Trufiber Hood A49-3 Carbon Fiber V6/EcoBoost/GT 2015-2017

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  • Carbon Fiber Finish
  • Integrated Stainless Mesh
  • Clear Coated Finish
  • Easy Installation
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Trufiber Carbon Fiber A49-3 Hood for 2015, 2016 and 2017 V6, EcoBoost and GT Mustangs.

If you're looking for an aftermarket carbon fiber hood for a 2015-2017 Mustang that's one of the best on the market, it's time to check out this hood from Trufiber. Not only is it made out of lightweight and durable carbon fiber, but it also features a removable built-in ram air kit and much more!

Features & Benefits:
- Vacuum-Infused Real Carbon Fiber That's Also Paintable
- 3K, 2 x 2 Twill Weave
- Show-Quality Finish and Clear Coat Finish with UV Protection Plus a Smooth Gel Coat Finish on the Bottom
- Built-In Removable Ram Air Kit
- Fully Functional Ram Air and Heat Extractor
- Cool Air Enters Open Air Scoop and is Directed to the OEM Air Box Location
- Hot Air Exits from Two Open Heat Extractor Vents That are Also Removable
- Comes with Reinforced Metal Latch and Hinge Plates for Additional Safety
- Integrated Stainless Mesh Grille
- Pre-Drilled Prop Hole
- Direct Bolt-On Installation Job (Bolts Included)
- Approximate Weight of 30 Pounds

This Trufiber TC10026-A49-3 Carbon Fiber A49-3 Hood offers you plenty of amazing advantages. It's made out of paintable vacuum-infused real carbon fiber with a 3K, 2 x 2 twill weave. But you don't have to paint it if you don't want to since carbon fiber looks great unpainted too! This hood also comes with a show-quality and clear coat finish with UV protection plus a smooth gel coat finish on the bottom and an integrated stainless mesh grille, and it weighs in at a mere 30 pounds.

You'll also get a built-in ram air kit that's removable, as well as two heat extractor vents that you can also remove. For extra safety, Trufiber reinforced the metal latch and hinge plates. They also pre-drilled the hole for your prop rod and included the bolts you'll need to install this hood.

Please Note: This hood will require the Trufiber Universal Windshield Washer Relocater Kit. Please see HW3494. Also, this hood does NOT ship pre-painted.

*This hood will NOT fit GT350/GT350R Mustangs.

*Although it is not required, it is highly recommended to invest in a set of hood pins to safely secure your aftermarket hood.

*We do NOT recommend installing this hood on models manufactured for sale outside of the US due to the factory integrated active hood safety feature that is built into the OE hood hinges on those models.

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Order a Trufiber TC10026-A49-3 Carbon Fiber A49-3 Hood for your 2015-2017 V6, EcoBoost or GT Mustang from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Carbon fiber hoods have become a very popular upgrade for the S550 Mustangs. They look great and a really nice, custom touch to the car. Recently we've done a couple installation videos showing you how to install these hoods and you guys have been asking me for more, so today we're going to show you how to install Trufiber carbon fiber hood on this 2015 Mustang V6.

The hood we're installing on this 2015 Mustang V6 is the Trufiber A49-3. Now, this is styled after the original GT hood, and features heat extractors on both sides, but a much larger raised cowl section for a more aggressive look, which is also functional.

This hood again will be a direct replacement for the factory hood and weighs in around 30 pounds. It is a couple pounds heavier than your factory hood. It's made of a real two by two, twill weave carbon fiber, but has a show quality clear coat installed already with UV protectant, making it ready to install.

One of the reasons the Trufiber hood comes in a little bit heavier than the standard style hood is because the underside is completely finished on this hood. It's got a high quality finish applied to it as a gel coat on here, gives it a much better look when the hood is up.

For this installation you'll need a pan removal tool, 3/8 ratchet, 10mm socket, 13mm socket and a pair of cutting pliers.

I've shown the removal a bunch of times. I know you're probably just going to fast forward to see how the hood looks anyway, but if you haven't seen it before, remove these plastic clips to put the cover off. Disconnect the hoses and then unbolt the hood. It's definitely a two man job because of the size of the hood.

This here is the washer hose, you grab this little sleeve here. Simply turn it, and slide it off. Then use the pan removal tool or just your hand, and pop these clips out. Now the Trufiber is a little bit different. You actually are not going to use most of the factory washer hoses. You will have to use some of the aftermarket parts that are optional when you buy this hood. We're going to show you that once we get the stock hood off.

Now to remove the hood, just remove the nuts from the hood hinges on both sides. Once the stock hood's off, we're going to grab the catch and move that over to our new Trufiber hood. We're moving the catch now over to the Trufiber hood, and we're going to install it with the supplied hardware.

Now bring the new hood over. We'll install it with the supplied hardware. Now there is some adjustment in the hinge itself along with a little bit of adjustment in the latch. What you want to do now is get everything snug. Then we're going to close the hood, spend a couple minutes. Get that thing aligned properly. I want to pay close attention to the back corners. They can actually rub as well. They can damage your paint. Good on the corners? Once you get it down, then you want to check your line. See how it is with the fender. What kind of gaps you have.

Something I want to mention when it comes to adjustments, I've seen this a couple times. Like I said before, you could put some shims, some washers if you need to, to make the hinges and latch work, but if you have it or if it's really tight up in this area here, this part of the fender is extremely flexible. You loosen this bolt right here, you have a little bit of movement, almost up to a quarter of an inch, of fender adjustments. You have to adjust for the front. Again, you could loosen this and get your line a little better.

Like I said, Trufiber offers this hose kit, which is basically a universal kit for an aftermarket Trufiber hood. What we're going to do, is fish the lines through these openings, through the vents, then at some point we will have to cut the factory line.

Then we connect the hose over here to the T fitting. You want to figure out about where you want to cut it. I'm going to cut the factory line. What I'm doing is actually putting a little bit of shrink tubing over this. I'm going to work the supplied fitting. It is plastic, so there's going to be a tight fit. Now you connect the hose to the factory hose here.

The last step, that actually include some stick on connectors for here and we can move to the other side of the hood and put the squirters on.

Where ever you put the little stick on things, I want to get some alcohol. Just clean the surface. Make them stick a lot better. We're goin to wipe the area with some rubbing alcohol. Nozzles with pop right in these things just like that. Make sure you look at it. This sort of half round section here, that's what sprays outward.

Double check your alignment, everything's tight, and your installation is finished. Definitely digging the Trufiber hood on this 2015 V6. I love the fact that it has the GT styling but much more aggressive looking with the big raised cowl center. Overall the hood fits pretty well when it's installed. As far as the washer nozzles go, there might be other ways you could do it. This definitely functions. Not quite as clean as the original one, but still is going get the job done for how often you're probably going to use them. Installation overall is pretty straightforward, probably no more than an hour or so, be back on the road in no time.

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