2015-2020 Mustang Wheel & Tire Buying Guide

2015-2020 Mustang Wheel & Tire Buying Guide

Last Updated February 5, 2020 | Chris Cervenka

Wheels, Wheels and more Wheels!

There are so many options when it comes to outfitting your 2015-2020 Mustang with the right set of shoes. Choosing the style you want, size and finding the right tire are all keys to getting your S550 paired with the perfect set of rims and tires to suit you and your Mustang’s personality. Whether you’re looking for a factory-sized wheel from Ford, or getting a nice set of 20” staggered wheels to really fill out the curves of your car, CJ’s has the selection you need to bring out the best in your pony.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the popular wheels that are available right here at CJ’s for your 2015-2020 Mustang. Coming from popular brands such as Velgen, Niche, TSW and more, you surely won’t walk away disappointed after checking out our selection of wheels for your ride.

Carroll Shelby Wheel Company

Carroll Shelby Wheel Company CJ Pony Parts 2018 Mustang with Carroll Shelby Wheel Company CS3s

Without a doubt, one of the hottest wheels on the market right now is are the Carroll Shelby Wheel Company wheels. They come in a variety of finishes and styles to suit your build direction. Everything from split-five spoke designs to aggressive drift-style wheels.

Perhaps the best part about the Carroll Shelby Wheels are their flowformed construction. This type of construction allows the wheels to be just as strong, or stronger than OEM while cutting weight. Some of the higher-end wheel options, like the CS21, are offered in forged construction as well.

If you're looking for the best technology and finest looks when it comes to decking out your S550, then look no further than Carroll Shelby Wheel Company for your next set of shoes!

Niche Road Wheels

Niche Wheels CJ Pony Parts NIche Vincenza Wheels on our EcoBoost lowered on Eibach Spotlines

Being a great option for those who are looking for a good looking set of rims without breaking the bank, the Niche wheel options at CJ’s would be a great place to start. Coming with a variety of styles and finishes, the Niche wheel lineup offers 5-spoke, mesh-style, concave and other types of wheel styles.

Coming in finishes such as Matte Black, Satin Black, Silver, Matte Anthracite and Matte Black With Tinted Face Accents, there’s a Niche wheel for any type of Mustang build! Another plus would be the aggressive sizing and offset to these wheels. Some with a 20”x10” square stance, making it easy for tire rotation and others with a staggered 20”x9” / 20”x10” setup for that sinister muscle car look.

Velgen Wheels

Velgen Wheels CJ Pony Parts Velgen Classic5 Wheels lowered on Coilover Suspension

Next up is Velgen Wheels. These wheels come in a large variety of different styles and finishes to perfectly accent the curves of your S550. Coming in a staggered setup, Velgen wheels offer an aggressive offset in the rear for that head-turning concave look, with a functional offset up front for proper brake clearance.

Newest to the Velgen lineup is the Classic5 wheel. Most reminiscent of the iconic five-spoke look that is ever-popular on the Mustang, this wheel has an extremely deep concave profile in the rear. With such an aggressive stance, you’ll be sure to turn heads anywhere you go with the Classic5.

Velgen Wheels come in a diverse set of finishes such as Matte Silver, Matte Gunmetal, Satin Black and even Satin Bronze! You surely won’t be disappointed with the look, feel and stance that comes with any of the Velgen Wheels.

HRE Wheels

With a long lineage of beautiful, high-quality Flow Form wheels, HRE is a no-brainer when it comes to S550 Mustang wheels. With mesh-style, track inspired designs like the FF01 offered in an aggressive offset, you can’t go wrong with both fitment and style on these wheels.

On top of that the FF04’s have been making waves in the Mustang world since their release. Offered in Tarmac and Liquid Silver finishes they’re bound to set off the body lines on your Mustang for sure!

HRE Wheels CJ Pony Parts
HRE FF04’s on Josh B’s Twin Turbo S550 GT

TSW Wheels

Offering the race-inspired Nurburgring and classic five-spoke Sochi wheels, TSW Wheels make a great addition to any S550 Mustang. Our very own Product Specialist, Bill Tumas, had the Matte Bronze Nurburgring wheels on his Deep Impact Blue 2015 GT. With a wide 20”x10” square setup, you’ll be able to comfortably fit 275mm wide tires on all four corners for maximum traction for those backroad twisties.

