that you don't actually damage the spoiler.

You're gonna repeat the process with the middle and the left side. I'll be honest with you, that's gonna look a lot easier on camera than it actually is. You wanna spend some time. The softer you get this, the easier it's gonna be to remove it.

Next step is to get all the original tape off. The best way, really, is to roll it with your fingers. You can heat it up a little bit. It'll make it easier. It usually comes off pretty easy. I'm gonna use a little adhesive cleaner just to clean everything off here.

Now we're gonna put some alcohol down pretty much everywhere where tape's gonna go, so across the whole trunk here. Then we're gonna remove all the double stick tape.

Make sure the white is folded up so it doesn't get stuck underneath. Then you wanna carefully line it up.

The tape will hold it in place. Now you can replace the hardware. We'll start in the middle here. Reinstall the factory hardware.

Reinstall the plugs. Just push them into place. Then we can reinstall the trim panel.

Now we can reinstall the stops, then the cover for the latch.

Make sure everything's good and then your installation's finished.

Like I mentioned before, I ordered my car spoiler elite because I'm not a fan of spoilers, but this one, honestly, might stick around for a while. I love the way it looks on the car and the black matches the taillight panel perfectly. It looks like it belongs there from the factory. The installation on a 2018 is pretty straightforward, since it is a direct replacement, but it will fit other models with drilling. Overall, the installation will take you, on this car, maybe an hour. Figure an extra hour for drilling. You'll be back on the road in no time.

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