Best S550 Mustang Mods

Best S550 Mustang Mods

Last Updated November 28, 2023 | Alison Smith
S550 Mods

There’s a lot to love about the S550 Mustang. Whether you have an older S550 or one that received the 2018 mid-generation refresh, you’ve already got one of the best-looking Mustangs out there. And it doesn’t just look great, either. There’s plenty of power underneath the hood, in the form of either an EcoBoost, V6, or V8 engine.

Though some keep their S550 stock, many Mustang owners don’t stick to the status quo. With a passionate and thriving aftermarket community, adding mods is almost a rite of passage in the Mustang world.

If you’re searching for more power or a way to make your Mustang stand out, here are some of our top S550 mod picks.

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S550 Mustang Power Upgrades

If you’re not satisfied with your S550’s stock horsepower, even a few simple mods can help. These upgrades apply to every S550, but EcoBoost and V6 owners may want to check out our EcoBoost mods guide and V6 power upgrades guide for specific suggestions.

Cold Air Intakes

Underhood shot of an S550 GT Corsa cold air intake

As one of the easier mods, cold air intakes are good additions to any S550 Mustang. Although the stock intake isn’t bad, it can be restrictive. Aftermarket intakes with wider tubes send more clean air to the engine. The more air your engine receives, the more power it can produce.

Some cold air intakes require a tune, which will help optimize the air-fuel ratio for max power gains. But if you don’t want to mess with tuning, some cold air intakes don’t require one.

Adding a cold air intake to your EcoBoost or V6 engine can help make it a bit more powerful. Many of these cold air intakes are direct-fit and bolt on for easy installation. Compared to the stock airbox, these cold air intakes offer more efficiency for increased horsepower and torque.

Check out our cold air intake guide for S550s.

Superchargers & Turbos

Hungry for the most power possible? Investing in a supercharger kit for your 5.0L Mustang is one way to get a massive boost in horsepower and torque. They aren’t the easiest or most cost-efficient mod. But you can easily take your Mustang over 600 horsepower with a supercharger.

To give your EcoBoost a bump in power, you can upgrade the factory turbocharger. Ford Performance offers a turbocharger upgrade kit that comes with a larger wheel turbine and compressor wheel. The 50mm wheel turbine and 63mm compressor wheel increases the volume of air, unlocking any buried horsepower.

Depending on how much power you’re adding, you may need some supporting mods as well. That may be upgrading the driveline and braking system, getting stickier tires, or strengthening the suspension.

ECU Tuners

You can tune a stock S550 Mustang and see some added performance. But ECU tuning is especially important once you start adding aftermarket mods. Certain mods, like a supercharger or some cold air intakes, will require tuning after installation. But most mods can benefit from a tune. Getting an engine tuner for your Mustang will let you adjust settings such as the air-fuel ratio, spark, boost, and throttle position.

S550 Mustang Exhaust Upgrades

Yellow S550 GT Mustang with an aftermarket Corsa Exhaust

When it comes to exhaust upgrades for the S550 Mustang, you have several options. An axle-back exhaust is good for those on a budget. It will replace the factory mufflers, which can give you a louder exhaust sound. Some cutting is required for installation, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Because of the added performance benefits, cat-back exhausts are a go-to option for S550 owners. Many cat-back exhausts bolt directly to the stock catalytic converter. They’ll replace the factory suitcase resonator, which Ford included on the S550 Mustangs to reduce drone noise.

Aftermarket cat-back exhausts are lighter than stock and will help your engine expel exhaust quicker. You’ll get increased performance and a better exhaust note. Plus, you won’t have to do any cutting.

Combine your exhaust upgrade with a new set of long tube or shorty headers to really up the performance.

Check out our S550 GT exhaust guide or EcoBoost exhaust guide for model-specific suggestions.

S550 Mustang Wheel & Tire Upgrades

Adding a new set of wheels and tires to your S550 can instantly give it an appearance upgrade. Finding the perfect set of wheels can be difficult as there are so many choices when it comes to size and style. The stock wheel sizes for the S550 range from 17-20 inches, depending on the model.

Although black wheels are a popular choice for many S550 owners, bronze wheels can add a subtle touch of color. Concave wheels dip slightly inward, offering a more modern look. They also come in a variety of colors and styles.

Check out our S550 Mustang wheel and tire buying guide for more options.

S550 Mustang Suspension Upgrades

Black S550 Mustang with aftermarket lowering springs in front of a red barn

Although all S550s have an independent rear suspension, there are quite a few upgrades that'll improve handling even more.

Lowering Springs

The S550 Mustang’s rear wheel wells are closer to the ground than the front wheels. This makes the rear end look lower than the front. Lowering springs are an affordable way to even out the ride height for a better stance.

Many lowering spring sets offer a larger drop in the front for a “raked” look. Plus, they have some performance benefits too. They can help reduce nosedive while braking, improve aerodynamics, and provide a sportier feel with better overall handling.


If you’re looking to substantially lower your ride height, you may want to choose a set of S550 coilovers. They can lower your Mustang anywhere from 1-3 inches. Many coilovers are adjustable, which means you can fine-tune the settings for the road or track.

S550 Mustang Exterior Mods

The S550 already looks great from the factory with its sleek lines and aggressive styling. But adding your own touches to the exterior can give your Mustang a custom look.

Lighting Upgrades

Light upgrades are some of the most common S550 mods. They can be affordable and have a dramatic effect. Tinting and smoked taillights are popular, especially if you’re going for a blacked-out look. Even though they come with LEDs from the factory, there are still plenty of ways to upgrade your S550’s LED lights.

Appearance Mods

There are so many appearance upgrades available for the S550 Mustang it’s almost impossible to list them all. Along with getting a new hood style, you can turn your Mustang into a widebody. New spoilers, wings, or side splitters can also give your Mustang a more unique look. Take a look at the guides below for more details on these S550 style upgrades.

S550 Mustang Interior Mods

There are many upgrades for your Mustang’s interior to make it more suited to you. From shifters and shift knobs to seat replacements and floor mats, these mods will improve your interior’s style, comfort, and practicality.

Short-Throw Shifters

Many S550 Mustang owners complain about the factory throws being too long. A short-throw shifter can improve performance by decreasing shift time. Along with quicker gear changes, they’ll feel smoother and offer more precision when shifting.

Shift Knobs

Whether you’re getting a new short-throw shifter or keeping it stock, an aftermarket shift knob is an inexpensive and easy way to customize your interior. Plus, you’ll want something that feels good in your hand if you’re constantly switching gears.

Shift knobs come in a variety of styles. Choose carbon fiber for a more refined look or go with a colored knob for something more eye-catching. You can even purchase the OEM shift knob available for the GT350 and GT350R for your V6, EcoBoost, or GT.

Other Interior Upgrades

The interior of your S550 is pretty comfortable straight from the factory. But if you want a sportier interior and need something to keep you secure on the track, racing seats and seat belts are a great option. Seat covers and floor mats will keep your Mustang’s interior clean and protected. Or you can change the look of your pedals with billet-style covers.

Make Your S550 Mustang Build Your Own

Modding your S550 Mustang is part of the fun of being an enthusiast. Whether you’re seeking more performance or a unique look, there are an endless amount of mods you can make to your build. To stay up-to-date on the newest parts and deals, sign up for our newsletter.

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