2005-2014 S197 Mustang Wheel Guide

2005-2014 S197 Mustang Wheel Guide

Last Updated November 28, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

Updating the wheels on your S197 is one of the easiest ways to modernize its looks. From solid low-cost options to top-shelf rims, your 2005-2014 Mustang can be completely customized with a new set.

Besides changing your Mustang’s aesthetic, aftermarket wheels can add performance benefits as well. Different sized wheels allow for tires that are more performance-focused. Or you can go with a staggered set-up for better traction on the driven wheels.

This guide covers the basics of wheel fitment for your Mustang so you can figure out what size wheels to get. From there, take a look at some different styles to find the best wheels for your S197.

S197 Wheel Sizes

S197s have a factory wheel size range of 16” to 19”. 20” aftermarket wheels are also commonly used. They didn’t come from the factory with any S197 models, but will fit just fine. Enthusiasts often favor 20” wheels for their bold presence and allowance for larger tires.

You can even go up to a massive 22” wheel. However, they’re rare to see, and we don’t recommend them. You’ll likely end up with tires that are too thin, and they might rub against your wheel wells while turning. It’s best to stick with 20” wheels at the largest.

2005-2014 Ford Mustang Factory Wheel Sizes
Model Year and TrimStandard Wheel Size (Inches)Optional Wheel Size (Inches)
2005-2009 V6 16x7 17x8
2005-2009 GT 17x8 18x8.5
2010 V6 17x7 or 18x8 N/A
2010 GT 18x8 19x8.5
2011-2012 V6 17x7 18x8 or 19x8.5
2011-2012 GT 18x8 or 19x8.5 19x9
2013-2014 V6 17x7 18x8 or 19x8.5
2013-2014 GT 18x8 or 19x8.5 18x8 or 19x9

Can You Put S550 Wheels on an S197?

Yes, you can put S550 wheels on an S197. The bolt pattern is the same, so there’s no conversion necessary. However, the offset will be different, so you might want wheel spacers. You’ll most likely need to recalibrate your TPMS, which is often the case when getting new wheels or tires.

S197 Wheel Brake Clearance

There are a couple things to keep in mind when choosing a set of wheels for your S197 Mustang. Be sure to check the backspacing and offset, along with barrel clearance, if you have upgraded brakes. Examples include the four-piston Brembo brakes found on the 2007-2012 GT500 and 2011-2014 GT with the Brembo/Track Package, or the six-piston Brembos found on the 2013-2014 GT500s.

This will also apply if you have upgraded, or plan to upgrade, to larger aftermarket brake rotors. Most brake manufacturers can provide you with a clearance diagram for reference.

Official Ford Wheels

For those that only want official Ford wheels, you can get a set from Ford or Ford Performance. Ford offers many of their factory wheels on the aftermarket.

Although the Bullitt S197 was only around for 2008, you can still get Bullitt-style wheels for some ‘60s flair. They’re sleek, and they work well with the 2005-2014 Mustang’s retromodern style. You can also update to more modern S550 wheels, which will still look great on your S197.

If you’re not too worried about getting official Ford wheels, other companies do make close replicas that imitate many of Ford’s popular styles.

Shelby Wheels

Even if you don’t have a Shelby GT500, you can still get similar wheels. Shelby also has a number of exclusive aftermarket options. Since the company is one of the most popular vendors for Mustang wheels, they’ve designed styles that are specific to Ford’s pony car. Carroll Shelby center caps and lip engraving complete the look of their wheels.

The Shelby CS3 wheels are popular for the S550 generation, but they work just as well with the S197. They work especially well with the sleeker lines of the 2010-2014 model years. The CS56 set has a multi-spoke design that's bold but classic.

Black Wheels

Black wheels are among the most popular wheel options due to their sporty and sinister look. They contrast well with white paint, as well as other bright colors like yellow and red. They also work as part of a Mustang blackout build.

You don’t always see even-symmetry wheels, which is why we like the bold look of the Voxx Lago. Foose’s Outkast set is also hard to beat, with a race-inspired design that still looks stealthy.

Bronze and Gold Wheels

Many enthusiasts find bronze and gold wheels appealing. They work especially well with gray, blue, and black Mustangs, but can be used with any exterior shade.

Velgen’s satin bronze finish is a bit darker, offering a more subtle look. The Niche Form wheels have an intricate 15-spoke design, with an exotic look that wouldn’t be out of place on a GT racecar. The TSW Nurburgring set is available in an impressive matte bronze that looks very unique.

Five-Spoke and Saleen-Style Wheels

Sleek five-spoke wheel designs were big in the ‘90s and have seen somewhat of a comeback. Despite the modern trends towards seven-spoke and ten-spoke designs, Saleen-style wheels have a timeless appeal. Clean and sporty, they look great on any S197.

Race Star offers their Drag Star line in several different finishes, including a stunning black chrome. The Velgen Classic5 in matte silver is another bold choice, with a recessed lip that adds depth to the design.

Other S197 Wheel Styles

The hardest part about getting new wheels is deciding which set to go for. While seven-spoke and ten-spoke designs are popular right now, you shouldn’t feel compelled to choose a style based on what other people like. Trends come and go, so it’s important to pick wheels that you really like.

With that in mind, here are some other popular wheel sets for the S197. The dark gunmetal TSW Bathurst model is uncommonly lightweight and pairs well with carbon fiber appearance mods. HRE’s FF01 set has a contemporary European design, with an eye-catching split-spoke configuration.

Pair Tires with Your New Wheels

Choosing new Mustang rims for your S197 is largely about looks. Just choose whatever style you want, and feel free to select a smaller wheel size if you want a more comfortable ride. It’s important to have quality tires, but they don’t have to be ultra-expensive rubber meant for the track.

If performance is your focus, go with wheels that are lightweight and large enough to fit the tires you want. Larger diameter tires are used for high-speed performance and improved handling, which is why so many enthusiasts choose 20” wheels for their S197. This does generally come at the expense of some ride comfort and quietness.

To get your wheels and tires together in one box, check out our Mustang wheel and tire packages. They come pre-mounted, balanced, and ready to install.

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