Which 2024 Mustang GT Is Right for You?

Which 2024 Mustang GT Is Right for You?

Last Updated November 17, 2023 | Nate Moonis

The S650 generation of Mustangs is finally here and the new GT is shaping up to be a great addition to the lineup. The 2024 Mustang GT is the model to get if you're looking for a high-performance V8 without shelling out the extra cash for the Dark Horse.

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There are two different trim levels you can choose for the S650 Mustang GT: Base or Premium. While these cars are both Mustang GTs, there are a ton of differences between the two. In this article, we will be talking about some of the differences between the 2024 Mustang GT Premium vs Base models.

2024 Mustang GT Premium vs Base Interior Differences

Let's start with the area where the two trim levels differ the most, the interior. The biggest difference between the two is Ford’s decision to integrate the new SYNC-4 digital instrument cluster into the dashboard. With the GT Base model, Ford split the two displays into separate screens that don't connect. You still get the 12.4- and 13.2-inch screens, but you don't have the singular piece of glass connecting the two. In the GT Premium, you get the S650 digital instrument cluster setup that Ford has been teasing in the lead-up to the S650 generation's release.

Close up of the interior of a 2024 Mustang GT Base model

There are still more differences between the two interiors. In the GT Base, you get all-new cloth seats as standard with manual adjustments. There are no power seats in the GT Base model as standard. In the Premium, you get a heated steering wheel, aluminum pedals, universal garage door opener, wireless charging pad, and plenty more. You also get heated and cooled seats. Overall, the interior in the Premium has a nicer feel to it than the Base.

Something important to note is that neither the Base nor Premium comes with the new electronic drift brake as standard. This is an optional extra with the Performance Pack. While you don't miss out on a ton in the Base model, Premium is the way to go if you want the all-new digital instrument cluster.

S650 Mustang GT Premium vs Base Exterior Differences

The exteriors of both the Mustang GT Base and Premium are largely the same. There aren't a ton of stark differences between the two trim levels on the exterior like there were in the interior. One difference owners will notice is that the Premium comes with Pony Projection lights as standard. These are a cool, cosmetic touch that looks cool when you walk up your S650.

Two S650 Mustangs side by side in a parking lot

The Premium also comes with 19" x 8.5" Shadow Silver-painted aluminum wheels while the Base comes with slightly smaller 18" x 8.5" Ebony Black-painted aluminum wheels. Finally, the Premium is the only way to get a convertible top on your GT. Otherwise, there aren't a ton of differences between the two trim levels.

If your 2024 GT came with misaligned body panels, learn how to easily adjust your S650 Mustang's body panels here.

2024 Mustang GT Base vs Premium Performance Differences

These two cars are very similar performance-wise with only a few differences between the two. Both trim levels come equipped with the brand-new 4th Gen Coyote that's rated for 480 horsepower and a 6-speed manual transmission. You can also upgrade to active exhaust on both trim levels to boost the power to 486 horsepower.

Close up of the engine bay of a 2024 Mustang GT Base model

A new addition to the S650 GT is that both trim levels come with rear Brembo brake calipers as standard. This improves stopping power to compensate for the higher base horsepower these cars put out in comparison to the S550. You can get the full 19-inch Brembo brake system on a base model, but they're an option that can only be selected if you have the Bronze Appearance Package as well.

The main performance differences come with optional additions.The Premium comes with the option for Magneride suspension instead of the standard setup. You can also opt for a variety of different wheel and tire packages on the Premium that aren't available on the Base.

Which 2024 Mustang GT Fits Your Needs?

While there aren't a ton of differences between the S650 Mustang GT Base and Premium, it's essential to understand them before you decide which one you want to buy. Both of these trim levels are great and worth your hard-earned money.

The Base level GT is going to be a blank canvas that's perfect for building your dream S650 from the ground up. Since it's missing a bunch of the heavy add-ons found in the Premium, the Base GT with the 10-speed automatic is probably going to be the fastest stock GT you can buy. The Premium is going to be a bit more expensive than the Base, but it comes with a ton of cool additions. The fully-integrated digital instrument cluster is a huge plus that can't be found in the Base. You also get the larger, 19-inch wheels to improve grip and handling.

Whichever you decide is best for you, the new 2024 Mustang GT looks like it's going to be one of the most exciting cars Ford has released in a long time.

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