2024 Mustang Colors

2024 Mustang Colors

"Find out which paint and interior colors you can get your new Mustang in."

Last Updated August 30, 2023 | Nate Moonis

Everyone’s excited about the upcoming S650 Mustang generation. While news about the new S650 engine and trims are important, new colors are just as easy to get excited about. Ford hasn't released a full list of colors yet, but they have confirmed a few new paint options.

There will be 11 colors available for the S650 at launch along with some additional stylings as part of the Mustang appearance package options. Of those 11 colors, two will be brand new: Vapor Blue and Yellow Splash. Ford has also shown a few more colors in promotional materials for the new Mustang, but they've yet to release their names. Let's take a look at the confirmed 2024 Mustang colors.

If you would like to know more about when the S650 will be available, check out our guide explaining the 2024 Mustang release date.

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2024 Ford Mustang Colors

Confirmed 2024 Mustang Colors

During the S650 launch event, Ford showed four different S650s in four different colors. Along with those four colors, they've also confirmed 8 others. Here are the colors confirmed for the 2024 Mustang.

Blue Ember

2024 Mustang Dark Horse shown in Blue Ember

The most striking color shown at the launch event, this cool and dark blue lives up to the Dark Horse name. According to Ford, this color "emits a warm glow when it catches the light," and sets the tone for the car. Blue Ember has been confirmed to be a Dark Horse exclusive, so you'll need to shell out a little extra cash to get your hands on it.

Rapid Red Metallic

2024 Mustang convertible shown in Rapid Red

Ford confirmed that red would be making a return to the S650 color lineup by showing what looked like an S650 in Rapid Red at the release event.

Rapid Red is a very rich, glossy shade of red that looked great on the convertible shown at the Detroit Auto Show. Ford has confirmed that Rapid Red is returning for the start of the S650 generation; not that it was every in any doubt.

Race Red

Race Red Mustang

Race Red has been confirmed by Ford to return in 2024, continuing its run as one of the longest-running Mustang colors to date. It's a very bright red that sticks out from the crowd. While it doesn't have as much depth as Rapid Red, it's still a great option for any Mustang enthusiasts.

Carbonized Gray Metallic

2024 Mustang EcoBoost shown in Carbonized Gray

Another color shown at the launch event, Carbonized Gray is making a return for the 2024 model year.

Carbonized Gray is still relatively new, and it seems like Ford's committed to it. A lot of accessories and trim details in the past couple of years have featured this dark gray hue.

In 2021, gray rounded out the top three car colors, tying with black at 19%. While a lot of people would argue that’s depressing and shows that drivers prefer drab, we have a hard time categorizing this gray as drab.

The Mustang’s shark-styled front fascia looks great in a shark-like color. And this gray is exactly that. The new front fascia looks a little more like the Mach-E’s, which is another vehicle that rocks this shade.

Dark Matter Gray

Dark Matter Gray Mustang

Dark Matter Gray stands out as the darkest of all the gray options. Dark Matter Gray is so dark that it almost looks black. I personally like this color, even though the line-up has a bunch of different grays. I'm happy that it's returning for 2024.

Ingot Silver Metallic

Iconic Silver Mustang

Ingot Silver is a very run-of-the-mill color that will probably be a popular option for Ecoboosts and GTs. Not much to say about this one. However, I do think that it can look really good and sets itself apart from other similar colors for the Mustang by being lighter than the other grays. This is a very easy color to make look good and simple mods like a set of black wheels can go a long way.

Vapor Blue Metallic

2024 Mustang shown in Vapor Blue

Shown on the 2024 Mustang GT, Vapor Blue is an all-new bluish-gray color that looks amazing on this new generation of pony cars. Reminiscent of Honda's Sonic Gray, but slightly darker, this is sure to be a popular option when the order books open up.

Grabber Blue Metallic

Grabber Blue Mustang

Grabber Blue is one of the most iconic Mustang paint colors of all time, so it returning for the start of the final ICE Mustang generation is no surprise.

However, the modern version of Grabber Blue differs quite a bit from the original. It's lighter and has more of a metallic sheen than the original. However, it's still a very light, fun, and eye-catching blue. It's perfect for someone looking to turn heads or impress their friends.

Atlas Blue

Atlas Blue Mustang

Introduced with the 2022 Mustang, Atlas Blue is a darker and more muted shade compared to Grabber Blue. Compared to the other blue options in the lineup, this is a great pick for anyone looking for a more understated blue for their ride.

Yellow Splash

Yellow Splash Mustang

Yellow Splash was one of the two new shades confirmed by Ford, but it's hasn't been officially introduced to the public yet. However, Ford Authority was able to get some spy shots of the new color.

It's a very warm yellow that isn't too loud, which is hard to do. We're a fan of how it looks, but are interested in seeing better and more official pictures of this new shade.

Shadow Black

A shadow black S550 Mustang front view

Shadow Black has been Ford’s black of choice since 2016. Sometimes called Absolute Black, it’s a metallic black with a blue undertone and pearlescent sheen. This makes it the perfect base for modifications. But the richness of the metallic fleck also means Shadow Black looks great on its own.

The first year of the S550 generation had Black (UA code). This non-metallic black was a little flatter and didn’t work as well on the S550 as it had on the S197 before it.

Since the S650 is based on the S550, we expect it will also look better with the metallic fleck.

Oxford White

Oxford White Mustang

White always looks good on a sports car and Oxford White is no exception. This color was always a safe bet to return, but now we're it's been officially confirmed by Ford.

2024 Mustang Interior Colors

All S650 interior color options will be the same for 2024 GT and EcoBoost Mustang models. The premium GT and EcoBoost as well as the premier trim options for those models add an extra color option.

Black Onyx and Space Gray will be available with cloth or cloth/vinyl trim for all 2024 Mustang Models. Premium model Mustangs also have the option for Emberglo with a leather-trimmed interior. If you opt for the premier trim with color accent group on your GT or EcoBoost Premium, you’ll also be able to get an interior in Carmine Red. The 2024 Dark Horse is only available in its exclusive interior color, Deep Indigo.

There are a few interior colors that are incompatible with certain S650 exterior colors. If you opt for a Carmine Red interior, you will not be able to get it with a Grabber Blue Metallic or Yellow Splash Metallic exterior. A Deep Indigo interior with the Dark Horse appearance package will be incompatible with Grabber Blue Metallic, Atlas Blue Metallic, Dark Matter Gray Metallic, Carbonized Gray Metallic, Race Red, and Oxford White. For Dark Horse models, only the appearance package trim is compatible with a Blue Ember Metallic exterior. Below is a complete list of 2024 Mustang interior colors with their order codes.

  • Black Onyx Cloth (DW)
  • Space Gray Cloth (DH)
  • Black Onyx Cloth/Vinyl (2W)
  • Space Gray Cloth/Vinyl (2H)
  • Black Onyx ActiveX Seating Material (3W)
  • Space Gray ActiveX Seating Material (3H)
  • Emberglo (3J)
  • Black Onyx Leather (5W)
  • Space Gray Leather (5H)
  • Carmine Red Leather (53)
  • Black Onyx Leather GT Premium (9W)
  • Space Gray Leather GT Premium (9H)
  • Emberglo Leather GT Premium (9J)
  • Deep Indigo Cloth/Vinyl (2A)
  • Deep Indigo Micro-Suede/Vinyl (WA)
  • Deep Indigo Cloth/Vinyl DH Premier (AA)
2024 Mustang with the optional Performance Pack interior
2024 Mustang detail on the dash in front of the passenger seat
Recaro seats from the optional Performance Pack interior
Rear seats in the 2024 Mustang GT convertible

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