What Is My Mustang's Bolt Pattern?

What Is My Mustang's Bolt Pattern?

Last Updated September 28, 2017

Shopping for wheels and tires for your Mustang can get stressful after a while. It’s kind of like finding an exhaust system -- there’s no correct choice! Wheels are a subjective modification because it purely comes down to the owner’s taste in what they think would make their pony look best.

But don’t forget! Shopping for wheels requires a lot of research to make sure you’re getting the right offset, backspacing, diameter and bolt pattern.

What Is A Bolt Pattern?

A bolt pattern is referring to the wheel studs that you mount your wheel to on each corner of your vehicle. The bolt pattern measurement is simply the number of lugs and the distance from the center of each wheel stud diagonally across.

[Number of Lugs] x [Distance Between Center Of Each Lug]

Most Mustangs have 5-lugs and a distance of 4.5 inches or 114.3 millimeters. This would equate to a bolt pattern of 5 x 4.5 or 5 x 114.3.

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What Is My Mustang's Bolt Pattern?

When searching for a new set of wheels & tires for your Mustang, an important thing to keep in mind is your Mustang’s bolt pattern. Not every car has the same bolt pattern, meaning you can’t take a wheel from another car and just slap it on your Mustang without checking the correct bolt pattern and other specs!