Best New Edge Mustang Mods

Best New Edge Mustang Mods

Last Updated May 9, 2024 | Alison Smith

All SN95 Mustangs produced from 1999-2004 are known as the New Edge Mustangs. The name comes from Ford’s redesign of the early SN95 models in celebration of the Mustang’s 35th anniversary.

New Edge Mustangs are definitely starting to show their age. While this could be a problem for many other cars, Mustangs are timeless. With a few quick updates, your New Edge Mustang can hang with the herd again.

New Edge Mustang Suspension Upgrades

Suspension upgrades can greatly improve your Mustang’s overall ride quality. Plus they can alter the appearance by allowing you to raise or lower your vehicle. High-quality struts and shocks offer a comfortable ride so you don’t feel every single bump in the road.


Coilovers combine the supporting quality of a strut with the dampening capability of shocks. They’re a great suspension upgrade, especially for high-performing vehicles. Additionally, coilovers can allow a greater range of height adjustment. So if you love the look of a lowered car but want better ride quality, coilovers are a great option.

Air Ride Suspension

Air ride suspension lets you control your Mustang's ride height and spring stiffness. Air ride systems use adjustable airbags to allow for customization of the suspension. With a few little tweaks, you can easily go from the road to the track.

Sway Bars

Body roll and cornering capability are also a concern for many New Edge owners. Sway bars connect both sides of the suspension so they move in unison. Linking the suspension together can improve your cornering grip and reduce body roll. That's why sway bars are often called anti-roll bars. Sway bars are great for those who compete in autocross or want to improve their handling on the street.

New Edge Mustang Power Upgrades

When it comes to engine mods, there are a lot of different routes you can take. Deciding factors will be how much work you want to do and how comfortable you are with modifications. There are power upgrades available for every experience level, whether this is your first mod or you’re an engine-swap expert.

Cold Air Intakes & Air Filters

Cold air intakes offer immediate power gains. If you’re interested in cold air intakes, it’s worth spending some time determining which ones do and don’t need a tune. It's understandable if you don't want to worry about having to tune your engine. But a cold air intake combined with a tune will give you the greatest boost in performance.

For those who want something easier and less involved, an aftermarket air filter may be the mod for you. Factory air filters are more dense, which can restrict the amount of air reaching the engine. Aftermarket air filters use better materials and have a thinner design that lets more air through.

Engine Swap

If no mod will ever make your engine powerful enough, then a Coyote swapped New Edge might be the answer. The Coyote is one of the easier engine swaps for the New Edge since it’s a modular engine. That means you won’t have to do as many modifications to get it to work with your existing components.

Combining the power of a Coyote with the light body of the New Edge makes for a fast and fun ride. If your engine has seen better days, this is a great way to extend the life of your Mustang.


If you don’t want to swap out the engine, then adding a supercharger is one way to get more power out of your New Edge Mustang. Superchargers offer more immediate power delivery for an instant boost. On average, a supercharger can increase SN95 horsepower and torque by 30-40 percent.

New Edge Exhaust Modifications

Back end of a yellow New Edge Mustang with an aftermarket exhaust system

The New Edge’s stock exhaust system isn’t bad, but there are so many aftermarket options that give you a better exhaust note and more power.

When you’re thinking about potential New Edge exhaust mods, it helps to think about the journey of the exhaust. Think about how the air flows from the headers to the exhaust tips. You want to eliminate obstructions so your exhaust doesn’t encounter backpressure. Backpressure can prevent your Mustang from breathing as easily as it could. Less air means less fuel is used, which means power is reduced.

Mufflers affect the final exhaust note the most since they’re near the end of the system. So if what you’re really after is a loud booming exhaust sound, then it makes sense to begin your journey in reverse.

New Edge Mustang Exterior Mods

The New Edge’s exterior is what makes it stand out from other SN95 Mustangs. But adding exterior mods can give your Mustang a more unique and custom look.

Headlight & Taillight Upgrades

New Edge Mustang with upgraded exterior including aftermarket headlights

One of the most satisfying modifications is upgrading the stock lights. There are a lot of great light options that can give your New Edge a fresh look.

Upgrading your headlights to LED or HID can also give you more visibility when driving at night. If you have dingy or yellowing headlights, a brand-new set will make your Mustang look new again.

Many New Edge Mustang owners swap out the stock taillights for sequential taillights. Not only are they easy to install, but everyone will notice them. Or at least everyone who ends up driving behind you. Sequential taillights are also more noticeable when turning, which can help keep you safe.

Simple upgrades are great for an immediate facelift and can have safety benefits. However, you can also choose to look for more personalized lights. Smoked headlight assemblies are great if you’re looking to blackout your Mustang.

Hood Struts & Hoods

Replacing your hood’s prop bar with a hood strut is a very easy mod. Ordering it in a matching paint shade, though, raises the bar along with the hood itself. They’re functional and add another visual element to the underhood area. While bigger mods may be more noticeable, the details can be just as important.

If you have a sun-faded and rock-battered hood, it can be difficult to think about adding nice hood struts. A new hood can change the entire face of your Mustang for a major appearance upgrade.

Functional hood scoops can also bring more cool air into your engine bay. Even though they’re simple, they can improve both style and performance. Since there are so many options available, you can create any look that suits your fancy.

Wheels & Tires

The stock wheels on the New Edge have a classic, timeless look. You may like the factory-style wheels or want to upgrade to something more modern. Stick with the stock 15-inch or 17-inch wheels or upsize to a larger diameter wheel. Check out our SN95 Mustang wheel guide for more recommendations.

Tires are also important, whether you stick to the road or enjoy taking your Mustang racing. All-season tires are great for daily drivers, while drag radials and slicks are better for the track.

New Edge Mustang Interior Mods

Inside shot of a New Edge Mustang with racing seats

Since Ford released the New Edge over 20 years ago, the interior is a bit outdated. Give your Mustang a fresh look and added comfort with these interior mods.


Even if you do your best to keep your interior clean, over time your seats can get faded, ripped, worn, or lose support.

There are countless options for improving the seats on your New Edge Mustang. If you like the original look, you can get stock replicas. Or, you can reupholster your seats and add new foam. This can give them that firmness you've been missing.

If you want something different, you can opt for racing seats or something more comfortable. Choose the original color or pick another color from a different Mustang generation. Whether you prefer leather or cloth, there are lots of seat options for your New Edge.

Shift Knobs

Of course, there’s more to the interior of your Mustang than its seats. Replacing your worn shift knob with a unique one can give your Mustang a personal feel.

A new shift knob can improve appearance and comfort when it comes to changing gears. A short-throw shifter, though, can give your New Edge some extra oomph. They change the length of your throws, so shifting feels a little tighter and quicker.

Billet-Style Upgrades

If you’re looking for a sleek, clean interior, try adding some billet-style accessories. These small metal pieces can replace the stock parts in your car. Not only are they more eye-catching, but they’re also more durable.

Customizing Your New Edge Mustang

It may not have a huge touchscreen or a rear camera, but the New Edge Mustang came with some good features from the factory. It has safety features such as three-point seatbelts and a decent sound system. Like any older car, though, there is definitely room for upgrades.

As your New Edge starts to show signs of age, these mods can keep your Mustang running for years to come.

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