Best Shades of Mustang Blue

Best Shades of Mustang Blue

Last Updated September 1, 2020

Many people love the look of a blue Mustang. Blue encompasses such a wide range of shades, everything from the iconic Grabber Blue or more subtle colors like Kona or Deep Impact Blue. There is a shade of Mustang blue out there for everyone and their favorite muscle car.

Blue Shade

Gulfstream Aqua

Offered for three model years from 1968-1970, Gulfstream Aqua has always been a fan favorite for the first-generation Mustang. Especially as the years roll forward, many have come to love the calm, unique almost ocean-like look of Gulfstream Aqua on the Ford Mustang.

Gulfstream Aqua 1969 Mustang

Kona Blue

Moving forward through time in the realm of blue Mustangs comes Kona Blue. First introduced in 2010, Kona Blue ran until 2012 when it was replaced by Deep Impact Blue in 2013. Not to forget Kona Blue’s special feature on the 50th Anniversary 2015 Mustangs as a special order color for those unique cars.

Boss 302 Kona Blue

Azure Blue

Azure Blue is a unique and sought-after color for a very special reason - it only ran for two model years -- 2003 and 2004. Only available on the New Edge Mach 1, these Azure Blue Mustangs are still sought after today and in good condition are bringing top dollar. Not to mention there are many enthusiasts out there even painting their other Mustangs, like Fox Body builds, in Azure Blue. It simply is a sight to be held!

Azure Blue Mach 1 Mustang

Lightning Blue

Moving to 2017, Lightning Blue was a new color to the Mustang. Standing somewhere in between a dark Deep Impact Blue and brighter Grabber Blue, Lightning Blue is a truly unique color in many different levels of light on the Mustang. Some say that Lighting Blue was an answer to the fans longing for Ford’s Liquid Blue which was featured on the Ford Performance vehicles throughout 2015-2016 including the new Raptor, Ford GT, Focus RS, GT350R, and other models. Ford’s reasoning for not producing the highly popular Liquid Blue was due to the fact that the paint job was about $12,000 alone!

Lighning Blue Mustang GT350R

Deep Impact Blue

Perhaps a fan favorite of many S197 and S550 blue Mustang aficionados, Deep Impact Blue is much like Kona Blue of the 2010-2012 model years, except in the sunlight there is more a purple hue to it. Because of that fact, Deep Impact Blue is darker and can almost appear black in some very dark environments.

Deep Impact Blue 1965 Mustang

Bright Atlantic Blue

We couldn’t make a best blue Mustangs list without including Bright Atlantic Blue, which is by far one of the most popular blues on SN95 Mustangs! And that’s for good reason; its bright hue almost illuminates itself when the sun is shining!

Bright Atlantic Blue SN95 Mustang

Grabber Blue

Ah, Grabber Blue! Last but certainly not least is Grabber Blue. Offered on Mustangs from the factory in 1969-1972, 2010-2014, and 2017. Many prospective S550 owners leaped after Grabber Blue for the 2017 model year, as it is the only year to date where Grabber Blue was offered on the S550 platform.

Grabber Blue Mustang

Image Credit: Fast Lane Classic Cars, Maritime Mustang, Velgen Wheels

Best Shades of Mustang Blue

There’s nothing more American than red, white and BLUE. Being one of the most popular colors worn on America’s pony car, blue is worn proudly in many different shades. All the way from Bright Atlantic Blue to Deep Impact Blue and everything in between. Read on to learn more about our favorite blues for the Ford Mustang.

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