New vs Used Mustang Wheels

New vs Used Mustang Wheels

Last Updated November 28, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

With a limited mod budget for the season, sometimes it’s difficult to check everything off the list. We all can empathize with the Mustang owner who has that long mod list come winter-time and wants to “get his or her car done before Spring.”

The next step is to start searching for parts. Then, in order to fit Mustang wheels & tires in on your Spring modification list, you realize you may need to pick up a used set of wheels. Are used wheels okay to use, or is it like picking up a used mattress? Should you nix the wheels for this year and save up for a brand new set next show season? These are all questions that go through many Mustang enthusiasts’ heads come winter-time.

The truth is, used Mustang wheels are totally a viable option for your ride! The best part is that Mustang Forums like Mustang6G, SVTPerformance, AllFordMustangs and many, many more are crawling with for sale threads with other owners like you trying to get rid of their current set of Mustang rims. Not to mention the fact that Facebook has really taken a step up with their implementation of the “Marketplace” and various other Mustang-oriented groups where owners sell their used Mustang wheels and other parts every day!

Used Mustang Wheels

1995 Mustang Yellow Yellow SN95 Mustang with 2011-2012 GT/CS Wheels

There’s nothing wrong with finding a set of used Mustang wheels for your pony, as long as you can verify the manufacturer, where they came from, how old they are and most importantly, how they were treated. For example, you’re not going to want to buy a used set of replica wheels that have a questionable origin and were tracked on, right? Buying a set of used Mustang rims from a source where you can verify how they were treated can be invaluable.

Think about it, we’re not only talking about potentially buying a defective set of wheels secondhand. If you install these wheels on your Mustang and start getting a little spirited at your local autocross event or a random back road, they could let loose. This would not only damage the wheel or your car, but you could also be seriously injured!

The key to finding the right set of used wheels for your Mustang is all in the research and a plain ol' gut feeling. If the previous owner is upfront, honest, and transparent about the wheel’s history in your dealings with them, then it may be the right deal for you. We’ll go over a few tips and tricks to make sure your used wheel purchase goes through smoothly.

  • Check the wheel manufacturer’s website. See if these wheels are still offered, and at what price point. Then, compare the new price versus the seller’s asking price. Compare that to the mileage and condition of the wheels; is it fair?
  • Look into forums and other sites for reviews on these wheels. Do they stand up to the test of time? Does the finish peel after a couple of years of use?
  • Check out the seller’s for-sale ad. Is it detailed and provide all the information necessary? How many photos are included? Does he point out any potential flaws such as curb rash or a peeling finish? Are tires included? If so, how much tread is on the tires? Have the tires ever been patched? What is the manufacturing date on the tires?
  • Once you’ve moved to the point of direct messaging, or picking up the phone and talking to the seller, feel them out. Do they seem honest in their intentions? Unfortunately, there are people out there who may lie about their for sale ads, so it’s okay to be a bit skeptical. Have a list of questions ready for the seller when you pick up the phone as well.
  • After setting a date to meet up and check out the parts, be sure to visually inspect them before buying. If the seller is shipping the Mustang rims over to you, don’t hesitate to ask for more photos of the wheels to ensure you’re getting the product you’re paying for.
  • Lastly, remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

New Mustang Wheels

Picking up a set of new Mustang wheels is a lot easier, for sure. Granted, you’re going to pay the “new” price for a set of wheels for that luxury and ease of buying. This ideology can go for almost anything whether you’re buying a used bedroom set off Craigslist or a used Mustang off your local dealership’s lot.

With that in mind, CJ’s offers a large selection of options when it comes to Mustang wheels. Whether you’re looking to upsize to some 18” wheels on your SN95 Mustang or to 20” wheels on your S550 Mustang, CJ’s has a variety of wheels available right at your fingertips.

When buying new from CJ’s, you’ll have the luxury of pairing them up a set of tires per our expert-recommended specs. And on top of that, you’ll have the option of getting them mounted and balanced for free in addition to your wheel & tire purchase. So, when these wheels are shipped out to you, you pop the box open and throw them on your Mustang. For those with TPMS sensors, we also have plenty of sensor options for you as well.

White S550 Mustang Velgen

Buying & Selling Used Mustang Wheels

When it comes to the used marketplace on the forums, Craigslist or even Facebook, it can be a little daunting if you’ve never bought or sold parts before. Don’t fret, though! With patience and the right vetting, you can find some really great deals out there.

And if buying used Mustang rims isn’t your thing or you can’t seem to find the right set used, CJ’s is here to back you up with a brand new set with tires all at a great deal. Be sure to check out the CJ’s site for all the wheel & tire options for your Mustang build!

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