S550 Mustang Hoods Buying Guide

S550 Mustang Hoods Buying Guide

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | Alison Smith

The modern lines of the S550 Mustang are part of its charm, but a new hood can add a custom look and boost performance. Aftermarket hoods can shed weight, bring in more cool air, and improve aerodynamics.

Many of the hoods available resemble popular designs on sought-after Mustangs such as the GT500KR, Super Snake, and Cobra Jet. With so many options, finding the right hood for your 2015-2022 Mustang can be difficult. This guide will help you find the right material and style for your ride.

Hood Materials

When it comes to hood materials, there are two main options: fiberglass and carbon fiber. The differences mainly come down to weight, price, and personal taste.


Fiberglass hoods aren’t much lighter than the stock aluminum hood, and some may even weigh more. While they won’t do much when it comes to weight savings, they are more affordable than carbon fiber. They come unpainted, so you can match the paint color on your S550 or choose something different.

Yellow S550 Mustang with Cerivni fiberglass hood on a racetrack

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber S550 hoods are the more premium option and come with a higher price tag. Compared to both the OEM aluminum hood and fiberglass, carbon fiber will be much lighter. That weight savings can result in better efficiency and acceleration. Along with being lightweight, carbon fiber can add a sportier look.

Gray S550 Mustang with Trufiber carbon fiber hood

Cowl Hoods

The classic cowl hood design has been around since the early muscle cars of the ‘60s. This type of hood is no stranger to the Mustang, being a popular option for many Fox Body, SN95, and S197 owners. The same is true for the S550.

Cowl hoods have an elevated design in the center, which can vary in height. The elevated section provides extra clearance for a larger engine or more power mods.

Cowl hoods pull in cold air that collects at the base of the windshield. The reduction of heat and addition of air lets your engine breathe better for improved efficiency. Cowl hoods can add dimension to the body of your S550 and boost performance.

Gray S550 Mustang with Cervini ram hood, lowered with bronze wheels, in front of concrete wall with graffiti

2015-2017 Mustang Cowl Hoods

Both fiberglass and carbon fiber cowl hoods are available for your 2015-2017 Mustang. Because the S550 received a refresh in 2018, these hoods only fit the earlier models. The A49-3 hood from Trufiber takes the best aspects of the factory GT hood and makes them that much better. The heat extractors are still located in the same general area and are fully functional. The factory cowl shape is elongated and raised for a sinister, head-turning look.

Cervini’s Cobra R-style hood can give your S550 a more classic Mustang look and added clearance to fit a supercharger. The Stalker body kit not only includes a new hood but can change the look of your entire S550. It comes with new side scoops, skirt splitters, rear spoiler and diffuser, black hood struts, and an upper grille.

2018-2022 Mustang Cowl Hoods

The S550 got a major facelift in 2018, especially to the front fascia. Along with an entirely new hood, the front fenders, grille, front bumper cover, and headlights were updated.

Even with the 2018 redesign and refreshed body style, cowl hoods look great on a late model S550 Mustang. Get a Shelby-inspired look with Cervini’s GT500-style hood that comes with functional hood vents to extract heat. These hoods can add up to 4” of extra clearance.

Ram Hoods

Ram hoods either have one or two air ducts in the center, giving your S550 a more pronounced look. Although they have a different design compared to cowl hoods, they also extract heat. As you drive, cold air travels through the vent and into the engine bay. Although many S550 ram air hoods are functional, some are just for looks.

Orange S550 Mustang with Cervini ram hood

2015-2017 Mustang Ram Hoods

Being an incredibly popular choice for the 2010-2014 crowd, the Cervini Stalker hood made its return to the spotlight for the S550. The design has a functional ram air scoop in the center and dual heat extractors on the sides. These not only boost performance but add a race-inspired look.

2018-2022 Mustang Ram Hoods

Cervini’s ram air hood with dual hood scoops and heat extractors can give your late model S550 a style reminiscent of the GT500KR and Super Snake. For a more lightweight option, Anderson Composites has carbon fiber ram hoods with a sleek high-gloss finish.

Hood Scoops & Vents

All 2015-2017 Mustang GTs came with functional hood vents from the factory that helped the 5.0 V8 breathe easier. Although the vents are functional, they don’t look the greatest. Aftermarket vents offer a much-needed style upgrade and maintain the functionality.

If you care more about style, there are non-functional hood scoops from Roush or Ford. They won’t boost performance, but they can add a killer look that can set your S550 apart from the rest.

Completing the Look

Whether you’re driving down the road or parked at a car show, the hood is one of the first areas people see. Pairing your hood with a set of hood struts can give it that something extra when you’re showing off your engine bay. But there are other ways you can update your S550’s appearance other than the hood. Check out our S550 style guide for more upgrades that can complete your build’s look.

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