Modifying a New Edge Mustang

Modifying a New Edge Mustang

Last Updated February 5, 2020 | Meghan Drummond

New Edge Mustangs, those manufactured from 1999-2004, have definitely started to show their age. For most cars, this would be a problem, but the timeless quality of Mustangs means that with a few quick updates your Mustang can still hang with the herd. Whether you’re interested in improving your looks, giving your interior a much-needed refresh, or are after a power boost, there are countless ways to modify your Mustang.

Exterior Modifications

Perhaps one of the most satisfying modifications is upgrading the lights that came standard with your New Edge Mustang. There are a lot of great light options that can give your New Edge an entirely different look.

Sequential taillights are one of the most popular modifications for Mustangs of every generation. Not only are they easy to install, but also they’re sure to be noticed by everyone in your life. Or at least everyone who ends up driving behind you. Sequential taillights ensure that your car is more likely to be noticed when you’re turning, keeping you safe.

Front view of a New Edge Mustang with modded lights and hood
It’s easy to give a New Edge an aggressive face

Similarly, upgrading your headlights to a LED or HID pair gives you more visibility while you’re driving at night, and when your dinged up and yellowing headlights are replaced with a brand-new set, it looks like you’re driving a brand-new car.

Though doing a simple upgrade is great for an immediate facelift and can give you safety improvements, you can also choose to look for more personalized lights. For a little extra effect, smoked headlight assemblies are available that can give your Mustang an aggressive look on their own or contribute to a larger “blackout” effect.

Replacing your hood’s prop bar with a hood strut is already one of our favorite easy modifications, but when you order it in a matching paint shade you definitely raise the bar in addition to raising your hood. Hood struts really create a little bit of a “wow” factor when you’re lifting your hood to let people get a better look at all of the new changes you’ve made.

If you’re having trouble even thinking about adding nice hood struts to your rock-battered and sun-faded hood, then getting a new hood can change the entire face of your Mustang. A functional hood scoop can also increase the cool air that your Mustang is able to get to the engine while you’re driving. Functional hood scoops are a simple performance and appearance modification, and with so many options, you can create any look that suits your fancy.

Suspension Upgrades

Upgrading the suspension of your New Edge Mustang can improve its appearance by giving it a lower or higher ride, but it can also improve the overall quality of the ride. Upgrading to high-quality struts and shocks can give you a soft comfortable ride so that you’re not stuck feeling every single bump in the road.

To combine the struts’ ability to support your vehicle’s weight with the dampening capability of shocks, coilovers are a great suspension upgrade, especially for vehicles that are high-performing. Additionally, coilovers can allow a greater range of height adjustment, so if you love the look of a lowered car but want a great ride quality then coilovers are a great option.

If you want to have total control over not just your ride height, but also over the stiffness of your springs, and you want the freedom to change your mind, then you may be the perfect candidate for an air ride suspension. Using adjustable airbags, an air ride system creates the ultimate in suspension customization and since everything is totally adjustable, it’s easy to change on a whim.

Body roll and cornering capability are also a concern for many Mustang owners. If you compete in autocross, or just drive like you do, then an anti-roll sway bar can improve your cornering grip and reduce body roll.

Under the Hood Modifications

When it comes to engine modifications, there are a lot of different routes you can take that are largely dependent on how much work you want to do, and how comfortable you are with modifying the underhood components of your car. There are underhood modifications for every experience level, so whether this is your first modification or you’re an engine-swap fanatic, there are options to get excited about with a New Edge Mustang.

Cold air intakes remain one of the most popular modifications due to the immediate performance gains that users see. Of course, if you’re interested in cold air intakes, it’s worth spending some time determining which ones do and don’t require a tune. Though some people prefer putting off a tune, combining a cold air intake and a tune is a great way to improve your performance substantially.

For those who don’t think any mod will ever make their engine powerful enough, then a Coyote swapped New Edge is one of the easier engine swaps. Coupling the New Edge Mustang’s light body with the horsepower of a Coyote engine creates a fun ride that can take people by surprise with its speed and performance. If your engine and transmission are starting to look a little worse for wear, this is a great way to extend the life of your New Edge Mustang.

If all of that sounds like a lot of work and you’re looking for a less mechanically involved modification that will still improve your performance, then an aftermarket air filter may be the modification for you. Replacing the flimsy factory air filter with an improved one makes sure that the air that’s reaching your engine is free from some of the less-engine-friendly debris that may be under your hood.

Even something as simple as a strut bar can improve your Mustang’s performance around corners and is one of the simplest installations, making it a perfect first mod.

Interior Modifications

Over time, the interior of every car starts to look a little less than fantastic. Even if you’re doing your absolute best to keep your interior detailed and clean, it’s likely that over time your seats have started to lose a little bit of their support, leaving you hanging so to speak.

There are countless options for improving the seats on your New Edge Mustang. If you like the original look and want to keep it factory-appearing then you can reupholster your seats and get new foam to give them that new and firm feeling you’ve missed.

If you want something a little different than what came with the car, then there are also options for racing seats, comfortable seats, or stock replicas that can either come in the original factory colors, colors from other years, or completely new and original combinations. Whether you prefer leather or cloth, there are a lot of seat options for your New Edge. If you’re planning on taking your Mustang on some long rides to check out local Mustang shows or go on a group ride, you’ll want to make sure that you’re comfortable.

Corbeau seats in a New Edge Mustang
New, supportive seats make a big difference

Of course, there’s more to the interior of your Mustang than its seats. If your shift knob is starting to look a little worn, replacing it with a unique one is a great way to give your Mustang an original feel, and pick out something that suits you. If it’s not just the knob but the entire feel of the shifter that could use a little extra oomph, then check out a short-throw shifter. Short throw shifters change the length of your throws, so shifting feels a little tighter and quicker.

If you’re looking for a whole new interior look, then changing the metal parts of your car over to a billet look is an easy way to customize your interior in a way that looks clean and thought-out.

Exhaust Modifications

Naturally, one of the areas that many Mustang owners are interested in fixing is the exhaust. It’s not that the exhaust system that comes stock with the Mustang isn’t great, but there are so many fantastic aftermarket options that allow for a better exhaust note and more power.

A bright yellow New Edge Mustang gets a new exhaust
A brand new sound for this New Edge

When you’re thinking about potential exhaust modifications it helps to think about the journey of the exhaust. From the headers at the very start of the exhaust’s path down to the exhaust tips, you want to eliminate obstructions so that your exhaust doesn’t encounter backpressure which can prevent your Mustang from breathing as easily as you would want for it to.

Mufflers and resonators affect the final exhaust note the most since they’re near the end of the exhaust system, so if what you’re really after is a loud booming exhaust sound then it makes sense to begin your journey in reverse.

New Edge Mustangs are great candidates for upgrades. Though they all came with safety features like three-point seatbelts, and comfort features like a decent sound system, they also have the customizability of any generation of Mustang.

As your New Edge starts to show signs of wear and tear, think about what you’d like for it to grow into and how you plan to keep your Mustang running for years to come.

Modifying a New Edge Mustang

If you have a New Edge Mustang, then there are countless ways that you can modify it in order to improve its power, get a new exhaust note or personalize the exterior and interior so that it's perfect for you. These are some of our favorite modifications for New Edges.