Starkey Footwell Lighting Kit LED Mustang 2015-2022

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Starkey LED Footwell Lighting Kit for all 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Mustangs.

If you are looking to add a premium look to the interior of your 2015-2022 Mustang while adding more LED lighting, don't hesitate on purchasing this LED Footwell Lighting Kit from Starkey. This kit comes with the LED lamps, wiring and mounting channels you'll need to add a sleek, custom look to your S550. CJ Pony Parts has this kit available in your choice of red, white or blue to best match the individual look of your Mustang's interior.

Kit Includes:
- Pair of LED Lamps
- Adhesive Backed Mounting Channel
- Full Wiring Harness
- Detailed Installation Manual

Features and Benefits:
- Provides Sleek Custom Look to Interior
- Pre-Wired Assembly
- Lights Incased in a Diffused Silicone Housing
- Illuminates when Door Opens and Fades Automatically
- Specifically Designed for 2015-2022 Mustangs
- Available in Your Choice of Red, White or Blue
- Easy Install

This kit comes with LED lamps that are compact, yet powerful and are incased within a diffused silicone housing to disperse the light evenly for a cleaner look. The wiring comes pre-assembled and is specifically designed for your 2015-2022 Mustang, making for a short and sweet install. In fact no drilling or special mounting is needed as the lamps will simply mounting into place using 3M VHB adhesive taps and an adhesion promotor. The lamps will then illuminate within your footwell when you open the door and fade off automatically when you start your Mustang or lock your doors.

Please Note: Although this lighting kit can be installed in premium trim cars that have the "My Color" option, they will NOT integrate into the existing system and can't be controlled with the built-in selectable options that control the factory color changing feature.

Installation Difficulty


Novice skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

The MyColor option is a cool feature on the 2015 and up Mustang that allows you to choose custom colors for your gauges, but also adds some ambient lighting to your vehicle, most notably in the footwell. If you happen to have a base model like our V6 here and don't have the MyColor option, but would love to add the footwell lighting, today we're going to show you how to do that using this custom kit from Starkey Products.

The kit from Starkey Products for adding the footwell ambient lighting includes two of these LED bars and all necessary wiring to tap into your factory wiring system. Unlike the factory MyColor though, it's always going to be a single color, but you do have three options. In our case, we're going to go with the red to match our red car, but it's also available in a blue or a white light.

For this installation you need a quarter inch ratchet, 10-mm socket, and a small pair of pliers.

Since we will be tapping into some wiring, the first thing you want to do is disconnect your battery before you begin. Then you want to grab the wiring, and kind of familiarize yourself with what we're going to do here. There's 2 LEDs, one for the passenger side and one for the driver's side.

The passenger side you can tell because it has the pigtail coming off with these wires. These connections are going to be made in the kick panel on the passenger side of your car. Just make sure this is on the passenger side. The first step we're going to do is fish this to the driver side.

The lights you're going to install under the dash, using the supplied double-stick tape already mounted on the back of each light. Starkey includes adhesion promoter and alcohol pads for cleaning. But like I said, let's figure out exactly where we want the lights to go first, then we'll clean the area, apply the promoter, and stick them on.

The first step, like I said, is to fish this over to the driver's side. We're going to go behind the console. It is kind of tight quarters back there, especially if you have larger hands, but you'll take your time. If you need to, you could tie like a coat hanger or something to this and fish it through that way.

What we're basically going to do is just stick it just like this underneath the dash. Pretty much have to go with the dash itself, because we want a nice, flat section that's really going to be flat-fitting underneath here. Once we figure out where we're going to mount it, we're going to go right here, right in the center. We'll grab our supplied alcohol first and clean that area up. We'll give that a couple seconds to dry.

Now we'll grab the supplied adhesion promoter. Inside this package there will be a little piece of foam. If you're going to handle the foam, put some rubber gloves on or something, because it's kind of messy. What I like to do is just split it like that, keep it in the package. Just have the edge of the foam out and put it on that way. We'll let that set up for a couple seconds as well.

I'm going to remove the double-stick backing. Tape it up into place centered, and stick it up. We'll just leave our wiring for now. We'll make sure we tie up everything later. We're going to do the same thing on the passenger side. There's a nice flat lip right here in the middle. We want to be careful of this, because the door does open, and the hinge is right here. Just to the inside of the hinge, you'll see this nice, flat lip almost the exact size of our little LED. It's a perfect place to put it. Now we're going to stick the passenger side light up into place. Finally, the adhesion promoter and the 3M tape. Once it's on there, it is on there. Okay, now we can move onto the wiring.

The wiring's going to go to the fuse panel located behind the kick panel here. We have to remove the kick panel to access our wiring. First thing we're going to do is pop the door sill plate up. Don't remove it. Just pop it clear, and then we can remove the kick panel. You want to fish the wires over now to where the kick panel area is going to be. We're making two connections. One we're simply going to ground on this nut right here. The other one, we're going to disconnect this plug. We're going to tap into one of the wires on the bottom of this.

To disconnect the plug, simply push up on the blue connector, and then pull down. The wire we want is right on the outside edge here. It's going to be the gray wire with the purple tracer. Then you need to grab the wire tap provided by Starkey, put that on the wires. You don't want to cut the wire, so definitely use the tap. Squeeze that, lock it in place, and reconnect our red wire. Now we can plug this back in, and lock it in place. Now our next step is to remove this nut from this stud here and install the ground.

Before we reinstall the kick panel and go back to hiding all of our wires, we're going to connect the battery and make sure it works. Okay, now we'll reconnect our ground wire. Make sure the lights are turned on. Both sides are lit up. Now we can go back and reinstall our kick panel, hide our wire, and our installation's finished.

The foot well ambient light kit from Starkey Products adds a nice custom touch to our 2015 base model Mustang. It's every bit as bright as the factory lighting, and it works just like the factory as well, as it dims on and off and turns on with your alarm or your dome light. The installation's very straightforward. It should take you no more than about 45 minutes, and you'll be back on the road in no time.

Vehicle Fitment

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