Top 10 Mustang Colors Of All Time

Top 10 Mustang Colors Of All Time

Last Updated August 14, 2020

Since the very first Mustang, Ford has known how to combine a powerful engine and head-turning colors to make the Mustang an attention grabber. In the 50+ years the Mustang has been in production, we've seen hundreds of colors. Narrowing this down to a list of the best Mustang colors isn't easy. How do you compare the classic appeal of sophisticated hues with brighter and bolder shades?

Obviously, our methodology wasn't exactly scientific. But these are our picks for the best Mustang paint colors of all time.

Poppy Red

Classic. That is the word that people think of when they see a Poppy Red Mustang. It’s true that from day one, Mustang fans have loved a vibrant color painted on the body of their pony car, and that statement lives true to this day with similar colors like Race Red, Torch Red, and many others.

Poppy Red Mustang

Azure Blue

Unique to the 2003 and 2004 Mach 1, Azure Blue is popular not only because it’s a beautiful, stunning color on the New Edge Mustang, but also because Ford pushed this color a lot in their advertising. We can certainly understand why though!

Azure Blue Mach 1 Mustang

Gotta Have It Green

Here at CJ’s, we have a special affinity for Gotta Have It Green. Our Gotta Have It Project Cars, Gotta Have It Street and Gotta Have It Race were two matching 2013 GTs dressed in that bright, highlighter green we all know and love as Gotta Have It Green. Seen from a mile away, you won’t mistake Gotta Have It Green for any other color on the Mustang!

Gotta Have It Green Mustang

Lava Red

Lava Red is a unique color when it comes to the typical bright and vibrant colors you find on America’s pony car. Almost appearing as almost black in darker lights, this unique shade of red features a deep, dark red flake under sunlight that is not only hard to photograph but a rare and underrated color until seen in person.

Lava Red Mustang


Another iconic color for the classic Mustang, Emberglo is seen on many of the early model Mustangs that frequent the larger Mustang shows around the country. Not as popular of a color today due to the changing tastes of society as a whole, Emberglo finds a special place in our heart for the epitome of the 1960s behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang.

Emberglo Mustang

Ford Grabber Colors

It simply wouldn’t be fair to list out every single Grabber color from Ford as an individual color on this list; considering there are five different variations! Grabber Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, and Lime all scream at witnesses as you drive down the street. One could say that it grabs your attention! Many of the Grabber colors are featured on both classic and late model Mustangs.

Ford Grabber Mustangs

Competition Orange

To date, this color has only been offered on four model years for the Mustang: 2003, 2012, 2015 & 2016. Competition Orange was only available  in 2004 for the SN95/New Edge Mustang, making it a very special color and sought after for that body style. In 2012, Competition Orange was offered again, but only as a special color for the Boss 302. After finally listening to everything screaming for “Comp Orange” as some call it, Ford debuted the S550 in 2015 with the standard offering of Competition Orange across all models.

Competition Orange Mustang

Kona Blue

Offered originally in 2010-2012 as a standard color across all models, Kona Blue really wasn’t missed until 2013 when they replaced it with Deep Impact Blue which features more of a purple hue. In 2015, Ford debuted the special 50th Anniversary Mustang with the option of Kona Blue, truly a classy and unique shade of blue.

Kona Blue Mustang

Mystic & Mystichrome

There are some Mustang fans out there that would consider Mystic and Mystichrome to be the best color out there available for the Mustang. Some may agree or disagree, but both colors are definitely extremely unique and sought after among many enthusiasts. These colors feature the addition of a special pigment in the paint which allows for a color-shifting appearance as light bounces off the surface. Again, photos truly don’t capture the cool-factor when it comes to both Mystic (available on 1996 SVT Cobras) and Mystichrome (available on 2004 SVT Cobras).

Mystic & Mystichrome Mustang

Wimbledon White

There is nothing more suitable than wrapping up this Top 10 with what some may argue as the most classic and iconic color for the Mustang: Wimbledon White. Featured on a host of Mustangs from most early model Mustangs to the 50th Anniversary Mustang in 2015, Wimbledon White is truly a representative color what the Ford Mustang has embodied over these past 50+ years.

Wimbledon White GT350

Top 10 Mustang Colors Of All Time

There’s no doubt that when a Mustang comes around the corner you can typically hear it coming from a mile away. Since their inception, Mustangs have been known as the iconic pony car with a rumbling, growling V8 ready to rock under the hood. That doesn’t stop at the engine, though. Enthusiasts choose the color of the Mustang based off their personality, the fact they want to wear their Mustang’s colors loud and proud. That’s what owning a Mustang is all about.

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