S550 Mustang LED Lighting Upgrade Guide

S550 Mustang LED Lighting Upgrade Guide

Last Updated April 8, 2022 | Andrew Boyle

The Mustang has come a long way when it comes to LED Lighting. Admittedly, it was pretty late to the game when it comes to things like standard LED License Plate bulbs, but now Ford features LED technology standard on the S550! This is more convenient for owners, because LED lights require less maintenance. LEDs also provide a brighter light while using less energy. It’s a win-win! The reason why Ford doesn’t include these bulbs everywhere possible simply comes down to a cost factor.

That doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade them on your own, though! There are a lot of LED Lighting options for your 2015+ Mustang. You can easily upgrade your Mustang's lighting in your own shop or garage.

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Exterior: Reverse Light

The standard backup camera on all 2015+ Mustangs is a great feature to have when you’re trying to back into those tough spaces. However, the factory incandescent backup light bulb is dull and doesn’t quite do the job. Check out some of these options to up the lumens out of your reverse light!

Exterior: Front Turn Signal

There have been many mixed reviews when it comes to the front end of the new S550 Mustang. One caveat to some would be the amber turn signals and parking lights on the front. Thankfully, the factory turn signal lens is clear meaning you can get rid of that ugly amber bulb and swap to something that better suits the front of your car!

Note: Your blinkers will blink quickly due to the fact LEDs return less resistance than incandescent bulbs. Although most don’t mind the fast blinker in the S550, you can install these resistors to fix this issue.

Close-up of White Mustang with LED turn signal installed
LED Switchback Turn Signal

Exterior: Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)

Unfortunately, the factory daytime running lights are only one color. Although the fact that the DRLs closely resemble the “gills” on the early model Mustangs, it’d be a great feature to be able to change the color for car shows and drag events to match your overall color scheme.

Since this wasn’t an option for Ford due to various rules and regulations, there’s a kit out there to make it possible for you! It even comes with the option to wire them into your turn signals.

White Mustang with LED turning signal lights
LED DRLs For S550 Mustangs

Exterior: Rear Side Marker Lights

The factory incandescent side marker lights fit the lines of the S550 relatively well, but the single bulb in the middle can be unsightly at night and cheap looking. Replace them with these LED Side Marker Lights for a streamlined state-of-the-art look.

Magnetic Mustang with Blue running lights
LED Rear Side Marker Lights For S550 Mustangs

Exterior: Headlights & Taillights

The headlights on the 2015+ Mustangs are all HID and the taillights are already LED. However, there are modifications out there in order to get a better look out of your Mustang’s exterior lighting.

Rear view of Mustang with LED lights installed
Fourth Brake Light Kit

Exterior: Heat Extractor LED Turn Signals (2015 / 2017)

Have a 2015 or 2017 Mustang and feeling left out of the crowd since the 2016 GTs come standard with turn signals in the hood vents. Well, don’t fret! Starkey has the kit for you!

Mustang with turn signals installed into heat extractors
Heat Extractor LED Turn Signals

Interior: Map, Glove Box, Vanity and Trunk Lights

Nearly all of the interior lighting is still incandescent with the exception of MyColor on premium models. With that said, a popular option among enthusiasts is to replace these factory dull bulbs with up-to-date, bright LEDs.

Mustang with orange interior lighting
Interior LED Conversion Kit

Interior: Footwell LED Lighting Kit

For those who are driving non-Premium Mustangs, you don’t have the luxury of MyColor. This is the customizable courtesy lighting that shines in the footwells as a pretty cool added feature. Starkey came out with a footwell kit that allows you to light up your footwells in either red, white, or blue!

Footwell of Mustang with red lighting
Starkey Footwell LED Kit

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S550 Mustang LED Lighting Upgrade Guide

With so many LED options out there to fully convert your Mustang, what’s stopping you? CJ’s carries everything from interior map lights and vanity lights to replacement 6000k headlights and fourth brake light options for your S550. Be sure to check out our Mustang LED Lighting options for more information.