S650 Mustang Details & Specs

S650 Mustang Details & Specs

Last Updated March 4, 2020 | Chris Cervenka

The seventh generation of Mustang may be closer than we imagined. Though it was initially slated for 2021, early reports indicated that it would more likely launch in 2026. Now it looks like we could see the new Mustang as soon as 2022.

While many aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the S550 generation, it will be exciting to see what Ford’s got in mind. Reports of electric powertrains and AWD models seem to have been related to the Mach-E. But the S650 is still a mostly blank slate.

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S650 Mustang to Arrive in 2022

Sometimes great news doesn’t come from a press release, but rather a job posting. While Ford’s been secretive about the S650, they still want to get the best people to work on it. And when you need to hire the best people, you need a job posting.

In early February 2020, a job posting was spotted on Ford’s website. The posting indicated that the lucky hiree would have the opportunity to work on the S550 Mustang. It also described some of the work needed on the next generation of pony car.

The position up for grabs is for a “Wind/Road Noise and Air Leakage Engineer.” The person hired for this position will have the “final sign off on the Ford 2023 Mustang S650.” Though it’s a 2023 model, it will be released in late 2022, another point the posting is explicit about.

If you’re a Mustang enthusiast who is also a wind noise and air leakage engineer, this sounds like a great opportunity. For the rest of us, it’s still great news.

It would have been reasonable for the seventh generation of Mustang to not debut till 2026. That would still give the S550 a reign of a mere eleven years. But finding out that the new generation is right around the corner is exciting.

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Renderings of S650 Surfaced (10/9/2018)

Now this is by no means official or coming from Ford, but these renderings or models look pretty darn real! As most renderings and prototype cars go, it looks extremely futuristic and even like something that could come out of a Back To The Future movie... but nevertheless it does look rather cool!

Unfortunately there isn't much more info we can gather from these photos other than to take them at face value - so here it is! What do you think?

S650 Rendering Quarter

S650 Rendering Rear

S650 Rendering Side

S650 Rendering Side

S650 Rendering Front

Ford Pushing Back S650 Launch Year (8/28/2018)

Some happy, some sad, but our friends at AutoBlog are reporting that Ford is pushing back the S650’s launch “by about a year” to 2021. Nobody surely knows the reason why it’s been pushed back, but there is some speculation that Ford is trying to utilize a multi-use platform that can handle both rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles. This is similar to what GM has done with the Alpha platform in their Camaro, CTS & ATS vehicles. It’s proven well for them as all three models really perform well both in road manners and track duty.

This doesn’t necessarily mean there will be an all-wheel-drive Mustang like what Dodge did with the Challenger, it just means that they may be using this new platform across multiple vehicles to potentially get a bit more bang for their buck.

Some long-time Mustang enthusiasts may feel that this is infringing on the DNA behind the Mustang and what it stands for. That necessarily doesn’t need to be the case! A lot of Mustang owners felt violated that Ford co-engineered the new 10R80 10-Speed Automatic Transmission with GM that is used in the current generation Mustang. But now that it’s out, man does it perform -- 11.8 sec @ 119 MPH in the quarter-mile with the 2018 Mustang GT PP1 with optional MagneRide Suspension.

Fast forward to what could be the new generation unveil for 2021. If we let Ford put its best engineers behind this new platform, it could bring absolutely amazing things to both the Mustang and the Ford brand overall. So, before you’re quick to judge, let’s see what time brings on this one! We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more info leaks out!

Mustang Need For Green
Mustang GT in Need For Green

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S650 Mustang Details & Specs

With all of the hype and rumors revolving around Ford’s latest generation of America’s favorite pony car, the next Mustang is a hot topic for discussion. We’re taking all of that talk, rumors, speculation, photos, and facts and compile them in one convenient place to form your own opinions as the ultimate unveil gets closer and closer. Stay tuned as we post the latest and greatest on the newest Ford Mustang, otherwise rumored to be the S650 platform!

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