S550 Mustang LED Lighting Upgrade Guide

S550 Mustang LED Lighting Upgrade Guide

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | Bill Tumas
S550 LED Upgrades

When it comes to lighting, the Mustang has come a long way since the first model rolled off the assembly line in 1964. However, Ford was still pretty late to the game when it offered LED lighting on the S550 Mustang (LEDs didn't become standard for the headlights until the 2018 model).

Even though LED lights are more efficient, brighter, and require less maintenance, they're still not the standard for every bulb in your Mustang due to cost. Many enthusiasts still choose to swap out the factory headlights and LED taillights for something a little more colorful or stylish.

If you're looking to upgrade every bulb in your S550 Mustang to LED Lighting, this comprehensive will get you started. You can easily install these bulbs and light kits in your own garage.

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Exterior LED Lighting Upgrades

LED Headlights

The headlights on the 2015-2017 Mustangs all use HID bulbs from the factory. LED headlights weren't standard on the S550 until the 2018 model. Although HIDs are bright, and the factory LEDs are just fine, there are plenty of awesome headlight options for S550 Mustangs. Add some color with ColorShift lights or Halo lights for a unique look. You can convert your old HID bulbs to LEDs, or just buy a new headlight assembly for a fresh look.

Taillight Upgrades

S550 Mustangs got LED taillights from the factory starting with the 2015 model, so all S550s have them. However, you may still want to update the look of your taillights with a different style taillight assembly or cool lighting effects. If you're replacing your headlights, you can also pick up a set of matching taillights to complete the look.

Reverse Lights

The standard backup camera on all 2015+ Mustangs is a great feature to have when you're trying to back into those tough spaces. However, the factory incandescent backup light bulb is dull and doesn't make it easy to see where you're going. Check out some of these options to make backing up a little safer.

LED Front Turn Signals

Close-up of White Mustang with LED turn signal installed

There have been mixed reviews when it comes to the front end of the S550 Mustang. One common gripe seems to be the amber turn signals and front parking lights. Thankfully, the factory turn signal lens is clear, so you can get rid of that ugly amber bulb and swap to something that better suits your build.

Note: Your blinkers may flash quickly since LEDs return less resistance than incandescent bulbs. Although most don't mind the fast blinker in the S550, you can install LED load resistors to fix the issue.

Also, if you've got a Mustang that didn't come with turn signals built into the heat extractors, you can add your own or even change out the colors if you already have them. Heat extractor turn signals are also compatible with some aftermarket hoods.

Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)

Unfortunately, the factory daytime running lights are only one color. Although the fact that the DRLs closely resemble the gills on the early model Mustangs, it'd be a great feature to be able to change the color for car shows and drag events to match your overall color scheme.

Since this wasn't an option for Ford due to lighting rules and regulations, there are kits that make changing your DRL colors possible. They even come with the option to wire them into your turn signals.

Matte gray S550 Mustang with blue daytime running lights

Side Marker Lights

The factory side marker lights fit the lines of the S550 relatively well, but the single incandescent bulb in the middle can be unsightly at night and cheap looking. Replace them with these LED side marker lights for a more streamlined look.

S550 Mustang at night with a new LED rear side market light

LED Interior Lighting Upgrades

Map, Vanity, Glove Box, and Trunk Lights

Nearly all of the interior lighting is still incandescent with the exception of MyColor on premium models. With that said, a popular option among enthusiasts is to replace the dull factory bulbs with bright, modern LEDs. Pick up an interior LED light conversion kit to get all the bulbs you'll need for your map, vanity, glove box, and trunk lights.

S550 Mustang with orange and white LED interior lighting

Footwell LED Lighting Kit

For those who are driving non-Premium Mustangs, you don't have the luxury of MyColor, which adds customizable courtesy lighting in the footwells and door sills. Starkey came out with a footwell lighting kit that allows you to add red, white, or blue footwell lights to Mustangs without MyColor.

Didn't See the LED Lights You Need?

LED lighting is a huge upgrade from HID and incandescent bulbs. So, if you're ready to get better efficiency, brightness, and longevity out of your lighting, now's the time to upgrade. You can easily shop our full selection of LED Mustang lighting by clicking the link below. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for deals on the best parts for your S550.

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