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2016 Mustang Parts

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2016 Mustang Parts

Any Mustang enthusiast will argue that the Mustang has always been a world-class sports car. The original pony car celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015, and to mark the occasion, Ford introduced the all-new, sixth-generation Mustang. It had a new platform, new rear suspension, and new engine — virtually everything was new! The result was the most advanced, world-class Mustang ever. When we say world-class, we mean it: For the first time, Ford's performance fastback was being sold on every continent and was even available in right-hand drive configuration for countries such as the U.K., Australia, and South Africa. The best in North America is now running head-to-head with the best the rest of the world can produce. For 2016, things got even more exciting. Not content with just adding a new sticker package and a new set of rims, Ford engineers offered up an all-new race-inspired engine option.

A New Generation of Mustang

Every new generation of Mustang is significant. Not many nameplates have been running for over 50 years, but the legendary Mustang is one of them. And it’s for a good reason: The Mustang invented the whole pony car class back in 1965 and hasn’t stopped since. Now in its sixth generation, the Mustang listed some truly impressive credentials for 2015, including:

• An all-new chassis with standard independent rear suspension for the first time.
• A 3.7L V6 engine good for 300 hp.
• A 310-hp EcoBoost four-cylinder turbocharged engine option.
• A “Coyote” V8 putting out 435 hp as the top performance engine.

They wrapped all of this in a sexy new two-door fastback or convertible body style with a modern evolution of the Mustang twin-cowl cockpit. Right away, we at CJ Pony Parts started bringing together some of the top Mustang aftermarket suppliers to offer the performance and style upgrades we are known for. Our catalog already carries hundreds of 2015 Mustang parts, and it keeps growing.

You can imagine our excitement when we learned that Ford saw more potential in the Mustang and was introducing several new models for 2016. There was the Pony Package, with some attractive exterior enhancements. Then, there was the California Special, a hot appearance package that added some great improvements inside and out. They also announced a change to the Performance Package — it became available on the Mustang GT convertible and brought some serious upgrades such as a larger radiator and brakes as well as a limited-slip differential to it.

Another addition to the 2015 Mustang was a feature that was first offered on the original Mustang: additional turn signals integrated into the hood scoops and visible to the driver. Traditional Mustang fans are excited to see that Ford is constantly improving their pony car, but they’re also remembering some of the great features that have made it stand out over the years.

For the second year of a new model, we would have been happy enough with those changes. But Ford engineers weren’t done. Far from it. On the contrary, they had been secretly working to put together two of the most potent Mustang variants ever: the 2016 Mustang GT350 and GT350R.

A Unique Engine for a Reborn Legend

If you know classic Mustangs, then you know the Shelby GT350 name. It first appeared shortly after the introduction of the 1965 Ford Mustang. Ford used various versions of the Shelby and 350 names on Mustangs since then. For 2016, however, they wiped the slate clean and built a thoroughly impressive Mustang Shelby GT350.

Using the 2015 Mustang chassis with fully independent suspension, Ford built an all-new race-inspired engine for this car. It’s a 5.2L flat-plane crank V8 putting out 526 horsepower and 429 ft-lb of torque. This powerful engine is an impressive feat of engineering, as it:

• Is Ford’s most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever (no turbocharger or supercharger).
• Carries a flat-plane crankshaft, which means the crank pins are at 180 degrees, not 90 degrees.
• Breathes freely and is designed to rev to an other-worldly 8200 RPM.
• Has a sound unlike any previous Mustang V8 or any other non-exotic engine out there.

This is one serious performance engine. The flat-plane configuration has the advantage of evenly spaced exhaust pulses, which allows for better exhaust flow and engine tuning. A harmonic balancer takes care of any vibrations an engine like this would create. The result is a wide, flat torque curve and intoxicating exotic exhaust note.

We are fanatic about the sound of the 5.0L Coyote V8 under full throttle. When equipped with the right exhaust, even the smaller V6 and turbo 4 engines can sound throaty and menacing. It’s why we carry many performance exhaust options for all Mustang models. But there’s just something unique about hearing that flat-plane V8 wind up above 8000 rpm that gets us going. For 2016, there was a Mustang for all tastes, all budgets, and all styles.

How Do You Improve on the GT350?

When Ford announced the release of the GT350, automotive fans the world over were thoroughly impressed. Not only was there an all-new race engine under the hood, but there were some other major changes that improved upon the already competent sixth-generation Mustang chassis. These changes include:

• A custom tune for the new independent suspension with an emphasis on cornering ability.
• MagneRide magnetic dampers that adjust to changing road conditions (every 10 milliseconds!).
• A wider front rack for a more planted stance to improve grip under cornering.
• Increased spring rates and a lowered ride height for true race car feel and ability.

To round out the mechanical changes, unique GT350 alloy wheels (19 inch) are standard, and they carry Michelin tires designed specifically for this car. To make sure this powerful ’Stang stops as well as it goes, Ford used lightweight 15.5-inch rotors up front and 14.9-inch rotors in back, along with a Brembo caliper system (six-piston in the front, four-piston in the rear).

