S650 Mustang Colors

S650 Mustang Colors

Last Updated June 14, 2022 | Meghan Drummond

Everyone’s excited about the upcoming S650 Mustang generation. While decisions about trims and engines are important, color’s another selection to get excited about. There isn’t a confirmed color list yet, but we know enough to figure out a few options.

There’s always been color carryover between Mustang generations. Based on the colors carried over previously, we can figure out a few of the most likely color candidates from this. We can also make a few assumptions based on spy shots. While the mules have been heavily camouflaged, a few glimpses of the front fascia have given us clues.

Returning Colors for the 2024 Mustang

Typically, Ford carries over four to five paint colors each generation. These tend to include a black, white, silver, red, and blue option. Since the S650 isn’t going to be as far removed from the S550 as previous generation jumps, we think there will be a couple more carryovers. Here are our top picks for returning colors.

Shadow Black

A shadow black S550 Mustang front view

Shadow Black has been Ford’s black of choice since 2016. Sometimes called Absolute Black, it’s a metallic black with a blue undertone and pearlescent sheen. This makes it the perfect base for modifications. But the richness of the metallic fleck also means Shadow Black looks great on its own.

The first year of the S550 generation had Black (UA code). This non-metallic black was a little flatter and didn’t work as well on the S550 as it had on the S197 before it.

Since the S650 is based on the S550, we expect it will also look better with the metallic fleck.

Rapid Red

Dark Red S550 Mustang

Ford tends to bring one shade of red from the previous generation into the new. So why Rapid Red instead of Race Red?

Race Red has been around since 2011, serving as the Mustang’s bright red for over a decade. While it’s a great shade, we’d rather see some other bright reds return. Maybe Torch Red or Performance Red?

On the other hand, Rapid Red is relatively new, has been well-received, and has a quality not easily replicated by other colors. It also looks great on the 2020 Shelby GT500.

Iconic Silver

The front of an S650 Mustang in silver color with hood scoop

In the leaked picture of the GT, the light silver looks an awful lot like Iconic Silver. Also, Iconic Silver has the kind of name you want to take you into the new generation. Like “Legend Lime” it makes a statement.

Overall, Iconic Silver does exactly what you want a silver to do. It’s neutral with a little sparkle, and it can be accented with any color you want. Silver’s also a good pick for those who like to trade in every couple years and need to preserve resale value.

Antimatter Blue

Front view of an S550 Mustang in dark blue

You know what looks great with this color lineup? A dark blue. And there’s no darker blue than Antimatter Blue. Recently introduced as one of the new 2022 Mustang paint colors, this blue looks almost black.

When we first saw the leaked front fascia of the new Mustang, it looked black. But look at it again and you’ll catch the blue. Lighten it up a bit (since it was shot in a dark garage under camoflauge) and there’s little doubt about it. This is more dark blue than black.

Front view of an S650 Mustang in dark blue

This is an interesting choice for carryover color, but we like it. It looks great alongside Shadow Black and Rapid Red.

Twister Orange Tri-Coat

Frontview of a bright orange S550 Mustang

So, if the red and blue paint options are going to be dark-hued, what will be the option for Mustang drivers who want a bright fun color? We think Twister Orange is a pretty good bet. This color is bold but still fits with the other colors on this list. We could definitely see them all sitting side-by-side on a dealer’s lot.

Twister Orange is one of our top shades of orange for the Mustang, period. And while most oranges have a short lifespan, we’re hoping this one carries over.

Carbonized Gray

A dark grey S550 Mustang

Honestly, gray’s the new silver in terms of popularity. It’s the perfect shade for many, since it’s still monochromatic (good for resale) but doesn’t show dirt like black or white.

Carbonized Gray is still relatively new, but it seems like Ford’s pretty committed to it. A lot of accessories and trim details in the past couple of years have featured this dark gray hue. We think it’s a good candidate to come over.

In 2021, gray rounded out the top three car colors, tying with black at 19%. While a lot of people would argue that’s depressing and shows that drivers prefer drab, we have a hard time categorizing this gray as drab.

The Mustang’s shark-styled front fascia looks great in a shark-like color. And this gray is exactly that. The new front fascia looks a little more like the Mach-E’s, which is another vehicle that rocks this shade.

Dream List

With the logical list out of the way, it’s time to have some fun. We have no idea if these colors are going to be on the S650. We’re just crossing our fingers and throwing out some good ideas. Some of these colors are revivals and some have just looked awesome on other Ford vehicles.

Grabber Green

Bright green S550 Mustang rendering

We just had Grabber Lime, Grabber Blue, and Grabber Yellow…isn’t it time for Grabber Green? In general, we love the saturated hue of this green, which screams “muscle car.” On a Shelby or Boss? This color would dominate.

The Grabber family always comes up in top Mustang color polls. Launching with one would be a bold play.

Lava Red or Royal Crimson

Front fender of a dark purple-red Mustang

We’re pretty sure Rapid Red is going to be the dark red of choice for the next gen. To start with anyway. But personally? We’d love to see either of these dark shades make a comeback.

Both of these are on our top Mustang reds list, and we love how unique these shades are.

In particular, Lava Red is a color that only had a single year run. That’s just too short for such a great color.

Blue Jeans Metallic

Front of a blue F-150 pickup truck

Yes, it’s another dark blue. But this shade is one of the F-150’s most popular colors for a reason. It goes great with everything (now do you get the name?).

When coupled with red accents this blue is more American than apple pie. We think it’d look right at home on a Mustang.

Space White

Side view of a Mach-E in a marshmallow-esque white

One of the best colors Ford currently makes is Space White. This is more of a very light gray, but the metallic fleck helps to give it a white sheen. When pictured beside Oxford White, you can see how much warmer the Oxford White is. It’s really almost a cream color.

On the other hand the Space White has a cooled down tone and looks truly special. We don’t think this will replace another white option, but it’s nice to have a wide selection.

Area 51

Blue gray ford Maverick pickup truck, front view

Area 51 has really been the color of choice for the new Bronco. It first debuted as a launch color for the 2021 Bronco, and has returned as a 2022 Bronco paint option. This blue-gray looks entirely different based on the light. But unlike Antimatter Blue…it always looks blue. With black accents this shade really looks great.

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S650 Mustang Colors

Just like everyone, we’ve got our theories on the colors the upcoming S650 Mustang will be available in. These are our top bets on returning colors and our list of dream colors.