Best S650 Mustang Mods

Best S650 Mustang Mods

Last Updated April 26, 2024 | Nate Moonis
S650 Mods

The highly-anticipated S650 generation of the Ford Mustang has finally hit showroom floors across the country. With its 5.0L V8 and 2.3L EcoBoost, Ford engineers have developed the S650 to deliver incredible performance straight from the factory. However, stock is never enough for many owners.

In this article, we explore some of the best S650 Mustang mods to take your new ride to the next level. From simple bolt-ons like cold air intakes and intercoolers to exterior upgrades like Mustang spoilers and jacking rails, there are a ton of different 2024 Mustang mods to make your ride your own. Here are some of our top picks for ways to turn the S650 into an asphalt-devouring monster.

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S650 Mustang Power Upgrades

While it remains to be seen if the S650 Mustang can be tuned, there are still a bunch of engine mods you can do if you're looking to increase horsepower and torque.

Cold Air Intakes

Installing an aftermarket cold air intake is one of the simplest and most effective S650 Mustang engine mods. While the factory air intake system is good, a cold air intake moves the intake away from the engine to an area with lower air temperatures. This allows your S650 Mustang to breathe cooler, denser air and make more power. Many cold air intakes also feature less restrictive tubing that allows for more air to flow into the engine. With this increased airflow, the engine can produce more power across the entire RPM range.

A close up shot of the 2024 Mustang's engine bay

Some cold air intakes may require a tune to optimize the air-to-fuel ratio and take full advantage of the extra airflow. Be sure to find one that doesn't require a tune to work properly. There are plenty of options that are truly "bolt-on" and require no tuning. For easy installation and noticeable gains, a direct-fit cold air intake is a great first upgrade.

In addition to the GT's V8, cold air intakes can benefit the EcoBoost's 4-cylinder. By removing the restrictive factory airbox, these systems help the boosted engines make more efficient use of the additional airflow. The end result is increased horsepower and torque output for additional acceleration and top speed.

Check out our cold air intake guide to learn more about this modification and whether it's right for you.


If you're looking to increase the power of your S650 EcoBoost, then upgrading the stock intercooler is a good idea. Intercoolers help cool down the air that the turbocharger compresses before it's forced into the engine. A more efficient intercooler brings this intake air temperature way down before entering the engine. Colder air is denser and packs more oxygen molecules than hot air. This denser air allows the engine to burn fuel more efficiently and make more power.

S650 Mustang Exhaust Upgrades

Upgrading your exhaust system is another great S650 Mustang mod that's perfect if you're looking to improve performance and turn some heads. A cat-back exhaust is the go-to option for many S650 owners because it bolts directly to the stock catalytic converter. This replaces the factory resonator and unleashes the throaty sound of your S650's V8.

A close up shot of the 2024 Mustang's rear end and exhaust tips

Cat-back exhausts are also lighter and less restrictive than their stock counterparts. Because of this, you can expect to see a performance increase when installed.

An axle-back exhaust is another option for those looking to upgrade their exhaust without spending a ton of money. These replace everything from the rear axle back. This includes the factory mufflers and exhaust tips. However, an axle-back exhaust kit does require a bit of cutting to install properly. This process isn't extremely difficult and can be done by beginner mechanics with a few specific tools.

Either a cat-back or axle-back exhaust system is a worthwhile upgrade that should definitely be considered by any enthusiasts looking to mod their S650 Mustang’s exhaust.

S650 Mustang Wheel & Tire Upgrades

One of the quickest ways to transform the look of your ride is with new S650 Mustang wheels and tires. With so many sizes and styles to choose from, picking the right wheels can be overwhelming. The S650's stock wheel options range from 17" to 20" depending on the trim level.

A wide angle shot of the 2024 Mustang with bronze wheels

Many Mustang enthusiasts opt for black wheels for a classic, intimidating look. However, bronze and silver finishes can add subtle contrast to your setup. For a more modern look, concave wheels feature a dip inwards along the spokes and look aggressive.

Regardless of which wheels you choose, upgrading to a larger diameter wheel paired with sticky performance tires is a great way to improve handling while giving your S650 a customized appearance. Learn how to install new wheels and tires on your S650 today.

S650 Mustang Suspension Upgrades

Your S650 Mustang handles well from the factory, but there are still plenty of ways to improve the stock suspension setup. Whether you're looking to lower your car for performance or style, there is something for everyone.