The 2016 Mustang interior is already a great place to be, which is why Ford made only minor interior changes to the GT350. They added just a few touches to make it more suitable for the track. Unique fabric covers the excellent racing buckets, and they removed or toned down any bright accents to eliminate distractions out on the track. If you plan to drive your Mustang on the street as well as the track, this pony car has all the comfort, luxury, and enhanced driving features you would want. You’ll find advanced anti-lock braking, stability control, and traction control.

How Do You Make It Better?

We’ve just told you how great the 2016 Shelby GT350 model is. So what’s left to improve?

Well, there’s always a way to make your Mustang just a little bit more your own. Our customers love customizing their Mustangs, from first-generation classics and third-generation drag cars to fifth-generation show cars. The same holds true for the new sixth generation. Even a potent racing machine such as the GT350 will have room for some upgraded parts and accessories.

At CJ Pony Parts, we never stop adding to our catalog of Mustang parts. We offer some of the most popular parts for modifying and customizing a Mustang, including:

• Performance tires and rims in 19” and 20” sizes.
• Sport shocks and springs for improved ride and handling.
• Custom pipes and mufflers for freer-flowing exhaust.
• Stripes, decals, and exterior and interior trim for a unique style.

Why not make yours stand out, both visually and performance wise, with awesome 2016 Mustang upgrades and modifications?

A Package for Every Mustang Fan

There is no doubt that the 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 — and its race-inspired engine and improvements — is awesome. Even better, Ford offered three new packages to target every type of driver:

1. Pony Package: Available on the EcoBoost Premium model, this package includes polished 19-inch alloy wheels and unique detailing, such as chrome window trim, stripes on the side, and a custom grille. The Pony Package improves the already great looks of the turbo four-cylinder model.

2. California Special package: This package, available on the Mustang GT, gives you machined black 19-inch wheels, striping on the hood and sides, blacked-out mirrors, hood vents, spoiler, a unique front end splitter and grille, a strut tower brace, and black suede seat inserts with red stitching.

3. Performance package: While first available on 2015 fastbacks, it became available for the GT convertible, and this package adds some serious performance upgrades, such as a Torsen limited-slip differential, a larger radiator, and an upgraded suspension. It also features cosmetic enhancements, including a machine-turned instrument panel and a spoiler delete.

Just like you, Ford knows you want a mix of performance and visual upgrades to keep your Mustang looking fresh and modern. When you’re at CJ Pony Parts trying to choose your 2016 Mustang parts and accessories, you need to be sure what you’re ordering is what you actually want.

That’s why we provide full-color pictures of every part. We also include full descriptions and let you know which model they go with. We’re also proud of the great prices we can offer, so we don’t hide that information. Instead, we post it right alongside every part. Less guesswork means you can spend less time online and more time under the hood of your Mustang getting it ready for the road and track, where it belongs.

Do Those Ford Engineers Ever Sleep?

A base Mustang more competent than ever … four-wheel independent suspension … three excellent engines to choose from … availability in over 120 countries and in right-hand drive… There is no question that the sixth-generation Mustang is one of the most comprehensive and capable Mustangs ever. Add to that the new-for-2016 packages and the super-hot track-ready GT350, and we think that Ford deserves some applause for their 2016 Mustang offerings. After all, they put together a 2016 lineup that furthered the Mustang’s success.

But there’s more.

The Shelby GT350 strikes a perfect balance between street-legal sports car and race-ready track machine. It would seem that, as proud of it as they were, they sensed there was even more potential with that monster 5.2L V8. That’s why, when they completed the GT350, they went one step further and created a true racing-spec Mustang called the GT350R.

Take everything you’ve learned here about the GT350, remove some weight and cabin creature comforts, dial in even more intense suspension settings, and add some aggressive exterior touches — now you have the 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350R. It’s not a car you’re going to see very often, but when you do, you’ll know it.

Putting the ‘R’ in GT350R

What did Ford add to make the GT350R a different model from the already impressive GT350? Actually, to be accurate, it’s what they took away that makes this car the most interesting. And that’s weight.

To ensure this ultimate ’Stang can get around the track ahead of the competition, Ford removed as much weight as possible. The most significant weight loss was at the four corners. This is where the world’s first production car carbon fiber wheels remove 13 pounds per wheel compared to aluminum rims. That’s a total of 52 pounds of unsprung weight gone, which goes a long way to improving handling dynamics. Other weight loss measures include removing:

• The air conditioning, stereo, and backup camera.
• The rear seat, trunk upholstery, and cargo floor.
• The spare tire and repair kit/inflator.

All of these measures mean a significant drop of 130 pounds relative to the GT350. With the same potent 5.2L flat-plane crank engine and six-speed manual transmission, faster lap times are guaranteed.

Things get even better when you consider the other changes made for the GT350R, including:

• More aggressive (and model-specific) Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.
• Revised suspension spring rates and reprogrammed MagneRide suspension damping.
• A lower ride height and unique setting for the wheel alignment.
• Individual engine, transmission, and differential oil coolers to keep things cool.

