Worst Mustang Colors

Worst Mustang Colors

Last Updated February 5, 2020

Now, we all know that the Mustang is America’s favorite pony car regardless of what color it’s wearing. However, there are just some colors that look better than others when it comes to the factory options available from Ford. There’s no question that some colors are more popular in their time than they would be today - there were a lot of changes between the 1960s and 1970s to present day. Even so, it’s sometimes humorous to look back and see what, perhaps, may have been some of the ugliest colors offered on the Ford Mustang.

Please keep in mind that this is a light-hearted look back into the past of the Mustang. Each Mustang color is unique in its own way. Listed below is what we think could be some of the most unpleasant colors sported on the Mustang, in no particular order.

Eastertime Coral (1968)

An April 1968 Color of the Month promotion, the Eastertime Coral is one color that could make any Mustang stand apart from the rest. The problem with Eastertime Coral is simply the fact that the color doesn’t necessarily fit the car. By 1968, the Mustang was better known as a muscle car rather than the secretary’s car that unveiled in 1964, especially with the debut of “Bullitt” that same year.

Eastertime Coral Mustang

Medium Brown (1971)

With the 1970s underway, out comes the different shades of brown and shag carpet. But really, this color just screams 1970s. Maybe it looked good to Mustang fans back in the 70s, but in today’s world there are a few other colors of the rainbow we’d go with before picking brown.

Medium Brown Mustang

Dark Yellow Green (1974)

When it comes to the 70s, if it wasn’t brown then it was green. And Dark Yellow Green Mustang II’s are no exception. Built on the same platform as the subcompact Ford Pinto, the II was an interesting era for Ford’s Mustang.

Dark Yellow Green Mustang

Mimosa Yellow (1988)

Fast forward to 1988, land of the 80s where bright colors and big hair take charge. The Mimosa Yellow color offered for only one year certainly made any Mustang look a bit off. The 1988 Mustang dressed in Mimosa Yellow is most certainly reminiscent of the 80s, but just doesn’t get the job done by today’s standards.

Mimosa Yellow Mustang

Dark Satin Green (1998)

1998 was the last year for the first half of the SN95 Mustang’s run. Not that there’s anything especially wrong with Dark Satin Green, but there really isn’t anything right either. Without any of the right modifications, a stock Dark Satin Green Mustang just looks like any other car from that era. Now, what fun is that?

Dark Satin Green Mustang

Passionate Pink (1968)

Okay, Playboy Pink was a pretty cool concept to begin with, but it was enough to stop it there. At least we thought! As part of the February 1968 Color of the Month promotion, Passionate Pink or Hot Pink was a special order color for anyone who wanted sport this unique color on their Mustang.

Passionate Pink Mustang

Purple Metallic (1967)

For those that are familiar with the muscle cars of the 60s and 70s, purple was typically a Mopar color - Plum Crazy, for example. However, in 1967 Ford offered the Mustang in Purple Metallic. Being a Metallic color, this shade of Mustang had a sheen to it that certainly stands out.

Purple Metallic Mustang

Honey Gold (1965)

Another color that just didn’t hit it right was the Honey Gold 1965 Mustang. The ‘65 is such a beautiful car from inside and out, but Honey Gold certainly was not a ‘timeless’ color. We can see how this color would have looked great when it came out judging from the 60s styling, but not so much in today’s world.

Honey Gold Mustang

Tropic Green (2003)

Tropic Green looks like the same color of the toy army soldiers you’d see from Toy Story. Sure, with the right modifications you can make Tropic Green look pretty aggressive. But at the end of the day, there just really isn’t anything special about this color.

Tropic Green Mustang

Groovy Green (1969)

Last but certainly not least is the 1969 Mustang’s Groovy Green; and “groovy” it was! In the sunlight this could pass as a highlighter color! So many of the Grabber colors were so good looking on the ‘69 Mustang, but Groovy Green just doesn’t make the cut.

Groovy Green Mustang

Image Credit: MustangAttitude.com, SVS.com, Corral.net

Worst Mustang Colors

Everyone always talks about the Best Mustang Colors, but what about the worst? Surely America’s favorite pony car can’t look good sporting every color! Whether it was popular in its time and just not too keen on the eyes in present day, or always just a little off, we compiled a list of some cringeworthy factory colors sported on the Ford Mustang.

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