TSW Wheels CJ Pony Parts
TSW Nurburgrings on Bill's S550 GT

Other 2015-2020 Mustang Wheels At CJ’s

Other wheels include options from Classic Design Concepts (CDC) such as their Outlaw wheel which is available in three different stylish finishes. On top of that you can pick up a set of TT60 AR912 Wheels from American Racing in either Chrome or Satin Black, which would look perfect on a contrasting color car! On top of that, we also have the KPS wheel from Rotiform along with Hurst Stunner Wheels available in fitment for 2015-2020 Mustangs as well!

And as always, you have your aftermarket wheel options directly from Ford Performance. The styles are the same as what is offered on the S550 from the factory, but they’re offered in a different color finish to set your car apart from the rest. You can get the 19” GT Performance Package wheel in either Silver or Matte Black and the 19” EcoBoost Performance Pack Wheel in Dark Stainless or Silver!

2015-2020 Mustang Tires

Okay, so you’ve got your wheels picked out and you’re ready to move on to tires for your S550 Mustang. As you can assume, there are different tires that are ideal for different conditions. For example, if you don’t intend on driving your Mustang at the track, road course or autocross events, and it’s simply a daily driver during the warm months, then a decent set of summer tires may be the best choice for you. However, if you plan on adding a supercharger and are looking for great traction to combat wheel spin, then a set of sticky drag radials on the rear may be a good idea as well.

CJ’s offers a variety of different tires to pair with your new wheels. Most aftermarket options are sized at 20-inch wheels for S550 Mustangs, so we’ll stick to that sizing for this guide.

Nitto NT555 G2 - Summer Ultra High Performance Tire

Treadwear 320, Traction AA, Temperature A - For the average Mustang enthusiast, they’ll be looking for a somewhat sticky set of summer tires that provide great wet and dry traction along with above average treadwear. Meet the Nitto NT555 G2! These tires were just released in 2016 as a successor to the outgoing NT555. Bill has these tires on his Roush supercharged 2015 GT and absolutely loves how they feel on the twisties and in a straight line!

Nitto Tires At CJ Pony Parts

Nitto INVO - Luxury Sport Ultra High Performance Tire

Treadwear 260, Traction AA, Temperature A - Offering another option for those who would like a great all-around summer tire is the Nitto INVO. With a slightly lower treadwear rating, the INVO tire offers a unique design, great wet and dry grip paired with a super quiet and comfortable ride.

CJ Pony Parts featured these tires on their 2015 Black GT with Velgen VMB7 wheels. Needless to say, we were really happy with how they performed on the autocross course with tight cornering capabilities and near instant steering response and road feel!

Nitto Tires At CJ Pony Parts

Nitto NT555R - D.O.T.-Compliant Competition Drag Tire

Treadwear 100, Traction A, Temperature A - Paired with the NT555 G2 tires in the front, the NT555R drag radial makes a great tire to throw on the rear for stellar straight-line traction and stability. If you’re looking for a great drag tire that provides significantly better grip than the regular NT555 G2s while still remaining street legal, then the 555R’s are the perfect choice for you.

Nitto Tires At CJ Pony Parts

Nitto NT05R - D.O.T.-Compliant Competition Drag Race Tire

Treadwear 00, Traction B, Temperature B - The NT05R is similar to the NT555R, the NT05R is made to match the NT05 summer tire on the front. Offering similar characteristics of superior dry traction at the sacrifice of some road noise, loss of wet traction and treadwear, the NT05R will get your Mustang off the line insanely quick.

Nitto Tires At CJ Pony Parts

2015-2020 Mustang Wheel & Tire Buying Guide

Regardless of what style, finish and size wheel you’re looking for, CJ Pony Parts has the selection you need to outfit your S550 with the rims and tires that will set your car apart from the rest! Be sure to give us a call or order online and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!

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