All of these changes directly affect how this car performs on the track. If you think the lack of A/C and stereo are a deal-breaker, then the GT350R isn’t for you.

The unforgiving ride and increased road noise mean this car belongs on the track. If you plan to spend any amount of time on the road, the GT350 is your best option. But if you want to do hot lap after hot lap, and have the closest thing to an ultimate track pony car that remains street legal, then you have found your car.

Not to Be Confused With Anything Else

There will be a few visual clues as to the special nature of your 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350R. Just as the GT350 has unique front sheet metal — from the A-pillar forward, relative to regular Mustangs — so does the GT350R.

While carrying a similar family look, the headlights and nose are actually lower. Coupled with the drop in ride height, it creates a wind-cheating form. An aggressive front chin spoiler and functional rear wing further channel and direct the wind to create the best downforce for maximum handling prowess.

Extra visual touches include special red detailing on the stripes, badging and brake calipers, and inside on the seats. This Mustang will get noticed, but its real purpose is to showcase world-class American engineering and automotive design in a 100% production sports car.

Here at CJ Pony Parts, we tip our hats to Ford. They have built what is without question the most track-ready Mustang ever.

This Isn’t a Car for Everyone

We can’t all have a dedicated track pony car such as the Shelby GT350R — or even a “regular” GT350, which is ANYTHING but regular! Luckily, we have an alternative: We can build our own custom 2016 Mustang that matches our style and suits our driving needs.

Go back to the 1980s, and a four-banger Mustang wasn’t something to be proud of. Fuel economy regulations forced Ford to drop a corporate four-cylinder into the third-generation Mustang. The result was a sluggish and un-sporty car that didn’t deserve the Mustang name.

Now story is much different. Sure, there’s a four-cylinder engine back on the table, but it’s a modern, award-winning turbocharged EcoBoost 2.3L putting out over 300 hp. It’s a light and highly modifiable little power plant that aftermarket suppliers have noticed, and our catalog of parts for this engine is constantly growing.

For decades, the six-cylinder Mustang has been the volume seller — and for good reason. Combining a great mix of adequate power, impressive fuel economy and affordable price of entry, the standard 3.7L V6 in the 2016 Mustang is a great option if your Mustang is going to be your daily driver. Add a few performance upgrades and some attractive visual enhancements, and your V6 Mustang can make you happy for years to come.

That leaves the V8 models. Who hasn’t dreamt of a burbling V8 under the hood of their Mustang? For 2016, there was once again a 5.0L V8 under the hood of the original pony car, and this one cranks out well over 400 horsepower.

Need more, but not ready to spring for the GT350 or GT350R and their ‘Voodoo’ flat-plane engine? Check out the underhood performance upgrades available at CJ Pony Parts for the Coyote. There are engine, exhaust, and heating and cooling parts and accessories that will get you more power. You’ll also find suspension, brake, and wheel and tire upgrades that will help you make the most of that power.

No matter what model you choose, you can work your magic inside and out with trim, decals, stripes and other visual enhancements to put your signature on your Mustang. Since all of the parts are designed specifically for the sixth-generation Mustang, you know they’re going to fit right out of the box. No trimming, no adapting, no adjusting — just install your 2016 Mustang parts and get on your way!

Where Do I Start?

If you don’t have a set of Mustang keys in your hand already, then your first stop is your local Ford dealership. Do yourself a favor and try out all of the models.

Many Mustang purists might be inclined to laugh off the idea of the four-cylinder Mustang, but when you are behind the wheel and the turbocharger kicks in, you will be pleasantly surprised. The V6 provides nearly the same performance as the four-cylinder but at a lower price. It can be a great, affordable starting point to a custom Mustang project. You probably don’t need much convincing to do a test drive of the Coyote V8 model.

Remember that there are some great optional packages for the EcoBoost and GT models that combine performance upgrades with various visual improvements. These packages are already differentiated from the standard Mustang models, and they are a great option if you want to go further and build your own custom modded Mustang.

Even before making your purchase, why not check out the 2016 Mustang parts and accessories available at CJ Pony Parts? You can start directly by clicking through our easy-to-sort online catalog, or you can contact us by phone or online. Our dedicated sales team can answer any questions you might have and help you plan out the 2016 Mustang upgrades you’d like to make.

Once you’ve picked the 2016 Mustang model for you, it’s time to start customizing! We suggest you check back often, as we constantly upgrade our catalog.

Benefits such as fast, free shipping on most parts that meet the minimum order requirement are standard at CJ Pony Parts. All you have to do is sort by year and model to see our extensive inventory of 2016 Mustang parts.

Keep Yourself Informed

It’s probably obvious now how passionate we are about the 2016 Mustang and 2017 Mustang here at CJ Pony Parts. We love all things Mustang, and we will continue to work with the best aftermarket suppliers to provide you with the best 2016 Mustang parts and accessories. To keep our customers updated, we have an email newsletter that we’d love to share with you. Sign up today, and we’ll keep you updated on Mustang news and aftermarket parts availability!

Ford has made us all proud of the incredible ingenuity and engineering of the all-American hero: the 2016 Mustang!

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