Blackout Your Mustang

Blackout Your Mustang

Last Updated July 21, 2021 | C.J. Tragakis

Going for a “blacked-out” look has long been a popular choice in the Mustang community. Whether you’re just adding black wheels to match your black paint job or going all-out on every visible component, there’s something about a smooth, understated look that exudes quiet confidence. And it creates an irony, where the lack of exuberant colors can actually draw more attention. Evoking anything from stealth jets to something more sinister, the Mustang’s design qualities just seem to make it ideal for a blackout makeover. No matter which route you take, it’s hard to deny that the Rolling Stones were on to something. Even Henry Ford was purported to have commented that customers could have any color of Model T that they would like, "so long as it is black." Some things never go out of style.

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite black Mustang parts that can be a great addition to any custom Stang or a component as part of a complete blackout build. You’ll have people asking “how much more black can this be?” And the answer is “none." None more black.

Put your own spin on your ride's personality with a combination of all-black accessories. Or, you could look at adding some small, colorful pieces (maybe a bright red or orange) that will really pop with sharp contrast. You can even pick up some black-colored parts to put the final accent touches on a “whiteout” Mustang!


Sometimes it's easiest to start from the ground up. With wheels being the foundation upon which any custom build is created, it's difficult to deny their importance in a blacked-out Mustang. Even if your ride is another color, it's easy to match black wheels with just about anything else.

Some of our favorite wheels come in black, like the very cool CS-3 set from Carroll Shelby. It's tough not to like the Y-spoke design that is currently very popular, and the gloss black finish on the CS-3's really stands out.

Black Ford Mustang Carroll Shelby CS-3 Wheels

If you're after a more understated look, however, Ford's matte black Performance Pack wheels might better fit that character of your build.

Black Ford Performance Mustang Performance Pack Wheels

In addition to the wheels shown here, you can also view the full range of black Mustang wheels available to find the perfect design for your car, no matter its color, body style, or year.


Finishing out the tail end of your Mustang with a spoiler can really enhance your overall street presence. With a host of black spoiler options available, the only tough part will be picking the one that's just right for your build. Ford's black GT350 spoiler is a fantastic choice for those who prefer that look over the stock GT.

Ford GT350 Black Spoiler

Roush also offers an ultra-sleek spoiler for a stunning, race-inspired look that makes a statement while still flying below the radar.

Roush Ford Mustang Spoiler Black

For something a little more prominent, check out Anderson Composites' Type-ST carbon fiber spoiler. Although the lightweight carbon fiber construction isn't entirely black, the dark material will still look great on a blackout build.

Ford Mustang Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber Spoiler

Exterior Add-Ons

Front and Rear Light Tint Kit

Another accessory that is very popular is a tint kit for headlights and tail lights. While it's not advisable to completely darken the lights on your daily driver (not to mention probably illegal), darkening or "smoking" your lights will really bring together a blackout Mustang. We offer a wide array of options for many late-model Mustangs.

Ford Mustang Front and Rear Light Tint Kit

Gloss Black GT Emblem Kit

No blackout build would be complete without black emblems! These gloss black badges will also go great with just about any color, especially grey or white!

Gloss Black Ford Mustang Emblem Kit

Matte Black Upper and Lower Grilles by Cervini

Cervini has very popular matte black replacements for both the upper and lower grilles of your Mustang. Combined, these parts achieve a stealthy and aggressive look that adds a cool touch over the stock setup.

Cervini Upper and Lower Black Mustang Grilles

Roush Rear Quarter Window Scoops

Rear quarter window accessories are a timeless choice for modifying Mustangs. If you're going for a totally blacked out look, these Roush window scoops fit the bill for adding another streamlined piece to your exterior.

Roush Ford Mustang Rear Quarter Window Scoops Black

Smooth Black Decklid Panel

With many 2010-2014 Mustang owners wanting to replace their rear decklid panel regardless, what better chance to add a smooth black touch than with a custom part? Featuring a glossy piano black tint, this smooth black decklid panel completes the trunk area of your Mustang in an undeniably stylish way.

Ford Mustang Smooth Black Decklid Panel


Black Mustang Keychain

Keep the blackout theme going, even after you leave your car! Laser-engraved in the USA and officially Ford-licensed, this is a great way to show off your Mustang pride no matter where you are.

Black Ford Mustang Keychain

Black Hood Struts from Ford Performance

Having to use the stock prop rod to hold your hood open can get annoying after a while. It's easier to reach things inside and much safer to use a proper set of hood struts. This black pair from Ford Performance makes the experience much more effortless, and adds another quality part to show off when you pop your hood!

Ford Performance Hood Struts for Mustang

Black 8-Ball Style Shift Knob

This is a super affordable addition that can help to put the finishing touch on a black interior, while giving a shifting experience that feels great. There are no rules for blackout builds, though, so feel free to opt for red, white, or any other color to add a pop of contrast in your Mustang's cabin!

Black Ford Mustang 8-Ball Style Shifter

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Blackout Your Mustang

A full blackout or blacked out look for Mustangs is a popular trend in the aftermarket community. From wheels to spoilers, the addition of all-black parts makes the Mustang look even more menacing and sleek. Even if you don't want to completely black out your car from head to toe, you can still check out our list of black parts to add a finishing touch to a ride of any color!

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