S550 Mustang Style Guide

S550 Mustang Style Guide

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

Not every mod or aftermarket upgrade to your Mustang has to be about performance. In fact, custom visual upgrades are among the most popular add-ons for S550 owners. Plus, they’re quick and easy to add to your car.

Each of these aesthetic upgrades can be installed in your own garage or driveway with basic tools. Whether you’ve just purchased your S550 or simply want to change up your style, there’s something here for every enthusiast and budget.

Exterior Style Enhancements

It’s hard to argue that the S550 isn’t a good-looking car in stock form. With a few custom additions, yours will have you looking back every time you walk away. Plus, your car’s style is what makes a first impression with other drivers.

With that in mind, take a look at some different ways to customize your exterior. Lighting is obviously a big part of making your ride stand out, so we’ve put together a more comprehensive S550 lighting guide for that.

Badges and Decals

Badges and decals are easy-to-add visual elements that make a big difference. Despite being a small component, emblems that are different than stock will make your Mustang stand out.

S550 Mustang with 5.0 Fender Badge

If you want to go for a sleek and stealthy look, consider debadging your Mustang.

Exterior Trim Upgrades

Something as small as a fuel door or new mirror covers will give your S550 some custom style. Whether you want bright pops of color or some low-key carbon fiber, it’s easy to find the exterior trim mods that work with your build.


New wheels are one of the pricier ways to change your Mustang’s style, but nothing else will make as much of an impact.

Different colors and styles will greatly change your S550’s appearance compared to stock. Plus, lighter wheels offer better performance. Bigger wheels can also be used to add larger performance tires. For a full run-down, take a look at our S550 wheel guide.

Interior Appearance Upgrades

You’ll be spending most of your time in your cabin, so why not make it more comfortable and personal? Plus, your passengers will appreciate some custom upgrades. Whether you’re showing off at a car show or want to make an impact bigger than swapping your S550's cabin air filter, these mods will make your interior stand out.

Shift Knob

Something as simple and inexpensive as a shift knob can really set your interior apart. Because it gets touched so often, it has a huge impact on your driving experience. For a custom look and shifts that feel better than stock, an aftermarket shift knob is the way to go. You may need to pick up an adaptor depending on the knob you purchase.

Black Ford Racing Shift Knob for S550 Mustang

Floor Mats

Floor mats help keep your factory carpet protected. If you want rubber mats that offer more protection or just want to swap out your boring factory set, check out these aftermarket options.

Other Interior Upgrades

From shift paddle extensions and lighting kits to a new set of seats, there are lots of other ways to improve the look and feel of your Mustang's cabin.

Under the Hood

While you might think of your engine bay as a place for performance mods, there are ways to make it look better as well. Most of these mods are just for aesthetics. But a strut tower brace will give you some added rigidity. And while hood struts will give you a clean look, they also make it easier to work under the hood. All of these upgrades are components that will stand out the next time you’re parked at a car show.

Engine Bay Dress-Up

While your engine bay looks fine in stock form, there are ways to make it look sleeker and more personalized. Add a master cylinder cover to create a more symmetrical and finished look. Or get a radiator cover with “Mustang” embossing that will stand out. An underhood lighting strip will help you work in dark conditions or show off during any time of day.

Strut Tower Brace

Strut tower braces add rigidity to your Mustang, which improves handling. You’ll enjoy a sharper, more positive steering feel. However, there’s no denying that the racecar appearance is another reason to add one. This is another upgrade that will definitely make a statement when you’ve got your hood open.

Silver Strut Tower Brace for S550 Mustang

Hood Struts

Hood struts used to only be on luxury cars, but now many vehicles have them. Still, they haven’t made their way to the Mustang from the factory yet. Thankfully, they’re a very easy installation as an aftermarket part.

You’ll feel like you purchased a more expensive vehicle every time you pop the hood. Plus, they make it easier and safer to work on your engine. You won’t have to worry about bumping your prop rod anymore.

Mustang Apparel and Accessories

Don’t forget to show off your Ford and Mustang pride anywhere you go! Small accessories and apparel items are a natural first step for the enthusiast. Though they don’t go on your car, these items are a fun way to accessorize.

Taking It to the Next Level: Performance Mods

After you’ve added some style mods, it’s time to start thinking about things that are slightly tougher to install and more performance-focused. It’s a never-ending cycle, but that’s what makes owning a Mustang so fun! From lowering springs to superchargers, you can find ways to improve your Mustang’s handling and power. Check out our guide on the top S550 mods to start your next performance project.

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