Lowering Springs

One way to improve the stance of your S650 Mustang is by installing lowering springs. Aftermarket lowering springs are an easy and budget-friendly solution to lower your S650. Many kits feature a more aggressive drop in the front to create a raked, nose-down appearance. Beyond looks, lowering springs provide performance benefits like reduced body roll and sharper handling.

While some lowering kits are a bit too harsh for a daily driver, moderate 1-2 inch drops enhance the look and feel of the S650 without sacrificing too much comfort. Overall, Mustang lowering springs is a great way to get the stance you want while increasing your ride's cornering capabilities.


Coilovers are a great 2024 Mustang mod for those looking to lower their ride in a more performance-oriented way. They allow you to lower your S650 Mustang anywhere from 1-3 inches for an aggressive stance. Unlike lowering springs, most coilovers are adjustable in terms of damping and ride height.

This tunability makes them ideal for owners who want a performance edge on the track while maintaining a comfortable ride on the street. Adjustable coilovers let you fine-tune the suspension for improved handling without sacrificing too much comfort.

While cheaper than a custom suspension setup, coilovers still represent a larger investment than lowering springs. However, their versatility and performance make coilovers a worthwhile upgrade for S650 owners seeking maximum performance and adjustability.

S650 Mustang Exterior Mods

These cars look impressive from the factory, but adding a few exterior S650 Mustang mods can completely transform how it looks.

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting upgrades are a popular addition to most Mustang builds, and the S650 is no exception. Tinting the lights on an S650 Mustang is a popular option for those looking to blackout their Mustang. You can also replace the stock taillights with Euro-style taillights to transform the look of your rear end.

Many enthusiasts swap out their headlights with LED units that are capable of changing colors. This is a cool addition to any S650 and can help you stand out at the next meet.

Body and Chassis Mods

As with previous generations, there are too many body and chassis modifications to list. Swap out your factory spoiler for a more aggressive setup. Widebody your S650 Mustang. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few of the best appearance mods to help you fulfill your vision.

A close up shot of the 2024 Mustang GT's rear spoiler

Rear Spoilers, Wings, and Splitters

Spoilers, wings, and splitters provide aesthetic and performance benefits for your S650. An upgraded rear wing can provide downforce which is essential when trying to corner sharply on the track. A front splitter also improves downforce by diverting airflow under the car and away from the front wheels. This creates a suction effect that improves traction and reduces lift.

There are so many different styles and designs for these aerodynamic upgrades that it can be hard to determine which is best for you. Check out our guide that goes over the differences between the multiple types of rear spoilers, wings, and splitters.

Jacking Rails

While not a cosmetic mod, jacking rails will make working on your S650 a breeze. These bolt-on additions allow you to easily jack up your car without having to worry about finding an awkward jacking point that could potentially damage your car.

S650 Mustang Interior Mods

Upgrading the interior of your S650 is another easy way to express your personal style and set yourself apart from other enthusiasts. From short-throw shifters to floor mats, there are a ton of S650 interior mods available.

Short-Throw Shifters

A close up shot of the 2024 Mustang's shifter

While the stock gearbox in the S650 is great, many enthusiasts love the snappy and satisfying feeling of a short-throw shifter. These improve performance by reducing the amount of distance you have to move the shifter to change gears. Short-throw shifters are relatively easy to install and are a great addition to any build.

Shift Knobs

After you've added a short-throw shifter to your S650, installing a new 2024 Mustang shift knob is the perfect next step. This is a cheap and easy way to customize your interior. A weighted shift knob can also improve the accuracy of your gear shifts and make driving more enjoyable.

Shift knobs come in so many styles and colors that it's impossible to name them all. Carbon fiber is a common pick for many Mustang enthusiasts, so you can't go wrong with it. Choose something brighter to add a splash of color to your interior.

Floor Mats

It's very easy to pick up mud, dirt, or other debris and track them into your interior when you hop into your ride. Protect your new carpets with floor mats. They keep your interior looking showroom-fresh and make cleaning and detailing your S650 a breeze.

Build Your Own Unique S650 Mustang

Modifying their S650 Mustang is many enthusiasts' favorite part about owning one. Whether you're looking to improve performance or craft a unique look, there are a variety of different 2024 Mustang mods to make your ride special.

If you're interested in learning more about this awesome car, check out this article we wrote on five S650 Mustang easter eggs.

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